2017 - 10 - 17

simple cv
fast object tracking in c++ using Open CV
TLD tracker: human face
Real time object tracking - open cv
image recognition
object detection and recognition
simpleCV - computer vision using python
openMV kickstarting comptuer vision
ubiquitous computer vision avid moloney
nvidia drive px2 self driving car platform visualized
computer vision using Go Pro and Raspberry Pi
simple cv object(white ball) tracker -15 lines of code
Haar cascade object detection face & eye
 open cv siwth

Lidar(raspberry pi)
opencv python neural network autonomous rc car
opencv vs tesseract
  vs tensorflow
  vs neutral network
  vs matlab
  vs opengl
  vs caffe
  vs opencl
  vs dlib
  vs open face
 beaglebone board
 opencv with c++ or python
 video stablization using opencv

 people counter with opencv

 eclipse configuration opencv android sdk
 playing games with gestures opencv pac man
 tensor flow on android
 ryan zotti, how to build  your own self driving rc car

 self driving quadcopter

 tensorflow and raspberrypi = autonomous self driving car

 arduino powered self drving cars
 build your own self driving toy car with python(Coding Tech)
 raspberry pi cloud
 raspberry pi phone
 raspberry computer
 pycharm ide
 github code repository
 go to bangalore
 search the job
 rent a pg.
 expenses: 8k
 live in markus, shivaji nagaar , bangalore
 live in jamaat, bangalore
 live in pg
 live in starttopia o

Air Patrol: Dubai police test flying motorbike-drone hybrid

World Drone Prix 2016 Dubai - Final Race

Intel's 500 Drone Light Show | Intel

The Making of Drone 100 Intel

James Corden goes for a ride in OLLI - Autonomous Shuttle by Local Motors

Local Motors Debuts "Olli", the First Self-driving Vehicle to Tap the Po...

Japan's First Self-Driving Bus Hits Road

First self-driving bus line opens in Paris

Self-driving buses hit the road in Helsinki

october 8, 2017

vegan diet
dried fruits
    vegan recepies
grocerry essential
glass jar
nut buttor
soy milk
almond milk
billionsinchange bhargav
solar briefcase
handpulled noodle
xining city in china halal food
mixed beef organ soup
intenstine noodles(hear, lung in intenstine, chilly)
visit 5 country every year, atleast 3 months
visit all countries before diening
wardrobe, panty into steps
folded table, bed
tiny house
tamera community in portugal
residence permit later citizen ship
community living
water, electricity, health
shiva composting
water retention
electricity-> internet-> learn -> do
no laziness
community kitchen
300 people
garden, fruit orchard, vegan food, solar, building, finance
solar electricity
eco friendly building
more contact with human
 more richer, diversity

Cluster Bean Cultivation - 6TV Raithanna

Cluster Bean Cultivation - 6TV Raithanna

Success story of French Beans farming by Rammohan Rao - Express TV

Apple Ber, Rajma and Maize Cultivation : Success Story of Mahabubnagar F...

Peanuts Grown in a Container From Planting to Harvest. And Some of What ...

Successful story of a farmer who is growing rajma crop

Benefits Of Kidney Beans For Skin Hair And Health

Black Bean Salad Recipe - How to Make a Black Bean Salad


How to Meal Prep - Ep. 57 - RICE AND BEANS


Simple Red Beans and Rice!

Skyrocketing Silicon Valley living prices spark innovation

High rents force some in Silicon Valley to live in vehicles

They Gave A Homeless Man A Pizza, see what happens next.

Coke Hug Machine

Coca-Cola Happy Beep

Share a Coke: Break the Ice | Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Christmas Balloons

Coca-Cola Christmas Balloons

COCA-COLA: The Last Customer

Why The Best CEO's Invest in Customer Experience

Taylor Swift's Gift Giving of 2014

KLM Lost & Found service

24 people. 24 days. 24 communities. See what they did to #MakeTodayMatter

Sometimes you just want to say thank you #TDThanksYou

Richard Branson Reveals His Customer Service Secrets | Forbes

How to give great customer service: The L.A.S.T. method

Young Entrepreneurs (Coconut Man)

Husband Surprises Wife by Filling House With Puppies!

Husband Surprises Wife by Filling House With Puppies!

Puppies for Sale at Roadside Pet Store in the Philippines BebotsOnly

2017-09-14 thurs day

maa bbaap kidmat
zoru bacche ke haq
sila rahmi
ikrame muslimeen
davate illallah
halal kamai
learn by experience project start again.
tutorial gathering
assignment section
portfolio section
projects section
badges, points
language trending
chat section
local setup section , cloud section
jobs section(ngo, startup)
freelance section
idea section
collaboration section
  project buddy
analytical skills, reasoning skills
design skills
product management
funding section
softwares, tools
idea : create electron framework based diary desktop app to write every day diary, tasks

Insha allah
learnbee(learn by experience, example)
work schedule: 7 am to 1pm(6hours), each hour break:15 minute break, namaz, house work
2pm to 4.30pm(2.30 hours, each hour break 15 minutes) =>8.30 hours -> break time: 1.30hrs -> remaining time: 7 hours
asar time: for jikr
after magrib: spent time with family, eat, plan for tommarrow food shopping
early morning : toilet,
body present  mind obscent (mobp or bpmo)
how to get concentration back on work, important things, prayers
count how much time your are working atleast 15 minutes time:

no yourstory, ted talks,no youtube entertainment, information, no watching vides of code for more than 1 hour

block site chrome
active time spent on browser
 by website

track time spent on chrome
php for chrome
code php from chrome browser
cloud section
  sharing data
  cloud services
  cloud tools
php for chrome
php scaling for companies
php logging
set the goal to work on project his many hours work on it
similarly set the goal to practice on practicing data structures

free learning hosting tutorial, running incremental project, books, badges

What is your product? What you did for last 5 years?

This is same question i will be asked.
I am saying, i have product called learnbyexperience.
I did not complete yet, i tried offline.
Its maily social network site for learning especcialy aiding self learning.
Programming languages.
Was it created? No not created completely.
How many employees you have?
2 employees.
What are they doing?full stack developer one person, other beginner.
Why are you applying for Engineering manager position?

Is it okay to say, my product is this, its functionalities is this, database schema is this.
Closing the product due to lack of funding.
I am not working on my product for long time due to lack of money.
I am i telling lie about the product, which was not created, which was not launched,
Which does not have customers.
How many customers are there?

Atleast i should create my product?
to avoid telling lies.
I should create it.


kulla cheeti
haj&umra travel
1hour project
30 minutes project
no save, no upload, no shouting, only coding
with what you kn kno
30 minutes learning
5 minutes learning
10 minutes learning
1 day project
1)write commands from local computer to hosted app
which will run online, display the output in my website
on tv

2)alarm on website , website open in tv
3)hadhiya website
1 paisa every day donate to unknown people
or 1 minute every day
or 1 minute jikr
360 * 0.01 => 3.6 rs
1 minutes task
10 minutes task
30 minutes task
expect less from yourself
go with 000webhost

estimate: 10 times more time
if you feel 1 hour, estimate for 10 hour
10 minute task : 000webshot login

ready for 100 failure
start work with bismillah

programming videos in urdu
workshop in local college in kadapa
no ui,
only command line
slow is okay, is the one we need.
create ngo lowest
an ngo, which will gather funds for your cause
give it for free
1 post blog every day
even no formattting is okay
threshold for low, high
should not break the bar

Ikbhal google drive short url

ikbhal resume short url

Travel to dubai, kuwait, saudi arabia insha allah

insha allah start company in dubai

Insha allah start business in kuwait

Insha allah get a job in saudi arabia

Insha allah 45 days

I will go to chilla(45 days) from Bangalore.
I will prepare for job 3 hours daily.
 build madrasa, masjid chanda, construction expenses
 prepare for job
   data structure, algorithm
 learn arabic basic surah
 hibz khuran 30 surah
 start business 5k outside running
   banana push cart
   or coconut business
 apply for remote jobs
apply heeradeals software engineer job
learn appl building
learn website building
attend interview if exist during jamaat
insha allah earn 50k per month for family expense
pray for sumiya, children, mom and dad myself
avoid bad habits
dont tell lies
sadkah daily atleast 5rs every day -> 10 per day -> 300 rs per month
read hadis muntakil hadis complete
pray on tahjud namaz early  morning
write book
write on blog
write on notebook
record what you do daily
Get laptop from chittoor
Buy reliance dangle, use internet
Call sumiya, children in the evening 15 minutes to 30 minutes
buy 5k android phone

Can the veliever be a liar?

Safwan ibn sulaim reported: it was said to the Messenger of Allah, peace
and blessings be upon him, "Can the believer be a coward?"
The prophet said yes.
It was said, "Can the believer be a miser?"
The proper said yes.
It was said "can the believer be a liar?"
Prophet said no.

MegaPlant - the largest nursery in Ukraine

Production Nursery Work Flow Efficiency

Put A Rose Cutting In A Potato And Watch It GROW!!!

Garments Waste clothes recycling machine Tearing machine

The Fiber Side of Textile Recycling

Where Your Old Clothes Go to Get a New Life: India

Garments Waste clothes recycling machine Tearing machine

children flea market , where only children sell items , old items

food waste app on super market just before expiray sell it

Young Entrepreneurs Learn Money's Value By Selling Old Clothes, Toys

Money Talks: Food waste app

How to Start a Recycling Business - 50 Recycling Business Ideas


insha allah buy copper bar

collecting scrap old tv, phone, computers, furniture, metal, cooler, tv, books, bikes, cycle, toys for free without wasting , free transportation

isnha allah buy bike and bike trolly luggage, similar scooter big lorry trolly

recycling as freelance work for back pers, find recycling depo/seller whole capital city state, country, tourist spot map

insha allah recycling business in foreign development country as ngo activity and earn also around 30k apart from food, travel, stay

teenager from poor countries goes to usa, england, paris, germany
to collect reusable waste material, sell it for 3 months  as part of ngo who sponser travel, food, stay

Making a GRAND a week recycling TRASH?

Making a GRAND a week recycling TRASH?

how to earn money for teenagers online, offline, coding, art, ...

youtube channel , toy review

start blog by teenagers, teenagers movies, cartoon, follow, affiliate, advertisement, family share

selling products on amazon, ebay by teenagers