nov 29

i talk to boy at juice shop in office
studied 11th
salary 10k
room, food free
make juice, make sandwidth
sells idli too
relation to owner: syster son
selling idli: 50 idli
15 vada

karthi devops operative
training institute hyd
daily 2hours
3k(around2 year)
kakatiya institute of technology warangal
i know one person, banswadi, he given reference
apply weekend with others

chandu vikki friend btech 2019 cse madhurai



father auto parts

Vignesh Reference
7thsky student

total interview 45
ask inerview:
 couse java python

 html css
c, c+

1 backlog
job applied
language know

father do
job search


call company



i3, 2gb
2 friend
surya prakash no backlog

karthik prasanna
14 backlog
java pyhon
10k, 3hr

father medical prep

how can i help u

2500rs worth buy in amazon


Insha allah


Auto biography books
1) super 30 x10
2) I too had ream x10
3) buy new books

1) 989

Henry Ford - Auto Tycoon: Insight and Analysis into the Man Behind the American Auto Industry (Business Biographies and Memoirs - Titans of Indus) Paperback – Import, 3 Jul 2019

3.1)Empires of Light: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Electrify the World Paperback – 12 Oct 2004

3.2)The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad Paperback – 8 Nov 2016

Alibaba: The House that Jack Ma Built

Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of Spacex and Tesla is Shaping Our Future Paperback – 14 Jun 2015


The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon Paperback – 31 Jul 2014

Sam Walton: Made In America Mass Market Paperback – 1 Jun 1993


Biography: Dhirubhai Ambani Paperback – 2015

Albert Einstein (Know About) (Know About Series) Paperback – 1

Cooking Upma

upma recipie

samolina 1cup -> dry roast-> golden color -> keep it to cool
mustard seeds 1spoon
green chillies -> split,q:3
ginger -> 1inch, finely chopped
asapoteta powder -> 1 pinch
onion -> 2  chopped -> cooking -> translucent
turmeric -> 1 pinch
chilli powder -> 1 teas spoon
mix it up
carrot -> finely chopped -> carrot fine chopped
french bean ->  7 to 8 -> chopped
fresh peas -> 1/2 cup

add little water -> to coook
cover it up for 3 minutes

water dried up -> vegetable -80% cooked

add samolina

water ration: 1 samolina : 2 water

tea spoon of ghee
add coriander
break fast ready to served
next: embedded graph db

★ How to make Soft Chapati / Phulka / Roti | Chapati Recipe | Phulka Recipe

august 28



1) imaan
2)namaaz 5 times
3)jikr 3 tasbi
4) allah ka dyan (astagafar), darood
5) see good in others
6) do the office work 4 hours
7) after noon nap 5 minutes

#personal project
1)landing page
2)assignment validation
3)book mark
4)monaco editor
how to use monaco editor
react monaco editor
reach customers
 see the target in github 7thsky_*

 blockly javascript
 create blocks automatically
   from npm package
   from react component
 improve blockly editor
   create blockly by audio command
   create blockly using shortcut keys, auto search, suggestion
 modules concepts in blockly
 package.json for blockly
 blockly package manager -> bpm

english reading
coding practice

listen her
show happiness
make here life happy atleast 1 second
wow experience 1 min today

play with her 3 minutes

talk to him
see him
observe him

call her


early by 9.30pm -> so that wake up by 3am
 if not happened due to family
  be calm, do what you can do the best
  then try to sleep by 11pm
    wakeup by 4pm
 if slept by 12pm then wake up by 5pm

#book reading
#code generators
#understand ide
#story -> listen
#blog it
#gratitude -> thanks for health, family, job, namaaz 5 times
#sorry -> could not complete office work much
#top1 -> imaan , #3:namaaz, family , #5 -> office work, personal project
#diary -> maitain calm during evening to night, could not complete much office work



namaaz 5 times
johar 12.30pm lunch -> johar namaaz
asr 4.55pm snack -> 5pm asr namaaz
go for magrib 6.20pm
 take bag with you -> leave from there

create branch
commit changes
complete cp changes
make code changes
complete test case
update test cases
create test cases
code review

complete ca changes
complete cw changes
pass filter options from backend
check chat
check email
call sumiya and listen
help 1 home work 5 minutes
teach towheed
 practice typing
 practice coding
 learn html android app
 learn css android app
 learn javascript android app


book reading
writing journal -> yester disappointmented why late sleeping, open laptop after 9 , slep around 4am
angular app
saidani teaching
personal project
landing page
alphabet progress
recording video
history app
attend events
  plan it
community creation

OOPS Concepts in Java in Telugu || Kotha Abhishek

aug 25


1) create 7thsky youtube channel
1) record video
 upload to youtube
  with saidani
      ikbhal phone
1) is it good to ask her to try
create account for saidani
use afirstky

1) create video
 1) how to login
 1) how to start tutorial
 1) how to save
 1) how to mail to
1) record video on java oops only
 1) find video
 1) share the video
1) maintain excel sheet
  video description, url, tags
  ex: java oops in telugu, url, [telugu, java, oops]
1) create diads, triads,
1) find values
 1) attract with values
 1) enforce values
 1) interview
analyze the typing cat
  how it render on text rea
contact 7thsky customer
call mom
spent family time
towheed typing
towheed coding
namaaz 5 times
play with faaiza
listen sumiya
do house work

Pramodh discussion Student work after collage in BPO

Pramodh discussion westbengal

Why dont we hire people from BPO
who have basic computer skill, english
works for 8hours in front of computer
willing to work and learn

May be partner with BPO in westbengal
To give one resource for month
 pay him extra 1k
 on demand basis
convert BPO -> HR companies for startup
working remotely

create slowly small office
where they work from remote
get small environment human contact there too
BPO guys get around 4.5k before 4 years back 

Met Pramodh from West Bengal colleagues of mine in Operative

Had good discussion with Pramodh
Some topic disucssion like education

Education is not good
Corruption in hiring school teacher.
Education funds are not used properly.

Even low salary for software fresher 3.3k rs around 4 years back more than  that
People work for 4k in kirana shop
2years exprience person will work for 8.5k before 2 or 3 years back

Good local train facilities
200 rs monthly pass covers distance of 50km
fish is favorite on compare to chicken
live fish (check fish market of west bangal)
Early west bengal used to attraction for bihar, uttar pradesh, punjab.

Now lots of politics
West bengal lost reputation due TATA nano  land issue.
Mamatha benerji
TATA lost money as need to evict during 50% construction 
No one get benefit
Even the land is far from city

Good internet
Good electricity but catch 11 rs per unit
  may good revenue source of government
  moving train car fancy
    but better use train

How can one can feed with 5k even before 2 or 3 years   
  wife, 2 kids
   where will be his focus 
  on food or on education

How can west bengal attract attentiong software companies
   when there is already poopular hubs like Bengalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai
      may be can give land
       chicken egg problem
          atleast have aggrement 
            create software park within 6months to 1 yea

Local small software companies outside haura
   survive on local business ecommerce shop 
   customer ask to create website for 5k 
    they weill create 
     no steady stream of client
       client expect build website in a day or 2 , max 1 week
 No good english speaking
   but they move to bangalore able to work
       is it contracdicting
         need environment

People want to live in their home city atleast home state
    language, culture, food, friend, neigbours, relative, friends

Remote working/remote job will not work
   remote job may not work
     as i aand pramod tried
         but did we build habit of remote working
              no it need atleast 40 to 90 days
              may be generalizing early

grougle developer group meetup

tempalte factory react js


serverless, graphqal
angular front end

draft, alpha with wordpres sto strange
import data from wordpress


mentor will be available 8 hours online
students will available 8  hours online

material: online freebootcamp (else coursera, codeacademy)

topic: react js, node.js, android, java, testing
role front end developer, android developer, tester

money: from client compnay
employee 1 year bond, get certificate
student screening -> employe 3 months , each month salary 10k apartment

remote mentor

 fully work from anywhere
 any where in india
 bangalore, pune, chennai, hyderabad

 good internet connectivity

 pay salary of 8lakh per year
my better thinkings is
  remote mentor
  should work on full time job/business
  should take 1hour  only for teaching

  because thats what i can offer

  discussion meeting: 6am to 8pm,   2pm to 4pm, 7pm to 8pm (any one time) ->
   may be take break 15 min x 4 times

  even for 1 student -> 5 mentors, each mentor 1hour
   every day 1 main go to mentor for week

  1 hour charge : 8lakh /56 week * 40 hours per week calcualtion => 800000 /(56 * 40)
   1 hour charge: 360rs per hour (even 100rs good, appprox 300 rs also good)

  can do more mentoring on saturday : 2hr, average max of 5hr-> average : 3

  per week: 5  + 3
  per month: 8 * 4 => 24 hr
  per month: 24 * 300 => 6000 -> 7200(even -> 5k is ok , 3k is okey)

  early adapters are doing for low money

  even if they want to go full okey incrementally increase hours of mentoring

How to increase speed learning
 english vocabulary
 computer skills

Q) How to increase speed learning of angular node.js express ?
  can we create explainer videos
  can we practice like typing
   key word memorising
   quiz questions
   5 minutes every 1hour
   local language content
   more producing

   remember syntax, keyword, function , structure
   mapping concept to code

     array, set, hash, practice

     more explanation
      even in hoindi
    more fun,
    more gamify
 less typing, more visual script
  like construct3 to learn concept
   create more concepts

 in 1 week if we can create
   todo clone
   reddit clone

   understand the clone

   code review
   that awesome


remote call centere
remote call customer care
remote marketing
remote support people
remote virtual assistant


english training for 1 month -> become consultancy -> join them as market executive
target: bcom passed out student
training: english basic, communication skills


remote employee work

muhammad jubair , cross over employee, more than 1 year

2 weeks interview process

interview with client
after selection from crossover, you will put in to market place
  selected by compnay
 keyboard key typing
 mouse tracking
 window tracking
 web cam tracking

full remote company
    client oxfor

 team size: 5
  3 developer
  1 tester
  1 scrum master
  1 project manager

no benefits
 paid leave
 medical benefit
 no laptop
 no internet
typical type: 9 to 6pm
meeting: send google calendar invite, then meeting on google hangout meeting
jira : project management
su daily
sperate testing , devops team
estimate team estimate
some time bored -> meet outside on meetups
 human interaction
one corner office setup in
 stationary in bedroom

 dont allow  kids to come in that time 9 to 6pm
intimate leave 2 weeks, 1 week ahead
unless medical emergencies
need dedicated internet connection
personal laptop
  text chat bussiness chat
  integrate with gitlab
  google docs
hosting gitlab
work : jquery
no monitoring from client compnay
  but crossover still monitor by mouse, keybaord
  put your hand when you wan tto thing
no youtube , no song listening
can not keep other in front of caam
no persona mail checkup, facebook, ..
rating down
no fun
no talks
chat disucssion
online meetup talk if discussion required
overlap with europe london (england timeing)
4 hours overlap

england morning  time , india 1am



submit petrol bill
submit internet bill
call act customer care bangalore complaint
reset hdfc bank atm card atm pin
buy clothes for tauqeer
work on project -> upload video
node.js hosting (google) or anything which cheaper
upload to youtube
office work
  now: before
  1) diaglog showing
  2) sort field empty
    add more logs
    check locally
 set timer
cooking video
touhid english
touhid hindi practice
touhid typing practice
touhid computer ready/laptop
passive income
namaaz 5 times
fazaaye amaal 9pm
toilet before food , 6pm , before food 1minutes ok habit forming
bottle cleaning, water ready, faaiza milk ready start 8.40pm
family time: 6 to 7pm, eat, walk
call mom johar walk
asr namaaz in office only, even no jamaat okey
take faaiza immediately out for 10 minutes
social time with company people in 2 to 4pm ie: 2pm to 2.10pm

read 5am club book, gifted in progress


take action after each learning
watching yotube, watching code/reading code

teach other even for 1 minutes

do some action


can we talk during watching youtube video, share video online/audio online, share comment text online
audio to text online
or make it private so that you can
share one person only , max 10, average : 3 person


can we talk during watching youtube video, share video online/audio online, share comment text online
audio to text online
or make it private so that you can
share one person only , max 10, average : 3 person


office work still pending
need to go trip or not -> i dont like
if you want to go , go now or 7.30am only
game schology
fold it game marketing, community reaching, convincing,
fold it game creator, benefit, how much cost involved, time involved, friction , convince
how games are fun, even it involve, hard work, team playing, losing things
how to gamify things
idea: create browser chat for each website, youtube..
further divide by country, state, sub category of website, only product/

youtube: play list, channel, video sub category
can see meet discuss with fans in between in youtube
comment app

ఆ ఒక్క విషయం నమ్మాను కాబట్టే Business లో Success సాధించాను | Srimannara...


Learn Code Faster with the Feynman Technique

Why I'm not buying a Windows laptop (Dell XPS 13 vs Macbook Pro)

1 week setting time on laptop
cables , new mouse
little bit
desk as appeal as possible
park, beach, fun
so good, so fun, so comfortable
7 Habits of Highly Effective Programmers (ft. ex-Google TechLead)
good habits
programmer -> datascient, manager, youtuber
long term game
few skill, not technique
craft habit
highly decorative

skin sunshine
basement, building ,no windows
eye moisture
good exercise, good sleep
good sleep routine
good posture, back posture
neck elongated not good
break 30 minutes
drink fluids more
lunch break , go out
sport star
build muscle
perfect for game
body deterioate, destore shape in chair not good
have get it done attitude
ship product
moving thing along
keep working
keep debugging
whole week
small bug
fun, strange loop is not good
keep eye in the goal
project out door
editor, color
normal productivity
apple store
open source, never end release
publish work
all sort of functionaliy
not get money
polish, doing over things
not result oriented

keep it simple, consistency
refactor dont it must unless it is needed
extremely arrogant
so complicatd, except them , is bad
good simple, consistant possible
avoid bugs,
quickly read, other code
swimming through code, lost of time
3hours, some solid code
budget time
more focus
large abstraction longer time
geting out of comfort zone
debug skills
how other do it
reach for help
when stuck, team mates,
what can be causing issue
sports team, not solo
dital domain , player
lonely activity , habituate

How to code fast?
How I code so fast.

typing speed: 144pm, 100% accuracy


one mistake cost  , ten times

databse messup
80% work, 20% holes -> bug
no bug faster -> extremely fast
potention bugs
edge cases
leverage consistency
ui design, system
not multiple generate
general view
small use,
view surface
consistency code, system

need to store data
 text file
 local memory
potential optimisation
common database
 layer cache later

posture, speed
good keyboard
find like to good keyboard
small travel distance

right tool, job
scripting language
  speed up

  dont need, power struct
  pythonk, php, javascript
  quick scritp
   to refacor

  game company
   lui game design

simple backend
  infrastrue no or less

 test longer
  test slow

good environment
 good internet
 log fast
 good chair
 good monitor
  pass the technical interview
avoid mistaking as typing code
10min to 1 hour time waste later for each bug
not compile
low flawlessy ok
todo list
strange error
user input forgot validate
edge cases
pontential cases
leverage consistency
ui design, system
not multiple variations
resuse ui design pattern -> general view
 multiple scenario
small view, large view
 surface, component
not optimise first
go to main db first, common db, test db
learn editor
1/2 day or1 day
fast regular expression search, replace
jump around
quick open
20% to 30%
improve typing speed

right tool for the right job
script speed up flow
power, structure is not need earlier
quick script to do things
script no infrastructure ,use existing free
testing can slow you down
test training wheels
 on track, avoid dangers
 reduce speed
free solo climber
Why is coding so hard...
young age, 6th grade
crying , persist
coding ability
problem solving
algorith ability
 team work
sitting at the computer, staring at the computer
more time, focus on something
can not handle that sitting for long
study pattern here
abstract thought skill
object, concept relationship
knowledge incomplete
updating, deprecated
easy to lost , off track
all sort of random things
broad things
learning coding, battle against time
do you really want to code
is it cool
amount, salary
life style
heart was not there
more commitment
self investment small change -> great impact
Passive Income: How I make $40,000/year doing nothing (software engineer edition)

not doing anything

pasive income 100$ per day
100* 360 => 36000=> 40k
side project
build resume

around 7k inr for month

difficult to replicate, but inspire

4 projects

timelapse protographer
niche project
timelapse boom
 i am also in timelapse
 special effect
retailer 200$
 build better
perspective correction
 understand maths
computer graphics skills
adobe action script
 not popular
cross platform
 both platform
java, adobe air action script
action script, flash interesting
 build software, quickly 2 weeks
motions to time lapse
timer , slow header
motorized head
perspective correction
part of community
1 or 2 days launch
500$ every day
feature into software
capture software
sunset, sunrise
math to calculate exposure scene,
bright scene
fish eye
 1 month
 fish eye geometry not well received
 full fun
gpu shader
still maintain
80$ per software, 40% sales of good software
not 5$
manage 1 sale every day
japanese transalation
popular there
side project 2) 10
social network
2 million
2000$ every day
lost of populary
100$ every month
money from membership only
charge 6$ monthly membership
additional feature
buy and gift membership
  many do that
  treat other
adsense not making
60$ per month
10 year
iphone game
web rpg game
progress character
story line
monster fight
quick button
buy items
story good item
iphone ietms
20$ items
10% player pay
 lot of money
 dont mind spending money
project 4: photography
stock photos, stock videos
stock photos not pay well
 25$ cents
each copy is 1$
video its better
4k video extreme hight quality
videos japaan
red gates
little unknown
thousand copies
travel agent buy
nation tourist package
an ice cave northern  land
20k $
exotic location
sail boats

deduct expense across it
busines purpose
github open source contribution
commercial software
i dont do open source
side incomes
live with parents
3000$ rent save
 reason timing, trneds, user behaviour, technology
 running restaurant not scalable
make fun
push your craft,
no matter what you do

How to learn to code (quickly and easily!)
Making $1,000,000 dollars online as a software engineer

years to learn
trial and error
dashlane remember password, vpn
super secure password
social network, 5$ per month per customer
monentising advertising
not maximize
sell points
need to monetise
full access 5$ not enough, not good revenue
10k daily active user, 1% buy, 100 people , per month 500$ per month
clone another website, app
2 weeks concept, innovatie, crazy
bad for clone idea
take idea, what is working
study competitor
guarantee success
top 10 performing apps
 take it clone them
 guarantee success
 applying your look and feel
  push forward
unproven, build product
facebook platform, twitter platform
 developer to hook in
overnight access
silly app , initial succes
big sustainable business
next uber, google
read the trends
large company to make thing
 calculator, fart app, ..
iphone apps 2 years ago, out dated
dead all apps, after few years
trends , not sustainable business
lucky sustainable
trend have good round
dog walking business
specialize, not served by market
quanity not, not 100k customer,
1000 customer, 10$ every month , success
absolutely need
reddict ads, facebook ads
niche forum
continue to learn
slowly dying business
platform change, income decrease
opportunity cost
career value, personal time, youth

life cycle,peak , down
skills sharp, other business
maintain it , continually built , market cap, do something else
cross platform, to other platform
computer script

Passive Income: How I make $40,000/year doing nothing (software engineer...

Passive Income: How I make $40,000/year doing nothing (software engineer...

How I code so fast.

How I code so fast.


find artist , ask them to draw story board rough 5 minutes
given story
charge money for it
only skilled person can do it
fresher learning fine arts
fine arts bachelor course, drawing institute in bangalore, andhra, india
reach them
via community

 images: rough
 flow is tehre

flow is main
no color
no color filling
no images,
no effects
no animation
no software


story boarding, drawing practice

"How to draw for story boarding" RonDoucet(artist)
why storyboard arts library, composition, lighting, character development, proportion, pinterest, youtube channel)
storyboarding secrets
story board essentials google, pdf
the ant of layout, perspective story boarding

Norman lemay illustartor artist, story artist, concept artist

thumb nail

rough drawing
should come ideas from barin to
feeling emotions

extreme short
long shot



slept early
missed jamaat namaaz
missed magrib , isha namaaz
missed yasseen soorah too
did not read fazaaye aamal too
did not attend masjid vaar jamaat
started looing into reacgt js for project learn.getjob/toprecur
find name for name, use the name
idea : use javascirpt or simple to complete project without much learning curve for video survey
talked with gopi(industrial iot,game cahllenge)
called mofamily
sumiya taling
work punted
missed sprint planning
did nto take faaiza out side for playing
did not play with faaiza
talk with ashwin , 3 year money, he is completed product
hire team with align with vision,
did not attend any meeting
listen some video on youtube
no much reading

ESP32-CAM Camera for Arduino IDE

How to make Internet Controlled Car | IoT | Blynk | NodeMCU | esp8266

How to Raise Standards as an Entrepreneur

Start Saying I Don't Know

The Best Hack to Accelerate Success

Why the People You Love Don’t Motivate You

10 Strategies to Develop Leaders

Warren Buffett - Before They Were Billionaires

The Unfair Advantage of Going Through Hell

Venezuela Collapse Explained

When No One Knows You

Who Deserves Your Time?

How to Enjoy The Process

10 Rules Of Hiring The Best Assistant

What Are You Known For?

Every University’s Worst Nightmare

10 Tips To Hiring Consultants & Lawyers As An Entrepreneur

Why Warren Buffett Loves Monopolies

Hiring Your First Employee as an Entrepreneur

7 Ways to Get in Front of Decision Makers as an Entrepreneur

7 Ways to Get in Front of Decision Makers as an Entrepreneur

How I Use Notion ● June 2019

Trello - Lead Management


solopreneur sidekick youtube channel

busines goals  with trello
project management
business organized
3 boards
board 1: tracking your goal
daily basis
goal: sales, sales board
add a list
big goals list
sale goal card: 1000 sales
see board, remind  every day
april sales
may sales
add salescome
 sale come in
 April 1 - Jane- baughtafter email
 email marketing
 add label, fre trial, webinar

month complete:  how many sales i got
youtube: board
content, blog
my team trak
make sure not forget anyt

content marketing board
 visiable to all member of team

Vide ideas

Video template card
 Tasks: Louise checlist
  write script
  film video

  Taks anno check list
  youtube thumb nail
  all pins
  tv graphics for hinstram
  prepare IGTV file


Video ideas list
Important link list
  vide template card
  video description template
  tasks-anno instructions
  taks nathan instructions

video in progress list
posted list
event this month list 

important links chat always there

 video template create every time
  clone, change list to video in progress
  change due date of card

  add power up
  calendar view

  we need to work month in advance

team member as they complete the task
check the list 

add the labels
 for each person as well

 when some one complete , he will add his label

 when all done it look liks
 all lable applied, 20/20 all check list

 move the card to posted list

follow up board   


collabe with card

more details in description

Waiting on Response

when you moved send
 when you sent mail

no replay send amil

later booked

How Louise Uses Trello for Goals & Projects

How Louise Uses Trello for Goals & Projects


automate task at..
slack, jira

never end data in form, do something
website builder
how to collect data
 form building, contact
-> what with do with it
joint marketing
tam : total address  market
Mike Knoop on Product and Design Processes for Remote Teams with Kevin Hale
How Sergio got a Remote Job at a Canadian Y Combinator Company

hack premium member

How to build a strong culture with remote employees - by Elizabeth Hall, VP of People at Trello
mandatory overlap
12pm to 4pm , eastern
interview process
meeting, video
culture evolved organically
age, working parents
How to build a strong culture with remote employees - by Elizabeth Hall, VP of People at Trello
effective communicator
going gym now, going 30 minutes off nw

how they use the tool
sales -> love email
devleopoer not like email
 slcak they like
 not email
   need email

   what they prefere
  talk as company

The Remote Working Revolution Has Arrived - Join Us! | Justin Jones | TEDxRichland

1 month company wide
all video conference
every person face once
ceo, demo, trsansaprencey, finance
meet new hire

1 person remote, ..60% remote

remote people on the screen
 not include

 people in computer in the same place
not perfect way intially
   trello 50milion users
   identify user, culture, product

friday compnay udpate overview board
 update in trello
 trello board
 video conference also vide conference
  team group chanenl
  list of fun channel
    remote to participate
  human chanenl
    kids pic
  trello remote
    remote can share talk, feel
goodmorning to others
 even different zone
 sweden, huwai
remote friendly
work life balance
40 hours week
very little management
get out of way things get done
benefits, perks
newyork, private office
officer for other people
great open office
build home office
same euqipment
air on chair
height adjustment
treat as possible equal
conference budget
3500, speak support
specific to remote, newyork
lunch every datey newyork
metro card
internet reimbursement 
social interaction
coworking space support
treat people well
dont do nothing
see soemthing
not going well
need fixing
have an idea
help each other out
colalborative, contribution
developer idea
betterin sales
do something
designer on board new hire talke to me
ceo, coworkspace
meeting, inerview video
work & non work talking
constantly 1 on 1
do you have routine
do get out of home
do you exercise
conversation in office
office culture
do you enjoy
office culture
remote culture
company cuture
invest in people
onboard trello
sales, enginer, product manager
invest in people tream
job & recurit job
visual collaborative tools

personal to
  plann weeding
  baby show
  cooking recipe
horizontal tool
 inner team
 cross team
real time
due date
additiona plwer
sales force
integrate all thinkgs
developer api
horizontal tool
give perspective
family vacation with it
people team board
 whole can see
 overview board
kitchen trello board
 product manager
 sales guy
1 1 check in
30 team, 60 manager, 90 hr   
no micro manage
see by output
hands off
 rules and structure
pm , vp of product
team, developer cross communicate naturally
open position
best perons
 no rule remote ,
junior role
type of summary
hire this
write on chat
come to office
 if need
over communicating
retype it out
still want to know
new york base salary where ever you live
 fantastic if you live wehre
  some high ost place, some low place
health insurance
gym membership
new phone every year

bad person
 interview process
 task oriented
 developer code
 sales sales pitch
 market, market campaign
 skill based
 how they working remotely
 cover letter are important
  something applied for all company
  task orientd
  conversation of member team
  relocate or working
  working remotely
  remotely before
   might be diffult
   accomplishment , failure of remote
  communcated with interviewer
  trello board
  communicate in email
  whole package of interview of process
  series of task oriented
  conversation with ceo
  ceo meet every person

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