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Monday, January 9, 2017

Buy mobile sim online

I want to buy Airtel Sim.
I need to go to Airtel Showroom.

I am looking for website where i can buy Airtel sim
I can pay online.
Some person come and collect the documents.

Website also tell what you need to get ready,
show mobile plans

Even you can compare mobile planes of any network and even current network.
Even you can apply transfer of number.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Kirana shop network

Why only kirana shop?

Atleast one person will go to kirana shop once in week or atleast a month worst case
to buy grocerries, rice, shampoo, soap,,..

They are really good business partner.
They are near to people
They good customer relationship.

Create network of offline/online of kirana shop.
Make your partner of company.
You can share information, collect money, sell your products, even endorse your product, give loans
Launch your product, customer care, marketing, distribution point.

Play any new experiment.
Like Paylater credit model.
or job searching point.
or House search starting point.
or Water can supply starting point.

Similarly we can have other things
xerox shop network
stationary shop network
hotel shop network
internet cafe network
bakery network
tea shop network
scrape shop network

charity point network
prayer network
yoga network
teacher network
kungfu master network
city diary famer network
ironing man network

fancy store network
salon shop network
tiffin center network
chicken shop network
recharing shop network
phone selling shop network

Who will you prefer for collection agent job for ur 300 business in 6 months

College students
Old people
self business owner bank deposit
self business owner deposit at near by recharge center/pan shop wala
or drop at hundi near masjid
drop at grocery store wrapped your note on paper writen your name on it,
sticky paper cover.

Fancy Ear ring and bangle making at home for womans

My wife showed hand made assembling, hand made Fancy ear ring, bangle.
She said it will good business.
Idle woman's at home can make it.
Need to supply to fancy store.
Even one of her cousin was selling at US shopping mall store.

I dont have marketing, selling skills.
But i said its good idea.
I was asking how much it cost?

But if we make in bulk it cost 20rs.

I said what is minimum investment you need?
500 rs

Do you know where to buy raw pieces, materials?
Yes, market in Kapada.

Do you know How to make ?
Anar Aunty know how to make them.
It wont take more time
They can make during watching TV also

We can tell your mom to make them.

I said its easy to cracking production side.
Even on investment side.
Other side selling is second big challenge to crack.
May we can see this as first plan.

Using idle time of others

I met Sekshavalli, Moijjin(who help maintaing masjid clean, will also lead the prayers in the abscense of Imam).
He is 15 years age.
He looks so lean and look to me may he is 12 years age.
I started to talk him after greeting.
How much his salary?
He said 4,000 rs

What you will in free time?
I work as paper boy to distribute 50 paper from 6AM to 7.30AM and earn 1,000 rs.
I know Electrical work, looking for similar work in free time.

I was asking any free time left?
Yes, i will most idle at home from 8AM to 12AM, 2PM to 4PM.

I was asking can you read and write Telugu?
He said he dont know
Even after studying 7th class.
He give excuse saying that its been 3 years studying telugu.

I was asking do you know how to write Urdu
He said he dont know

But he can and write little english

He is good at read and writing Urudu.
He even complete 5 parahs of Khuran

I was asking will you work for me
I will pay u 1,000 for 1.5 hour
But it will need read/writing, calculation.

I event asking do he know how to take photos, video, play games, call on smart phone.
He showed his smart phone.
I was asking who's phone is this?
He said its dead brother in laws phone.

His brother in laws recently died drowning in river by mishap.
His syster have two small kids.
He have younger sister, about to get married
His father age 60 years, working as auto driver earn very little
All of them living in rented house.

I want him to see as business man, yet continue as mojjin.
Will it possible.
I belive it possible.
Need to plan and executing, persuasation, support, contact, money to make it plan.

Goal to earn 3 lakh profit per month after 6 months July 9

Goal success day: July 9

No illegal work
Multiple small business
Mostly automated/delegated work
very less interference 1 to 2 hours if needed per day.
3 lakh should be net profit
Take help of friend if needed.
Make good plane
Optimise it
start wtih small

Business thinking
sompapdi push cart
Igli push cart
tea push cart
cup cake push cart
book selling push cart
with printer computer, internet push cart
panipoori push cart
corn push cart
coconut push cart
sell fish with bowl on footpath
sell wooden toys
sell artificial ear rings
sell paper
sell fruit salad
sell fruits on push cart
sell leaves(palak, chirraku)..
pay small education center early morning : 6 am to 7am
rent electric lanterns
rent push cart
push cart production
sell kulfi on push cart
sell biriyani
rent cycles to poor kids
container house in slum
water purifier on emi basis selling
wifi internet on rent
good content internet selling in slum
small kids nursery school
toys sharing place
kids dress selling
kids dress making
solar powered operated sewing machine
tea vending machine
igli vending machine
igli maker, selling at slum

make offline network of paper boys
make offline network of small street seller push cart
medical shop for slum
hospital for slum
moijjin association
imam association
muslim woman in home production

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rent solar lamps for small push cart sellers

I met sompapdi push cart seller.
I asked him
How much Electric battery light cost.
He said his owner rent Electric battery lights 20 per day.

Buy electric battery lights
Rent it to push cart sellers.
Earn money
one more small source of income.
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