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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


 15 minutes

Bacteria culture

advantage of bacteria
disadvantage of bacteria

Necrotizing Fasciitis

how they enter
 insect bites
 contaminated foods

 Streptococcal pYogenic  Exotoxins


 infected tissue removed surgically

 amputee ot

 bacterial culture

 non absorbant cotton
  solid dish


 petis dishes

 microbilogy agor

 sandar rock


in mizoram
known for
serene approach to life
 serene meaning
  calm, peaceful, untroubled, tranquil

all combined honesty + hospitality + serene approach to life
word called: tlawmngaihna
meaning: always be kind, hospitable, unselfish, helpful to others

 novel kind of grassroots  commerce
  all about good will and honesty
  the nghah lou dawr
  meaning: shop without shop keepers

place: seiling
from Capital

what they sell
fruit juice
small dried fish
freshwater snails

what is shop made of
thatched bamboo

how they sell
rate list
to put the money

  what other activities do they do
   called: small jhum(shifting cultivation) farms and gardens

  why they are selling like this
  farmhands few
  farmhands expensive

how many such shops are there
did earn much
but whatever they earn is helpful

local support
trust in transaction

honesty of faceless customers

trust is reciprocated
honesty flourishes  

  shops without shop keepers
kind , hospitability, unselfish, help others
why not do this for water too
  with big water tank attached the money box
  one binda -> 2rs

what will if the customer doest not money and yet he need it

what will if there is no change enough in the money box
pay it tommarrow or pay extra money or leave  

shift cultivation farms, gardens => small jhums

do the same with evey pani puri shop, fruit shop , vegetable shop
  send complementary things
   like sweets next to hot items(panipuri, dosa, fried rice, momo)
   collect money in the night 9pm
   set it from 3pm  or 4pm
   shop from 3pm to 9pm
   get the items from 2pm, set it max by 4pm or early by 3pm
sell some flowers(rose, malle poolu) next to the shop
sell fruit juice
sell jack fruit pieces
sell tomato in neigbouring places
sell items low  price items kg<20 at="" independant="" masjid="" mosque="" of="" p="" religion="" temples="">sell fish in bowls like = 50 rs including bowl fish, food, box , hand cover
  two fish
   good cheapest fish
   gold fish or guppies
if not sold after some time, ask it give to neighbour shop customers, any one can pick it or have it for free
protect from dust by plastic cover, glass, plastic big jars
what season is now in bangalore ind
when will rain season starts in india, bangalore

monsoon in india
june to september
june, july, august, septembermo

female guppies
female gold fish

female guppies => 5 rs

small bowl + guppies x 2
small bowl + gold fish x2
water bottle + guppies x2
water bottle + gold fish x2

plastic bottle

converting plastic bottle to fish tank or fish aquarirum


what is the cheapest material
  criteria: moss, strength, less weight

  wood poles
  recycle wood
  water bottle: need glue, wrapper, wire, cement
  card board: need glue, water soak, little bit cost

how to make table from waste

make cheap quick dirty table  

easy to breed fish
  red cherry shrimp
  endlers guppy
Kribensis Dwarf cichilds
  bristlenose catfish
  angel fish
  tiger barb

feeder gold fish farm
feeder guppie farm

long term goal: million guppies, gold fish, yellow lab cichilids, tetras
100 people working, green house

trade with fish store

start with : 10 to 20 gallon tank

basic fansy guppies
pet store
  a male, 2 female guppies
  establish relationship with store

  target: 50 guppies per month
  waiting time: 4 months

  next target: breed other speicies in the same tank 20 gallon tank
     principle: double duty
     invest from old target:
     ex: shrimp
     target quanity: 25 shrimp per month
     along with 50 guppies per month
     cherry shrimp food : guppi food waste

  better quality, good color, good health

  other items: mystery snail or ram horn snail too risk lets not do it until you improve

  next targt: java moss
  super easy to grow
  does not require lot of lighting
  require: fish poop
  or little bit of fertilizers
  speed of little bit
  note: doe not grow fast even if you add c02 , all equipment to it
       dont worry about competitor
        dont get market saturate easily
  advantage: java moss protect shrimp, guppy fry from guppies
             pet store need
              they can not buy commercially
              grow out of water
              die fast
              melt black
             money is where there is not much glamorous
   target: 20 rs per month

  mile stone: guppies, shrimp/snail, java moss every month: 70 rs, one aquarium

  disucss breeding: 30 gallon tank
   much warmer
   food requirement higher(frozen blood worm, lime black worm)
   months months to grow out

   numbers not there
   not sustainable

   need to breed other
   grow out tank
   hatch brine

  1000 dollar for 200 dollars

  fun is different making money

 longevity of breeding
 guppy guy
 angel guy

   make stability
     else no one will buy

   next target: sell complementary products

   guppies, red cherry shrimp, java moss
     complementary things
     question: can red shrimp live with guppies
               how to protect red shrimp or guppy fy from big guppies

    should not higher than wholesaler
    should make some money
    thin margin
    get you money
    but not too much money
    wait out competitors

  angel fish breeder
   all typs of angel fish
   big breeding room
   every size, every breed
   many angels
   ex: 10,000 angels fish in room
  i need to sell some

  please i need to pay electricity bill, need some fish food
  then you go for selling very cheaper than normally you do
  undercutting themselves
  ex: 60% normal price
  undercutting each other
   they both end up shutting down
    2 or 3 months
    lossing money on this job

  if he stay for more time
  your price is high
  he find another way to breed cheaper
  free rent
  free power
  free water
  retired does not need make money

  note : typically no free things
      retired people want to travel, may be bored from old breeding

  note: complementary breeding is good
  ex: angel fish breed 10,000 with 50 fish tank is not good
  shop buy few angel fish from them order of 10 to 20
  store buy 3 items from him: guppies, cherry shrimp , java moss
  if some store buy from some one, you can sell him red cherry shrimp, java moss
  you still make money -> thats great thing

  if you are angel fish guy, better you breed other like: corydoras

  bambozole on monthly bill if shop store buy from others

  complementary product things

  avoid: breed cherry shrimp , dont breed rams or apistogramms
  they can not go together

  complementary things: apistograms, java moss
  complementary things to be solid on

  i have this, will you buy
  dont go ask what you want to make

  it should be better quality or cheaper
  consumer will tell better quality

  no credit
  fish store is customer
  every customer is happy
    fish store should sell well
    they should ask for it
    we need more
  store have best guppies i ever seen
  they never die
  win win situation
  win win win scenario

  aqua bid

  cool may not sell in high quanity

  what you think cool may not public think cool

  blue shrimp, chocolate shrimp,

  grandma test or soccer mom test

  they want full red one

  first person to make xyz

giant fish room
  to start with is not good

 support your little hobby
 make money
 yet fish to keep
 amazing story to tell
 every one will enjoy that

 establishing retailer relationship

 when to expand
 how much to expand
 how to fund it
 slow and steady rate
 you can digest it

 breeding for profit talk

 fish breeder + fish store
 fish society
 friend with breeders
 some money to made

 fish breeder tank setup
 danio, guppy,  

breed fish for profit

guppy eat algae
high algae is good in tank
algae is good hiding spot
fish poop will feed algae

easter grass
40 gallon tank

less predatory
community style
auto feeder

feeding: 4 times feeding

suggestion: 6 times  is good  feeding
cull what we dont need does not look good

show tank or
breeder tank
or money making tank
can not be both

red russian lace guppies

cul when its fry stage

Vendor relationship
15 minutes drive reachable
sellint at craiglist , quickr,
they dont buy from us
same quality at different prices
 people hate shops
 they can not sell well
 you not to wait for more months to sell more.
 brick red tails

good fish, good price
no one wants to buy from

why some store sell at high rate?

supply only one store
i pay high for quality of fish, breeding fish
but supply only to me in the area
have the size, quality i need
lots of culling
customer love it
angels breed to many
spawn of oscar -> 5000 oscars -> sell entire state
you made fish -> you may not sel fish
price protect

stop making angel fish if there is no demand

angel fish spawn -> 700 fish

one spawn is enough
aqua bid
 leave the state

minimal impact on actual store
50 mile buble
minimum 1 hour travel to come here
open about it
dont sneaky about it

local fish club
local forum

donate to club

i can sell to them only
you have to buy from them
builds loyalty
stores and breeder
breeder wont sell them to public

cut the middleman
 some problems

breeding fish
long term industry

classic mistakes
wholesaler on craiglist

sword tail

sell your self
sell to store
sell online
sell to wholesaler
open about
what to hide

sell wholesale to store, which will also sell wholesale

sticky situation
long term money

store not selling
bad at selling
price too high
market flooded

on fish market saturate for breed
  3 to 4 months
  every one start quiting
  price increase slowly
some one observe its selling good at this price
every one starts breeding
price reduce slowly
be stable guy
be yourself
stable price dont increase, dont decrease
ex: dont be like 6, 4, 2,  no supply
but like : 3$ fixed  
slow and study

start with one or two
african cichlids

african cichlids

best in one breed
and branch out other
scale down from 5 tank to one tank

you have to fullfill that order

green dragon bristlenose pleco
market research

green moscow guppy

how many
how big
see some

dont over pay
dont offend you
what you want the price
ex: $6 pair full grown green moscow guppy sample piece
always come to store with sample
6 pairs out 500 of them
Name of the breeder paper
price list, contact number
some went wrong
something selling amazing
contact details
email address
phone number
small paper
green moscow guppy, $6 pair
contact information
store six pairs

they put in the tank
doing well living
sell them in the store instantly
the price is justified

atleast 12$ of that price
100% high they will sell
if 200% net profit

great way to start
 6 pair

 they are not selling
 counter intuitive

 no brainer
green moscow guppies
super red britlenose
cherry shrimp
java moss
steadily supply of 400$ from each store
collect for 4 months
then invest for more tanks, fish

note: after one month, dont project do it investment now itsself
500 guppies a month to few different stores in state
no one buys guppies in summers

i did not get it

take it slow
correct relationships

dont forget the shop store even you became big guy
case: 500 guppies excess
basically upselling
this price of each fish 50 cent, will sell 500 next month
negotiate price with wholesaler
middleman take cut
100 guppies a bag
or 50 guppies a bag

get ready

you can buy fish food/brine shrimp from store in exchange for credit fish via him to wholesaler
recommend at what rate to sell

max 4 times of the wholesale price
say , you may not sell , i have to sell some other store
ask them to sell lower
yellow labs fish
breeding delivery
as far as car can drive in a day
in 4 directions
sell more to close to breeding center
sell only one this day ex: wedness day
wait at post office
personal service
only ship so many male, female, ration
can you ship on different day
its snoing dont ship it

work: breeding fish
full day job
manage customers
shipping fish

not most money
easiest money to make
treat like business even if its hobby
operational cost - real fish tank

feed cost
driving cost
heater cost
lighting cost
dehumdifier cost
air pump cost
water cost
300 wat heater x24 hours
300 wat light x 24 hours

light saving
20 wat led ligh x 12 hours
when you guess high, guess high for cost
when you guess profit, guess low
20 gallon tank

---50% water change, 4 gallons water change in 20 gallon tank
criterial for fish food
fish should eat
supply nutrients
no high maitaince
not high cost

food cost very low
dont buy wholesale unless fish is big, you all fish consume within weak, month

how to feed to produce, to grow
better of over estimateing
10$ for 20 gallon aquairum

very very low fish food cost
BREEDING: guppies, cherry shrimp, java moss
power consumption: 5$
food consumption: 10$
other miscellaneous: 5$(water,...)
sell at: 70$
net profit: 50$

time spent: 5 minutes every day
per month: 150 minutes => 2.5 hour
time cost: 15$ per hour
pay yourself
so that some one will do your work, need to pay that guy
30$ per month=> 2000 rs
fish guru
500 tanks

13$ hour
20 gallon(75.7 liters) fish tank size
30 x 13 x 13 inches

mine is guess is
36x13x20 inches, 38 gallon or 143.8 litesr

trade fish breed, excess fish, good fish with other fish store

reduce gass cost
double duty work

expand territory/comfortability
aquarium  shop app
managing app
listing app
dont sell to general public
they might sell on craiglist/online undercut, competitors
unless you are business they wont sell

exchange at wholesale rate
atleast spent some money to store 100 rs

always record expense
use card if possible

remember name
make he should remember name

  cyclops, black worms, brian shrimp, blood worms, daphnia
  very clean
  good nutriants

 good for eat
 more cleaning tank

 10 pounds of frozen blood worms

keep in freezer
keep in smallcontainer
buy in small container
very clean

70% food live food
know whether you losing money ornot

dont jeopardizes quality on saving money or make life horrible

dont have local store
 sell online craistlist, facebook

 local store: mom and pop shop ; not petsmart, pet land, only fish store

 or local store wont buy from me

 aqua bay
  ship to wholesaler
  sell plants to wholesaler

 share what i learn

ebay or aquabid
overnight delivery
heath pack extra

cold is preferrable than hot

refund -> but shippoing cost waste
resend but shipping cost twice

replacement fish added , reduce profit but customers happy

address wrong
stuck in traffic

aquabid, or ebay
local fish club
local facebook group
dont invite at home
meet at park, super market, tea shop

bring change
dont spam on facebook group
good quality product, other advertise
post once in a month
german radio peacocks
write price on public

no loyality online
acrylic yarn
 green color

plastic canvas
 yarnology company

bottom to breeding trap
thailand 100,000 guppies
put 50 males, 250 females ie 1 male to 5 female ration

mesh number 5
1/8 inche, 1/4 inches

mesh number 7
big number , small holes
plastic needles

spawing mop

one side open cylinder knitted with acrylic yarn, plastic mesh
spawning mop attach(made from acryclic yarn)
super delta tail tetra

natural breeding
  10 male, 30females
  no pump , no filter, no liner
  fry harvest every week & some twice a week

  fry trap

water proof boots
tilapia breeding colony
fiddler tiny crabs
100 gallon rubermaid stock tanks
fish breeding outdoor

white loft water tank sintext 100 liters -> 1200 rs
Sintex White Loft Water Tank - 100 Ltrs

drain system fish store
2 inch black 10 ft pipe

plastic pipe tape

pipe hanging
high side , low side

drain system abs
5 inch tubing

flexible tubing
7/8 whole saw
make little noch in flexible tube
fish room
water in system
 tap, volve

 av4 airvolve
   with rubber casket

 net driver
 lithium 10w drill
 die hard
 10 milli meter nut driver

 low pressure system
 9.5 pump

 normal cinder block(8x8x16)
 cinder blocks(6x 8x16 inches), 2 by 4 , 10 ft long woods

 no cutting, no drilling

 4 x 20 gallon tank

 cinder block hole upside are strongest

 5.5 inches distance between rock racks
 49 inchs distance apart between horizoantl

 home depot
 black mold
 no ventilation
 earth quake
 betta barracks


 vinyl gutter
 chop saw

 bulk head
  1 inch

20 gallon sump tank
betta barrack 3 rows

big plastic glass 1liters transparent

japanese tele mat

soldering iron
inches /1 donw

drill bit 3/16

8 shells for betta fish

plastic air volve

pvc glue
t section

power head strong
betta fish eat black worm

constantly dripping
tote tank
float volve
irrigation timer
volve controlled by electricity

3 core cuplings

test when you have time
plan ahead

red cherry shrimp breeding
black brush algae
hair algae
kuhli loach care

tanins catapa leaves

red cherry shrimp
 max size: 1.5 inches
 precaution: other should not eat them
 provide: just food, provide calcium in diet(as they mold)
 also eat bacteria on moss

 live bearers

 higher grades
  painted, sicker, fire taiwan

 color variation
  blue , yellow, orange,

 moss ball

 neon tetra

 female: light color

mono shrimp
algae shrimp

mono shrimp are the best algae shrimp
 but eats algae only when hungry
 east fish poop too
 6 months to grow
 workson big scale
 super hardy
 grow larvae in salt water

11 switch extension box


fancy fish
like hard water, high ph
7.2 ph

female: yellow triangel fin at the anal, light color

assasin snail
keep warm , well feed, hard water, water clean

add minerals

crush coral as substrate
giant clown loaches fish
 eats blood worms

 180 gallon tank

 30 inches tall
 rasobra hets
  hardy fish
  beginner fish

  stays at top or middle of tank
  7.2 ph

java moss
5$ per portion
no roots
great for breeders

grow: hair algae on top of them
moneywort plant
heterandria formosa or least killfish
dwarf live bearer
neon tetras
max size: 2 inches
school fish
community fish
minimu no: 6
yellow zebra pleco

molly fish
tolerate lots of salt water
apastograms live with tetras
live at the bottom
dwarf cichlids
community fish
give cave to live

egg giving
on fine sand
dorsal fin
moneywort plant
 hiding place for molly fry
 easy to grow on floating
 stemp plant
 beginner plant
 not expensive

anubis plant
java fern plant

earthen bricks with holes on it

red cherry shrimp
fine gravel
java moss
big leaves plants

female: big, red more
male: small, less red

sponge filter
no larvae stage
small adult size to start with

max : 10 per gallon
1 month to become big
1 month to lay egg
every 2 month , babies
feed algae wafer every alternat days

10 gallon red cherry shrimp breeding  tank

max: 10 x10 => 100 red cherry shrimp

eat spinach, bracoli, dead fish, snail

start with small tank less than 1 gallon

start with 6 shrimp

tropical flakes food

shrimp each: 10 rs

breeding red cherry shrimp in glasses

10 plastic transparent tea glass , small java moss,fine gravel
payment site: razorpay
pay with mobikwik, PayuMoney, PayZapp wallets
minimum order: 500 rs
home delivery only in bangalore

facebook login
google + login

mixed guppy
cobra guppy
half black guppy
yellow guppy
partly red guppy
endler guppy

black widow tetra

blue gourami

app + chat

just fish listing, plants listing, equipments, gravel listing with price
information about it
chat section to connect
contact information, email, address
how are you different from justdial, quickr
only niche segment
extra info on
chat section
geo location
with price

for few of them door delivery
online payment

social media presence
diver calls, request to mobile message, chat

breeding crystal red shrimp for profit

bangalore aquarium club
chennai aquarium club
kolkatta aquarium club
mumbai aquarium club
hyderabad aquarium club
delhi aquarium club

each city fish club
state fish club
country fish club

find back links
mobile forums app

ecosphere fully enclosed aquatic system

fully enclosed
made of : glass
pet: shrimp
size: small, medium , large, extra large
sphere : have pebbles, drift wood stick, atleast 3 shrimp, water, algae

how it different: maintaince free, just sunlight
packing: brocure, cardboard box, badge, booklet(50pages ) 10 sections
shipping: card board box, covered peanuts thermocol in s shape
drop or oval shape
how to make glass sphere

glass sphere

how to make sphere from

metal sphere 4 inches size
wrap plastic over it using hair drier
gold fish feeding

1)blood worm
2)black worm

how to make gold fish feed

live food
fresh food for gold fish


fill water in bowl
remove excess shell
feed remaining things

but peas cost: 200 rs

peel the outer skin
take slice
 make it so small junks
 120rs per kg
romain lettuce
  chop up
  boil water
  dip it
  cut into small pieces
100gs: 20 rs
   kg: 220 rs


brine shrimp
blood worms

live blood worms

blood worms breeding
honga sandra
live micro blood worms

book on friday
deliver on saturday/sunday

mobile: 9902001098
price: 200 rs
place: hongasandra


duck weed
25 grams => 25 rs  duck weed

gold fish fry culling
desirable traits
non desirable traits

view from top

tail assymetric
tail not wide
lot smaller than group
call them: runt

definite culling: 2 week
start with : 1 week, difficult to see

what is the culling ration: 1 good fish out of 10 is good ration

comet gold fish

3 female, 2 male

male have white spot under gill

need to big enough for 1 year

java moss for protection
10 to 15 gallon tank is enough

feed brine shrimp to get the food
reduce the temperature

feed brine shrimp for baby gold fish fry

Monday, June 6, 2016


Learn arabi language

computer perception
matlab installation
swarm intelligence
machine learning
quad copter
with solar panel

quad copter with camera
quad copter with speaker
quad copter with stick to control ducks
quad copter to  keep distance from dog
image recognition of ducks, path,

quad copter with wifi
quad copter with wifi tower controlled locally by people

manage 50,000 ducks via drones
raising ducks in karantaka

casting iron
iron melting point:1580
glass melting point: 1400 to 1600

how to build home foundry

metal casting

sodium silicate
fire clay

cermaic blanket

concrete melting point

electric furnace for melting iron

propane used furnace

foundry in bangalore

graphyte melting point

how iron pipes are make

Bangalore foundry owners association

swan farming
goose farming

wire mesh factory

steel roll

carbon fibre


what swan eats


Sheep conultancy pvt ltd

sheep drone

50000 acre
 then per acre price:

truck shop
wind mill on rach
orchards in ranch
vegetable in ranch
wood logger in ranch
diary products
wool production in ranch

Travel the world via train
major railway network maps

internet cafe in paris
estonia country
internet cafe in europe
travel europe with train

total countries in europe content

total countries in africa

travel africa by train



traveling australia by train

kiki sport

1991 independance


Revenue: one moth end:

*sas => 19k
*habeeba => 10k
*interest 1 lakh => 2k
school admission => 5k
house expense => 10k
kamvali => 1.5k

June 27 =>
  *Credit card => 10k

July 7 =>
 emi  => 50111k
 Bharat money => 50k
 house expense => 15k

Aug 7
 emi => 60k
 house expense => 15k

transfer :

19k sas 10k habeeba 2k interest

credit card payment: 13,200
vaccum cleaner: 7150
travel: 2000
food waste: 5000
online tutions


Total masjid/mosque in bangalore
60 majsid as per google maps "masjid, bangalore"

how to make barrel of orange ice juice


plastic kotre
plastic glass

Fruit salad

plastic kotre:200 items
plastic glass:200 items
fruit salad


10 tonn

10 masjid

2 people => 1000


10 majsid

2 people each
rent topudu bandi
or two stands
papers cups

total people: 20 people

salary: 20 * 500  => 10000

melon sale daily target: 50kg

50* 10 => 500kg daily

15 days max

500 * 15 => 7.5k

space rent:
cutting board
tooth picks
plastic cups
hand cover

Where to buy at whole sale rate
for Melon, Papaya, Apple, PineApple

Change problem
trust worthy people

200 grams plates
1kg: 5 plates
50kgs: wastage => 50 , remaingin: 50% => 25kg
total plates: 25 *5 => 125 plates
each plate cost: 20 * 125 => 2500 =>
plate cost: 250 rs
tooth pick: 60rs
gaadi rent : 200
men salary: 1000
fruit cost: 25 rs kg *50 => 1250 rs

Already diced cut and packed ready
just collect money , give it

cut 50 kgs in 2 hours

movale gaadi
butter milk
orange juice
ice cream

no man sale

pay box
collect and pay it as much as you want

fixed low price: 10rs
just one person to sell
kid just to say observer
self explanatory
automated  speach

just sign

drop money in the money box
collect it

open money box:
pick money

Meet and talk fruit seller at whole sale price
Meet and talk gadi rent wala , how many he can give
Meet and find people for observation, moving, helper
See masjid for
Limited amount
Using blind person, small kids

poor person kids employees
paper boys
begger selling
physical handicapped selling
oldage people selling

just watchout
change taking

give free fruits at the end, extra money 50rs

mongo slices

big open lengthy glasses
plastic cover
small dice shape cutting
lengthy cone cutting

fuit salad combo:
banana + papaya + water melon + pine apple

paper aluminum dabba

fruit salad
kiwi + passion fruit
fruit salad
pineapple + grapes
straberries + grapes
fruit salad combo
straberries + kiwi + bana + pine apple
fruit salad stew sticks
chicken fry
fish fry
gulab jamoon
haleem cost preparation , benefit
haleem master

dahi wada
food streets of ramjan
Big jilebi

Buy haleem at whole sale rate, sell in retail
Make your self
Haleem hundi
rent of place

next to roads, majsid
partner with existing shops

haleem cook

haleem spieces
cooking time
bada hunda, it dakkan
cooking stow

35 to 50 rs chicken
100 rs mutton haleem
  weight: 350ml

haleem investment

how to keep haleem hot for some time use thermocol box
buy it whole sale rate, sell at retail rate

  mutton: 60kg
  started from yester day: 3.30am

  add water, then muton

  kandi pappu:750 g
  minapa pappu: 2kg
  pesara pappu: 750g
  basmati rice
  toka miriyalu
  pedda yalakalu
  dalchina chakka
  pan ki jad
  kash kali
  green chilli

  ginger garlic paste
  roasted cut onions
  kotti meera

  dried rose petals

add water
add mutton 60 kg
accha pakne de till morning from 3.30 to afternoon

add minipa pappu, pesara ppau, kandi pappu
   total : 3.5kg
reason: taste, gravy

#rough 32.1
add basmati rice: 250 grams

add gone 150 grams

add kach kali : 1 katta, with rope

add pani ki jadd 50 grams

add dal chi ni jakka : 200 grams

add toka miriyalu: 200 grams

add shajira : 150 grams

add jira: 100 grams

add big ilaychi

45 minutes pakne de
stir  it

prepare seperately godum ravva in water in seperate contain
   goduam ravva: 15 kg
   before 1/2 hour

add green mirchi paste 4kg

add  ginger garlic paste : 2kg

add mixed water godum ravva

stir continuosly

need atleast 3 people

stir continuosly
  to avoid settling of ingredients

how to we know its cooked
  water evaporate

add salt 1kg little extra

after 20 minutes

add dalda:   5 packet

add ghee: 3kg

add milk : 1/2 liter

add gulam ke kali dried
smell purpose

cover with lid
wait for 1 hour
1 hr dum karna

its completed

lets try now

server now
use hatch chamcha
pull into plates

slide the haleem into plastic customer bowl

add fried onion
add kottimeera leaves on top of it
add 1/2 lemon juice

give spoon

Shaik Nawab hussain

Total items: 23 items , 24 items with water, 25 items considering missing item

total weight excluding water, lemon, kottimeera, fried onion

approaximiate: 95.6kg

how to make haleem batti
haleem ki handi

350  per late
1kg : 3 plates
100 kgs => 300 plates

300 * 100 rs each plate => 30000 => 30k per day
400 * 60 => 24000

7k per bakra
 with 15 kg weight

4 bakra: 28k

45 to 160 kg male sheep
45 to 100 kg female sheep wieght

How to assess weight of sheep by it size

buy flock of sheep


buy sheep from chittor
buy sheep from piler

sheep breed
bennur sheep
bannur sheep
price: 6k
may 13 ad

learn from broker, consultant, seller, buyer
how to know which one is good
what should be right price
does he have health issue
what is it age

bakrid 2016 festival date
 13 september: 13/9/2016

today date: 3, june, 2016, ie 03/06/2016

difference is: 3 month, 10 days

2 month, 3 days from Ramjan


bannur sheep weight

1 year old: 45kg
not good for: heart ailment people
prefer events: wedding, post weeding events

other name: mandya sheep or bandur sheep
from bannur district
rearing purpose: meat
quality of meet: excellent
weight gain is less on other breed

give birht: 650 days
lambing interval: 350 days
litter size: single

annual wool production: 380 grams
dressing weight: 48%

adult male: 35

at birth: 2 kg
weening: 10 kg
6 month: 13kg
12 monht: 22kg

male live weight price: 220 rs/kg
female live weight price: 180to 190 rs/kg

height withers: 62cm

distance between mysore and mandya: approx 80km

distance between bangalore and mysore: 180 km

distance between bangalore and mandya: 127km

bannur sheep
 more fat content
  hence taste

 pair of bannur sheep
   cost: 50k week bakrid fair

 after bakrid: 20k to 25k

kashmir sheep
  bring to bangalore via train

imported from australia

what will english people do with sheep legs, head

Kashmir exports



pastoral nomads of jammu and kashmir

Gujjar bakkar wals
  uneasy and fearful
  due to terrorist violence
  seaonsal migrations

we don't like living in cities

  are house for them

love for the jungle

spinning yarn

hair braiding


summer pastures
 300k migration

 summer pastures


jammu -> 6 months

have dogs
have cow

kids play cricket as part of indina

traffic problem

truck killd 80 sheep
forest department closed old camp site

forest enclosres
using national high wasy

servants paid anually
provide food cloth for servant family
no need to spent money from wages for servant
we spent on the weddings of servant
  clothes, blanket, money

even horse raising
20 to 30 horses

wont come to gysies of goats camp
as fear of terrorist

buy land at ladakh

Shangri la ladakh documentary

jammu to bangalore



super fast
shri shakti express

from jammu tawi 12.40 am
Yesvantpur junction 19.35 => 7.35
duration : 66.55 => 3 days

price: 1720
Rajdhani duronto express
12266 num
1185 price
how to book rail cargo to transport sheep/goats from jammu to bangalore

12000 /ton

freight trains

pistol shrimp
archor fish
mantish shrimp

welwet worm
the gulf shallow sea
  next to saudi arabia
  2.5 lakh cormorant

indian ocean

dolphin, comoron
school of fish
gulf ware

sea cucumber

garden eel



Killer whale show
"One ocean" shamu show at sea world
San Diego

self sustaining village


1 peru currency to inr: 20 rs
farming in peru


LIV farming

150 hectare


fruit, vegetable  for entire village
department of agriculture  in village

even make profit out of it
hydro ponics project
maringa project

cucumber tunnels


crating jobs

pine shaving
growing medium


english cucumber

  last 7 months

2 months to grow
5 monnth yield

young plants combination

cleaning room
taging bar code, expire date, company logo

cool room
 temperature: 10 degrees

clean, sort, grade, package, stored

liv flowers

liv hand band like friendship band


  for childrens at village
  and out side shop selling

cotton crochet rolls

cotton basket

shcool unifrom

cotton lands

learn life skills
2 weeks
ex: sewing
small buckets
small bags
big baskets
big dolls
big mats
cross stitching

100 parents
1000 childrens

Lungisisa Indlela village
  34 hectare farm
  built on 2010
  next to community of cotton lands
  96 homes
  house : 750 childrens
  foster care

  million trees

moringa leaves
turned to powder, capsules
 sold to farmers, market     
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