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Friday, February 24, 2017

invest 100 rs in scalable linear fashion without worrying about people management, learning, just leave it, let it give me 365 rs at the end of year.

is there scalable solution if invested 100 rs i will get 1 rs every day atleast for 1year.?

distribute the work load over all days

in software, we will get 2 days holiday, 5 weekday working day.
But so much work in working days.
Its look impossible
so better reduce work on one working day like wedness day, friday, thurs day.
but align with team timings
come late around 12pm at that day.

But work on saturday for 1/2 day.

Work early morning from home 7 to 8am, 8pm to 9pm
Spent some time with family 8am to 9am, 7pm to 8pm.

Teach english, computer, coding, ui to security guard

Create bond with team members, who might help you when u need inshallah, improve your learning, reduce task completion time

How to create community of house wife small town poor woman >=10 th class pass interested in coding software development, front development

Learning of the day

Check your task list
Work on to reduce the task every day.
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