Vision, mission, slogan
Low profit
mulitiple items
strong distribition network
Pull product
character, competence slow hiring
fast desicision
review the products, process
growth double every year
different markets
r&d department

Duwaki darakasth, daily zikir

group zikir online
even daily zikir on evening after asar
daily, weekly , monthly target
learn jikr, duwa
request for duwa
other duwa for you
free app

Muhammed Project: paytm sand box exploring for payment verification

Case scenario:
Pay masjid bill through app
if tax issue, use small paytm multiples, transfer <10k 20="" account="" accounts="" every="" p="" such="">then they can give to masjid

need to sort it out with mufti, masjid comittee

or pay masjid chanda

Muhammed Project: exploring nativescript to build android app using angular 5

Muhammed Project Donate 1 rs every day to Masjid, madarasa app

App: Android
technologies: Angular 5, Spring Boot, Mongodb, Redis
Payment: paytm

approved by mufti
build app
  front end
customer care
app design
app security

Elderly Chinese accomplish amazing gymnastic feats: Funny China vol. 4

Amazing Scenery in Yangshuo, China


The REAL Vape Nation

#2 World's Amazing Skills Vapers (vape tricks insane)

#2 World's Amazing Skills Vapers (vape tricks insane)

Street Food Vietnam - Fried Sticky Rice - Street Food

FRUIT NINJA of CHENNAI | Amazing Fruits Cutting Skills | Indian Street Food

Amazing Coconut Cutting Skill | Fruit Market Worker Street Food

World fastest Mango cutting SKILLS by villagers | Amazing Mango cutting ...

Amazing Food Cutting and Processing Machines ★ Satisfying Video Coconut ...

Papaya Cutting Skills | Amazing Fruit Cutting Compilation

Amazing sugarcane cutting skills - Vietnamese street food

Amazing sugarcane cutting skills - Vietnamese street food

Watermelon Cutting | Watermelon Juice | Watermelon Health Benefits | Str...

FRUIT NINJA of Street Food Vendors - Amazing Friut Cutting Skills

Amazing fruit cutting skill

FRUIT NINJA of INDIA | Amazing Fruits Cutting Skills | Indian Street Food


Introducing Google Wind

57 books 11400 old man book seller at 68, selling from 22 years

believe in god
lighten your burden

just need blessings
how many people work at 68 years
bald old man

always take care of parents
where you will get strength for lving

wherever you go you never lose
my mom says
get blessings from mom
sever parents, by time, energy, money, emotions, sacrifice

wears pants, shirt, damaged black shows

books on back pack bag

thai good stories, why not india good stories

let me help

fix problems
move unused water to plants
help cart granny to pull her cart on side footpath
feed the best food(chicken) to dog
dont bother what others say
dont feel bad, who take help, expect help  use bad word, grunts
help every day kids for education money
for education
give away whatever you have in the pocket to the needy
grow plants
live simple life
give 1 dozen banana to neighbour granny without her letting know

let other take your seat , if woman or old lady, old man, kids

tie ribbon, thread to banana, hang on door handle

eat plain cooked rice with sauce
raise chicken
wont be richer
wont be appear on tv
dont expect anything
not bit famous
use your time, energy, money, emotions, sacrifice

what he receives are?
are emotions
he witness happiness
old lady, kids, kid mom, dog, plants, chicken
he cooks food
he works
he prays
he reaches deeper understanding
feels the love
take hugs if given

receives what money cant buy

world made more beautiful
grows flowers in pots

Live for others - Best commercial ever

involve unemployed youth, searching for job in running low fare auto 5rs per poor people, running canteens, teaching

bridge of souls

he had beard and looks of mentally disturbed person


avoid greediness

donate one tenths of possesion

do good some one daily

symbol of helping others

guide the people need help who can help

yearly subscription 250

permanent member 3000

patron 5000

guardian: 10000

donated from 14 years to 50 ages

man of millenium

live for others

live blisful life

ma,ms, ba education

donated pocket, salary, retirment benefits for children welfare

once decide to commit suicde for low voice

mother taught me these lessons

mother lessons

never be greedy

whatever you earn donate 1/10 to needy

if you do act of goodness to one living every day

you can be happy for life time

at the age 74, he is living simple life

he owns nothing but heart of unconditional love

that makes richest man on the earth

unconditonal love for all creatures

social service

BRIDGE OF SOULS | One man's journey in saving the abandoned souls from t...

find happiness in their happiness

hair cut


clean clothes



united with family

some time take 6 years, some wont remember

far places rajastan

empowering change, one story a time - big short films

Start igli centre for poor

invest 10k
igli center for auto wala
igli center for labourers

handicapped scooter extra fitting wheels

side wheel attachment cost around: 20k , lesser price 11.5k

mostly used vehicle : honda activa

activa milege 60kmpl
after wheel attachment:

tvs gusto , mahindra gusto
fueling easy


start with 3idli or pongal daily whatever you can

feed the starved people

other help in

poor people marriage

mentally physical

cash help


hands on practical

not mark makingmachine


remember easily

wait for math hours

dont panic maths

government teacher

teach 2 or3 methods

student remember what he likes

practically with thing we found at home

activity based learning is always interesting

learn by doing

students teach

ask if what i teach is right

what i teach may not be right

rubi teacher, youtube channel,

concept teaching

students shoots it


40 million students globally

teaches daily, 40 students

facebook, youtube

MAA ULAA - India's 1st BIKE TAXI ride by differently abled people

LITTE THINGS - that matter in the pursuit of happiness

SCHOOL FOR CHANGE | A pursuit to change the lives of the underprivileg...

start with tution after evening


rational thinking

life skills

see as student as leader

dont expect anything

value based education

no need to 1st of state student

use education, talent to solve their problems

invite every month local celebrity

visit oldage home, blind school to server no need money , mind is the first investment

students are assets

SURFING DREAMS - The inspiring story of Fishermen ruling the sea in a di...

Stitching Change


try this experiment with slum kids
with my son

try with marigold




amazing auto as brand take anna dorrai as ambasidor, franchise, investment

amazing auto story

40 magazines
10 daily news paper
ipad pro
free wifi
swiping machine

play songs as per customer(telug,hindi, tamil)
no increase in income expected
9000 per month expenses


2 ted talks
strive to imporve customer
5am to 12pm
5pm to 11pm

free auto to teacher
free auto on mothers day
free auto on fathers day to father
free auto rides to student

autowala stories

32 year-old Annadurai runs his share auto on the Thiruvanmiyur-Sholinganallur route in Chennai. His auto is, however, not the one you find on regular days. Annadurai’s auto has top-notch facilities. Free WiFi, mobile charging point, 40 magazines, 10 newspapers, TV, laptop, and tablets; Annadurai's 'Amazing Auto' has it all.
Images : Facebook
Images : Facebook
Annadurai was born in Peravurani, a small town in Thanjavur district. His family shifted to Chennai when he was just four. He has been running his share auto for seven years. “I don’t know why I started adding things to my auto. I just thought I must do something for my customers and stocked around 20 newspapers. But, it wasn’t enough," Annadurai told The Hindu.
Annadurai gives free rides to all teachers. "Be it doctors, engineers or even the president, they were groomed by teachers and so I respect them," he told NDTV. He also gives free rides to lovers on Valentine's Day, mothers with their kids on Mother's Day, and fathers of Father's Day. On Children's Day, school children too enjoy free rides in his auto.
Image : The Hindu

Buy autorickshaw lpg or electric as investment

LPG Bajaj Auto rickshaw as investment : 1.5 lakh
rent 200 per day x 25 days month: 5000 per month
per year: 60k
3 years:  1.8 lakh

oil change : 800rs
auto permit: 10, 15,25 k from broker
driving license : <3k p="">display: from police station

Rice Puff making by Indian woman only in 8 seconds

Fryums without oil

Ginger, Potato and Sugarcane cultivation Success story of Medak farmer |...

Young farmer success story in Potato farming at Zaheerabad in Medak - Pa...

How to make Aloo Ka Halwa - Potato Halwa - vrat Dessert food recipe - f...

Microwave Potato Chips (Salt and Vinegar) - Surprisingly Incredible

Aloo Ki Chutney Recipe | Potato Chutney | Grandma's Style | Village Styl...

Aloo ka Achar | Potato Pickle Recipe | How to make Instant Potato Pickle...

Aloo ka Achar | Potato Pickle Recipe | How to make Instant Potato Pickle...

oats, buckwheat, potato grow in winter

4.5km per hour by fast walk by 8years old

construction worker
agricultural labour
security guard
cleaning staff

breakfast potato

two meals a day

if hungry at noon, eat potato
$.95 a day per person


villages no change at all from last 20 years

7 or 8 families in a village

no skill
dropped of school early

support my children to study

eat well, dress well, sleep well

Extreme poverty in China: A family portrait of the “Ice Boy”

hydrophonics flower farm can we make plastic bottle

Image result for marigold grow cup


It's hard not to love a marigold's bright yellow, orange, and red flowers. Happily, this is one of the easiest seeds to grow.
Starting Tips: You can sow marigolds directly into the garden. If you start seeds indoors, sow seed 1/8 inch deep. They usually sprout in less than a week.
Image result for marigold grow cupRelated image
Image result for marigold grow cup
Image result for marigold grow cup
Related image
Image result for marigold grow cup
Image result for marigold grow cup

mari gold grow in paper coffee cup marigold

Making Coffee Cup Marigolds is easy: simply collect 15-20 coffee cups (that’s only about a week and a half of caffeine, right?) from your favorite local coffee shops. The more you collect, the more you’ll start to covet certain designs. Give the cups a good rinse. Poke holes in the bottom of each cup for drainage (2-4 works best) using a pair of scissors. Then, you can either fill each cup 2/3 of the way with potting soil and plant seeds at 1 inch depth, or transplant a seedling on top of ~2 inches of soil and fill the rest of the cup so that it is compact. We chose to plant Marigolds because you can find them in any region and they are very easy to grow– but you can do this with any other plant that’s in season (like pea shoots and fennel, if its early May). Give the cups a generous water after you’ve planted the seeds/seedlings, and leave them in the sun where they can grow and drain (remember: there are holes in the bottom and the water will seep through). Once they sprout, try spelling letters with the blossoms. (We had to do a “G” for Garden Collage– we couldn’t resist.)

February 22, 2018

How to grow marigold in water plastic bottle
How to use plastic water bottle to grow flowers for look only
Can we use plast water bottle for growing vegetables?
How many plastic water bottle 2ltrs we will get for 100 rs?
Can we grow plant in rotten vegetable, fruit, or vegetable mix?
How vegetable rottes?
Can we buy was vegetable mix from safal factory.

what are the things we have at Tirupati when i was studying diploma?
house, iron sheets
no wooden door
no toilet
no closed bathroom
no sofa
no big tv, not even color tv, not even dish connection
no phone, no internet, no smart phone
no scooter
no car
only bicycle
we walk mostly
we go to government hospital
i go to government college, school
no tution, except rare case that too if free
no jeans fant
we wont eat meat, only chicken rarely, rarely eggs
no ice cream>20
no kfc, no pizza,
rarely very rare panipuri
no tours, except functions rarely
no cabs usage
no auto usage, very rare incase
no apartment living
no water direct home connection
no comics books
no pets,
no toys
no experiments educational
only computer nani dilaya
no phone recharge
no internet usage, occasionaly for education
no email, chat, video chat
normal rice
no sweets , very rares semiya
no cool drinks
no curds, occasionally
less books, note books
no shoes
through education, god shown way to uplevel
some see the higher living standard through business, farming, politics

Ongoing apartments at Hebbal

L&T Raintree Boulevard
Arvind sporia
Hiranandenini gen classic

How many apartments in construction in bangalore

How many labourers needed.
Hows their house?

How many apartments are their in Bangalore?
How many apartments in construction?
How many apartment flats available in Bangalore?
1500 apartments(>6 floors) last 2 years
High number in Hebbal
The corridor covering Hebbal, Byatarayanapura and Yelahanka added 897 apartment complexes with Hebbal alone adding 649. But there is no data on the number of flats in these apartments.
You can check theses sources for the info you are looking from, apart from the this the sites referred by nikita are also useful.

visit nearest slum to my house

Hasiru dala stories

as bone meal for crops.  The repulsive settings these bone meal shops haunts Krishna of these which are dark, dingy and filled unbearable stench which lingered throughout the day on a person. As the city grew, the slaughter house was removed and shifted to the edge of the city, the buyers moved away and along with that the earnings of the family disappeared.  It was then the family discovered life could be made up with picking from garbage.
Read More


MansoorMansoor is 33 years old. He has thin, wiry frame and a beaming smile.
He has six sisters and two brothers. He is the oldest.
He attended a small Government school near his home. Mansoor had no interest in school but would regularly attend informal tuition classes conducted by Mythri Sarva Seva Samithi. He dropped out of school in 5th grade when his father passed away. As the oldest son, the burden of responsibility to take care of his brothers and sisters feel upon his tender shoulders.
He joined the informal waste sector with his mother to help supplement the family income. His parents ran a small scrap shop near their home. All the wastepickers from their slum would bring their daily collection to the shop. Mansoor was responsible was sorting, segregating and weighing the scrap. They would manage around 500kgs of waste each day.
Read More


SadashiviahSadashiviah has light green eyes. The hair has left the top of his head and circles the perimeter like a crown. He has light stubble and a salt and pepper moustache. His wife is petite. She supports her husband in business operation and in conversation. Sadashiviah has 4 children. His oldest two daughters are married. His sons work in the DWCC; one of them is studying in 2nd PUC.
Sadashiviah never went to school. His parents worked in construction. They worked long hours and earned barely enough to provide food and shelter for the family. When he was still a small child, he began Wastepicking. It was the only avenue for him to earn a few rupees to help his family. He would earn Rs 100 a day.
At the age of 19, Sadashiviah had entrepreneurial dreams. He bought a second hand cycle and fixed it up. He would cycle from 8.30 a.m to 5 p.m in the neighbourhoods around his home and collect recyclable scrap from roadside dumps. With his cycle he could cover longer distances during the day and collect more scrap. At the end of the day he would sell everything he had managed to collect to a scrap shop. He would collect 100-150kgs each day and earn 250-300Rs.

rangde receivers

bangle making
grocery store
mattress making
cow rearing
stitching and tailoring
goat rearing
school fees
fruits business
vegetable cultivation
sheep rearing
poultry rearing <10k p="">grain selling
china item business
footwear business
dry fish selling
sweet shop
cosmetic shop
readymade garments

betel farm

dry waste management 1lakh
daily wage labour
agriculture labour
mostly villages

land < 2 acres if exist
year earning< 30k, 50k, 1lakh
12 months repaymet
Uttar Pradesh
Madya Pradesh
Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal Sanstha
Self Employment Voluntary Association
Chetna Mahila Samiti
Hasirudala (Green Force)

The living condition of 26 years old Puna Ram and his family is extremely vulnerable. His annual earning is Rs. 30000/- from farming but his expenses are even more which makes their livelihood very difficult. He lives in Bilwan village of Udaipur district, Rajasthan with his wife and 2 children of 2 & 6 years old. Their 6 years old son studies in class 3rd. The family has no access to closed toilets or a healthcare center. They also have to travel beyond 5 kms radius to access water. They don't even have electricity at home which leads to extreme darkness during night time. Puna Ram thus wants to install a Solar home light for lightening his home. He has applied for a loan amount of Rs.12000/- at Rang De for the first time to purchase the Solar home light equipment.
Help Ram & his family get rid of darkness by contributing  towards his loan.


Fulfill remaining loan

Vegetable vendor need 5000

Munni Bai

Munni Bai, 52-year-old hails from Mukaskala village of Madhya Pradesh. Her husband works as an agricultural labor and earns INR 30,000 per annum. Due to which managing expenses of the whole family in this amount are very much difficult. 
Munni has decided to open up a grocery store so that she can provide fast-selling commodities under a single umbrella. Such a store would not only help the residents in her locality but also enhance Munni's livelihood. Paying off debt is one of the major challenges faced by women like her. Opening a shop is a productive idea that she believes will help her increase the family income. 
Do make your contribution in raising the loan of INR 10,000. Do participate in building a family's dream!
*The loan tenure will be of 12 months.

Ento Prise Ghana [Eng]

Ento Prise Ghana [Eng]

Super Fast Soldiers...! Strikes in minutes!!!

Backyard Qual: Free Quail Food (Maggot Bin Update)

Tips on Backyard Chickens, Quail and Other Fowl Play


How to Make Cola Vending Machine at Home - Foam Board

Building a School in Senegal with buildOn Students

volunteer management post

volunteer management website, android, ios app, join the cause. Integrate all ngo, other social leaders

volunteer management software for ngo, school, college, office, society, apartments

Donate time every day may it be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes ..

Time is money
Donate your time every day start as low as 1 minute.
You can increase time if you have free time
You can use this time to lots of work
2)Listening other problems
3)Reading for others
4)Plant tree

I am not sure yet what others can be done
collect mobile number from others, whatsapp, or social networks friends list, email list
build the all interested people

spent time online, offline,  type of interest.
Support other ngo, social cause.

Vertical garden in Bangalore on Flyover pillar

Creating forest using Miyawaki Method of Tree Plantation

lets make vanilla milk shake at home for Muhammed touheed my son

milk 1 cup(thin) or 1/4 cup(thick)
vanilla ice cream 2 big skoops
add fronzen banana or strawberries

add chocolate syrup, chocolate chips for chocoloate milk shake
add crushed cookies at the top

if watery milk shake , keep in fridge
place glass in fridge to get the feel of cool (without milk shake)
ice cream let it melt at the edges before mixing
use whisk
whisked cream will improve taste