double decker bus to rv even i like the theme green , light green, white with green

learn front end create website, app look and feel to learn patience and humbleness

Remote selling by woman

8 Secuity guard living in small room, self cooking , ood nigh duty 7.30 to 8.30am

Find out the pro and cons of islam activities, even sunnath

Priority based on allah liking

Love allah and rasulullah above all.Love others for the sake of allah, hate other for the sake of allah

Boodo ki madat every day(paani,kana bananeme, safai,..)

Help yateem bache, meet once in a month

Help imam, moijjin by giving jobs, in starting business, give hadiy, jakat

Meet mufti or aaleem or dawate ilallah karne valo ko daily

Plant tree in road dividers(food tree, fruit tree, flower trees)

Hire woman labourers for house work, any construction work for 300 rs per day

Rag picker association, help them live healthy life, even their child learn do good jobs, business

Tiffin shop, egli shop, tea shop

Beggers stories by woman writer, even biography of my friends written by sisters

Woman/girl,Learn graduate, post graduate, computer, engineering, electrical while working from small town, village

small town business woman association

internet cafe for only woman

If shaheenia tayba daugter interested in work from hom tailering , start business on distributed textile factory work from home

Buy house in chittor and rent to relatives

Paper boy association

Houwe wife work on smart phone 5k android phone small tasks

Sell ornamental fish like gold fish on push cart along with banana, vegetable

More profit from fish food, fish bowl
But tell customer to care the fish, if in case they can not ask them to hand over to some one who can do it. even he can take it back but he wont give money

Push cart association of chittoor, even chennai

House wife market who work on tasks like tailoring, coding, telecalling, data typing...

Help house wife to start small online business

Pray lord that i will go 4 month jamat this year

Go 3 days jamaat this month on 3rd week Feb

Woman coder association at chittoor who work from whome for 2 hours every day for 50 rs per day

Paper coding for sister(learn html, css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap,php)

sell dry fruits, pickles from banana,fruit, vegetable push cart

Give no interest free loan to push cart banana seller, vegetable seller in exchange for some space in push cart

Fruit selling customer subscription buy 2 dozen every week at reduced rate 17rs

Buy 100kg of banana and sell at cheaper rate 17to 20(instaead of 20 to 25rs)

Buy banans from banana push cart seller at the end of the day at the correct rate 25rs , donate it to poor people

even ask push cart owner to donate it to poor people during day, night

install remote screen sharing software to install software explain easy

Telugu chat no authentication

good drive open editing


telugu chat
allows chat, upload phots, videos

for father

even chrome extension for such chat

mswipe accept credit card , debit card

Buy it for 3000rs
Pay 300rs every month
3 days to activate
per transaction charge from 1.5 to 2%

Ads on push cart

banners on push cart
audio ads on push cart

Fruit mandi(Apple, kamla)

Banana mandi with ac

Rent auto for 200 rs

Push cart renting 30 rs every day(push cart worth: 7500)

maintain 10 push cart
it will give will work for 3 years
all repairs will be on customer

daily: 30 * 10 => 300 rs

sell panchi, baniyan along with banans in pushcart

Pay 2 rs for every namaz you do for yours sisters

Ask sisters, relatives , wife to read hadis every day

Ask sister to give kheer to neighbours on friday

Ask sister to donate every day 1 rs to poor

Selling peechumitai along with Banana's in pushcart

Convince Khadhar bhayya to sell Peechu mitayy along with Banana inpush cart.

Send 5kg Peechumitay in glass box every week from near by Peechumita maker(may it be chennai ..)

Woman top design making by woman

create facebook group.
Upload few samples designs.

Woman should know how to paint on dress, stitch embroidery on dress.
Buy whole sale raw material
pack, transport to big cities.
Sell from whatsapp, facebook group

Woman cooperative
even every woman can work from their home,
Even we give tailoring machine.
Only commitemnt from woman is that they should learn how to stitch.
Work committedly atleast 4 hours per day
Pack the dress, given package material nicely
Ship to near by bus, courier via their husband/father help to given address.

Collect money based on each piece work done.
Collect raw material, packaing material, even thread weekly once.

Audible children stories

idea by: Prabhu

Good job for house wife/woman working from home.
They collect good children stories involving characters like elephant, cat, dog.
The story should contain morality, rhyming,...

Let them record stories.
Send them by android phone

From story teller perspective.

Collect 1000rs for such collection
May be 500 stories

Raising chicken on city platform, slums

gift Rabbit to Tayba

Gift 2 pairs of Rabbit to Tayba
To raise at their backyard.
Feed house remaining food

Gifting 6 pairs of Quail to Tayba

Gift 6 pairs of Quail adult pair to along with cage to raise at their backyard.
Include cage, include food/grain for 3 months

Goat gift to Tayba

Gift Tayba a goat(kanchi goat preferably),cost around 5k, added transportation cost.
So that they can raise it in their backyard.
children can play around it

Gift chicken with eggs to my son

Ask my father Gulshan to give his one of chickens with eggs to my son.

Ren tree

if the farmer contains Mango orchard of 2 acre containing 200 mango tree.
He can rent mango tree for year.
Other person will manage it.

Renter can rent tree starting from 1 tree.
His renting cost including watering, maintainance, renting, pesticide...

Buy Tree

I like farming.
But i can not afford to own farm land as of now.
Lets take the case.
if the farmer have Mango orchard of 2 acre.(contains around 200 mango trees)
If he interested to sell one mango tree with land for 5000 rs. I will buy.

Prayer woman reminders

In my islam religion, its compulsary to pray 5 times a day.
Even i like to pray 5 times.
But i miss prayers some times in a day.
Even some day now and then completely

Some time even miss weeks of prayer.

If and only if i got reminder by some one to remind me to come prayer
and also remind to continue my work, sleep after prayers
So that i wont waste time in the nameof prayers.

Language learning reminders by woman

Every days, woman call by phone to remind you to learn, help you tracking what you learn , which pages, how many words you read..

I have been thinking to learn Tamil, Kannada, Arabic, Germany.
But i could not do it.
Even i tried lots of attempts
Downloading ebooks, Reading few pages of the book.
Even buying paper books with titles like learn in tamil in 30 days.
Even i tried few half attempt to memorize 3 words a day for few days.
Even joined kannad learning group on
Added myself skype group

Nothing makes me learn the language, even basic language level.
Due to half attempts, not being consistant.

because other works are high priority.
I am got bored
I dont see fun part in now.
I am worn out on some days.

So many execuses
to stop the good work

after few days, after few months after year
Even forgot to try.

The Indian approach to business: Devdutt Pattanaik at TEDxGateway 2013



promise land
non compliance

kalpa taruvu

server other, feed the hunger, outgrow hunger

no hunger
outgrow hunger

hari hara

rethink commitment , problem to solution, care employees, make their dream come true

dream managers
  find out their dreams
  make their dreams come close even small or big steps
buy shuttle for making their transportation easy

Tony & Mary Miller

rent a t shirt with awesome tag, logo per 50 rs

I like t shirts with messages
but i shy to wear them , invest money a lot

technology breakthrough needed
removable change tag lines, colors
color change, design change automatically that will be great
cool design

premium t shirt rental with awesome logo
even all size support

take member ship
for week, month, quarter, semister, year

show the membership card
even any one your friend, colleques, neighbour any one can use it

pay only
280 rs week 
900 per month
1800 quarter
3000 semister
3650 per year

rocket book polymer plastic book write with pen, wipe with wet cloth, app toupload

Success is journey

Success is journey. If you want to be success, you have to move(walk or run) passion

serve others

What is the Best Business Education? Run a Marathon. | Andrew Johnston | TEDxYouth@MileHigh

Marathon for kindergarden Marathon for old age people Marathon for school kids Marathon for slum people Marathon for muslim marthaon for hiv patients Marathon for poor workers, labours No fees for marathon No certificate for marathon accomplishment No dress code for marathon Marathon for woman marathon for young girls Marathon for adult woman Marathon for animals Marathon people with pets

Marathon for relatives
Marathon for fathers
Marathon for grand fathers
Marathon for uncles

Marathon challenge
Marathon for small business owners
Marathon for rag pickers
Marathon for beggers

break big task to small task
habit for taking risk
group meeting
do more
do it even you can not, you dont want
even small steps

academy for doers
adult who loss everthing
 pride, monehy, health, name

Best Salesman in the World

Nammalvar's Permaculture

Tiny Portable Flat Pack Cabin Shelter

Natural Building Apprenticeship 2013, SECMOL, Ladakh

Runaway Erosion- Phugtal River Crisis

siphon technique of draining water in lake

SECMOL - Short Documentary film - Ladakh, India

visit to secmol ise stupa invention history, school history

Thinlas Chorol lady social travel company business ,ladakh, writer

Transforming Ladakh One Idea At A Time | Sonam Wangchuk

monk, engineer, artificial glacier

circus take risk, bravery, live short life, family, food

use scrape bus as house

iron scrap rate chennai

60 to 100.00
Gray Wire
80.00 to 110.00
Electrical Wire
120.00 to 160.00
Scarp Rolling Chair
Each 1 No
Iron Chair
Each 1 No
25.00 to 75.00
VIP Hydraulic Rolling Chair
Each 1 No
Hydraulic Rolling Chair
Each 1 No
Non-Hydraulic Rolling Chair
Each 1 No
LCD (working)
Each 1 No
750.00 to 1,200.00
LCD (not working)
Each 1 No
150.00 to 300.00
CRT Monitor Black (working good condition) HP, Dell, Samsung, Compaq, IBM
Each 1 No
CRT Monitor White (working) HP, Dell, Samsung, Compaq, IBM
Each 1 No
CRT monitor (not working)
Each 1 No
Monitor DOT Print out
Each 1 No
Black &White Mono Monitor Old model
Each 1 No
Broken Monitor
Each 1 No
Mother Board
Each 1 No
75.00 to 100.00
Hard Disk
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
386 CPU complete set
Each 1 No
200.00 – 250.00
486 CPU complete set
Each 1 No
200.00 - 250.00
P1 CPU complete set
Each 1 No
200.00 – 250.00
P2 CPU complete set
Each 1 No
200.00 – 250.00
P3 CPU complete set
Each 1 No
200.00 – 300.00
P4 (not working) complete set branded only
Each 1 No
300.00 to 350.00
P4 (working) complete set
Each 1 No
Dual core working complete set
Each 1 No
1500.00 to 2,000.00
Dual core not working complete set
Each 1 No
400.00 to 600.00
LAPTOP not working complete full set, not damaged, with hard disk, ram
Each 1 No
500.00 to 750.00
.5 KVA UPS small size old model with battery
Each 1 No
.5 KVA UPS (Without Battery) only for copper UPS branded
Each 1 No
.5 KVA UPS small size latest model plastic with battery
Each 1 No
1KVA UPS With Battery
Each 1 No
400.00 to 750.00
2KVA UPS With Battery
Each 1 No
1,500.00 to 2,000.00
5KVA UPS With Battery
Each 1 No
5,000 to 7,500.00
5KVA UPS (Without Battery) only for UPS
Each 1 No
10KVA UPS With Battery
Each 1 No
10KVA UPS (Without Battery) only for UPS
Each 1 No
15KVA UPS With Battery
Each 1 No
12,000.00 to 15,000.00
15KVA UPS (Without Battery) only for UPS
Each 1 No
20KVA UPS With Battery
Each 1 No
15,000.00 to 20,000.00
20KVA UPS (Without Battery) only for UPS
Each 1 No
50KVA UPS With Battery
Each 1 No
20,000.00 to 25,000.00
50KVA UPS (Without Battery) only for UPS
Each 1 No
100KVA UPS With Battery
Each 1 No
40,000.00 to 50,000.00
100KVA UPS (Without Battery) only for UPS
Each 1 No
7AH Batteries
Each 1 No
80.00 to 100.00
26AH Batteries
Each 1 No
300.00 to 350.00
42AH Batteries
Each 1 No
400.00 to 500.00
65AH Batteries
Each 1 No
600.00 to 700.00
100AH Batteries
Each 1 No
800.00 to 1,000.00
110AH Batteries
Each 1 No
800.00 to 1,000.00
130AH Batteries
Each 1 No
1,000.00 to 1,200.00
180AH Batteries
Each 1 No
1,000.00 to 1300.00
200AH Batteries
Each 1 No
1,500.00 to 1800.00
220AH Batteries
Each 1 No
HP INKJET(Samsung, Canon, Xerox)

50.00 to 100.00

250.00 to 500.00

100.00 to 150.00
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
Each 1 No
AC Split
AC Window
AC Window with Stabilizer
AC (With Indoor Outdoor)
AC Big Size Plant (Complete Set)

50,000.00 to 75,000.00
AC Split
AC Window with Stabilizer
AC Split
AC Split
10,000.00 to 15,000.00
AC Split
15,000 to 22,000

buy car, auto, bus in scrap rate in chennai, use as temporary shelter

buy car, auto, bus in scrap rate in chennai, use as temporary shelter

use old omni car as house

use old omni car as house

maruthi omni car as house

biker camper

homeless sleepign pod concept

shipping container dimensions

20 Foot Shipping Container Dimensions

20ft Shipping Container Dimensions
The standard 20ft shipping container is a popular pick for many people who decide to build a home out of shipping containers. They are easier to manoeuvre and due their size can be easily combined and modified to create exceptional living spaces.
We can see the size of this shipping container below:
  • External Length: 19′ 10″ | 6.06m
  •                 Width: 8′ 0″ | 2.44m
  •                 Height: 8′ 6″ | 2.60m
  • Internal Length: 19′ 2″ | 5.84m
  •                 Width: 7′ 8″ | 2.35m
  •                 Height: 7′ 9 ″ | 2.39m
  • Internal Area of Container: 144 Square Foot | 13.3 Square Meters
  • Door Opening Width: 7′ 8″ | 2.34m
  • Door Opening Height: 7′ 5″ | 2.28m
  • Internal Volume: 1,169ft³ | 33.1m³
  • Weight: 4,840lb | 2,200kg

Advantages and Disadvantages of 20ft Containers

The 20ft containers have a distinct advantage over the 40ft containers and that is that they are significantly easier to transport and manoeuvre. If you’re thinking of building a container home in a remote, difficult to access location, then the 20ft container is probably the best bet for you! They are also cheaper than the 40ft containers to the tune of several thousand dollars per container; so if you are on a limited budget then it’s likely that the 20ft containers will be better for you (they are also cheaper to transport)!
However, the 20ft containers don’t come without their disadvantages. Firstly, each container offers a floor space of around 144 square foot so if you need a larger room your only option would be to combine two containers together which would require additional time, organisation, and expense.  Secondly, although individually they are cheaper than 40ft containers, their price per square foot is actually more expensive. So if you are considering building a considerable sized container home, and your plot of land has good access, the 40ft containers will be better for you.

40 Foot Shipping Container Dimensions

40 Foot Container DimensionsThe most common shipping container is the 40ft container and the majority of large shipping container homes have utilised these containers. They offer exceptional value for money and considerable internal space. We have detailed the dimensions of the container below for your reference.
  • External Length: 40′ 0″ | 12.2m
  •                 Width: 8′ 0″ | 2.44m
  •                 Height: 8′ 6″ | 2.60m
  • Internal Length: 39′ 5″ | 12.03m
  •                 Width: 7′ 8″ | 2.35m
  •                 Height: 7′ 9 ″ | 2.39m
  • Internal Area of Container: 300 Square Foot | 28 Square Meters
  • Door Opening Width: 7′ 8″ | 2.34m
  • Door Opening Height: 7′ 5″ | 2.28m
  • Internal Volume: 2,385ft³ | 67.5m³
  • Weight: 8,360lb | 3,800kg

Advantages and Disadvantages of 40ft Containers

Owing to the 40ft containers size, it offers a fantastic internal space of over 300 square foot. We’ve previously shown in, How Much Do Shipping Container Homes Cost, examples of homes which have been made from using only one of these 40ft containers. Another advantage you have when using the 40ft containers is that they represent greater value for money overall when compared to a 20ft container. Because they are considerably longer you have the option to divide the container up into multiple rooms which you couldn’t do with the smaller 20ft containers. “Heavy Tested” containers can hold over 30,000kg so you shouldn’t have to worry about what ornaments you place inside it!
Finally, because they are larger you typically need fewer of them so delivering and laying them in place is quicker.
However, 40ft containers are more expensive to transport, and delivering these to remote locations and be challenging. In addition they are also difficult to manoeuvre so make sure you know exactly where you want them placing on your land before they get delivered.
So there you have it, you should have a good understanding now of the dimensions of both the regular 20ft and the regular 40ft container. However as mentioned earlier these aren’t the only type of container that are available to purchase.

Other Shipping Containers

High Cube Containers

If you are looking for slightly more height for your home then a great option is what’s known as a ‘high cube container’. High cube containers have the same width and length dimensions as the regular containers listed above, except they are an extra foot (0.3m) taller. This extra height will allow you to place all your electrical cabling, water pipes etc, into your ceiling and still maintain a roof height of eight foot. However high cube containers aren’t as common as the regular containers so you tend to pay a higher price-tag for them.
20ft High Cube Container Dimensions:
  • Internal Length: 19′ 2″ | 5.84m
  •                 Width: 7′ 8″ | 2.35m
  •                 Height: 8′ 8″ | 2.64m
  • Door Opening Width: 7′ 8″ | 2.34m
  • Door Opening Height: 8′ 4″ | 2.54m
40ft High Cube Container Dimensions:
  • Internal Length: 39′ 5″ | 12.03m
  •                 Width: 7′ 8″ | 2.35m
  •                 Height: 8′ 8″ | 2.64m
  • Door Opening Width: 7′ 8″ | 2.34m
  • Door Opening Height: 8′ 4″ | 2.54m

Open Top Containers

Open top containers are pretty self-explanatory, they are essentially the exact same as the containers mentioned above except they don’t have a roof on them. You can get open top containers in both the regular 20ft or 40ft size and also 20ft high cube and the 40ft high cube sizes. Open top containers aren’t typically used when building container homes because they need modifying in order to be habitable… they need a roof!

US 45 Foot Containers

The last variant of shipping containers we are going to discuss today is the 45 foot container, which is mostly used in the US. The 45 foot container shares the same dimensions as the 40 foot containers with regards to its width and height however it’s an additional five feet longer. We’d normally say if you aren’t desperate for the room, then don’t go out of your way and spend more money for the extra 5 foot unless it’s an absolute must for you!

Some Concluding Remarks

We hope you are now in the best place possible to think about selecting the container type, or types, that you are going to be using. There are no hard and fast rules when selecting your container, however sometimes your locality means only certain types of containers are available or it means you can access a promotional price which makes the decision for you!
Also remember that manufactures have slightly different tolerance levels, normally +-5mm,  so make sure you contact the supplier to get the exact dimensions. All shipping containers should be made in compliance with ISO 668:2013 – Series 1 freight containers — Classification, dimensions and ratings, so take a look at the standards if you need classification information.

bunkker hostel shipping container hostel with ac, internet

Buy mobile sim online

I want to buy Airtel Sim.
I need to go to Airtel Showroom.

I am looking for website where i can buy Airtel sim
I can pay online.
Some person come and collect the documents.

Website also tell what you need to get ready,
show mobile plans

Even you can compare mobile planes of any network and even current network.
Even you can apply transfer of number.

Kirana shop network

Why only kirana shop?

Atleast one person will go to kirana shop once in week or atleast a month worst case
to buy grocerries, rice, shampoo, soap,,..

They are really good business partner.
They are near to people
They good customer relationship.

Create network of offline/online of kirana shop.
Make your partner of company.
You can share information, collect money, sell your products, even endorse your product, give loans
Launch your product, customer care, marketing, distribution point.

Play any new experiment.
Like Paylater credit model.
or job searching point.
or House search starting point.
or Water can supply starting point.

Similarly we can have other things
xerox shop network
stationary shop network
hotel shop network
internet cafe network
bakery network
tea shop network
scrape shop network

charity point network
prayer network
yoga network
teacher network
kungfu master network
city diary famer network
ironing man network

fancy store network
salon shop network
tiffin center network
chicken shop network
recharing shop network
phone selling shop network

Who will you prefer for collection agent job for ur 300 business in 6 months

College students
Old people
self business owner bank deposit
self business owner deposit at near by recharge center/pan shop wala
or drop at hundi near masjid
drop at grocery store wrapped your note on paper writen your name on it,
sticky paper cover.

Fancy Ear ring and bangle making at home for womans

My wife showed hand made assembling, hand made Fancy ear ring, bangle.
She said it will good business.
Idle woman's at home can make it.
Need to supply to fancy store.
Even one of her cousin was selling at US shopping mall store.

I dont have marketing, selling skills.
But i said its good idea.
I was asking how much it cost?

But if we make in bulk it cost 20rs.

I said what is minimum investment you need?
500 rs

Do you know where to buy raw pieces, materials?
Yes, market in Kapada.

Do you know How to make ?
Anar Aunty know how to make them.
It wont take more time
They can make during watching TV also

We can tell your mom to make them.

I said its easy to cracking production side.
Even on investment side.
Other side selling is second big challenge to crack.
May we can see this as first plan.

Using idle time of others

I met Sekshavalli, Moijjin(who help maintaing masjid clean, will also lead the prayers in the abscense of Imam).
He is 15 years age.
He looks so lean and look to me may he is 12 years age.
I started to talk him after greeting.
How much his salary?
He said 4,000 rs

What you will in free time?
I work as paper boy to distribute 50 paper from 6AM to 7.30AM and earn 1,000 rs.
I know Electrical work, looking for similar work in free time.

I was asking any free time left?
Yes, i will most idle at home from 8AM to 12AM, 2PM to 4PM.

I was asking can you read and write Telugu?
He said he dont know
Even after studying 7th class.
He give excuse saying that its been 3 years studying telugu.

I was asking do you know how to write Urdu
He said he dont know

But he can and write little english

He is good at read and writing Urudu.
He even complete 5 parahs of Khuran

I was asking will you work for me
I will pay u 1,000 for 1.5 hour
But it will need read/writing, calculation.

I event asking do he know how to take photos, video, play games, call on smart phone.
He showed his smart phone.
I was asking who's phone is this?
He said its dead brother in laws phone.

His brother in laws recently died drowning in river by mishap.
His syster have two small kids.
He have younger sister, about to get married
His father age 60 years, working as auto driver earn very little
All of them living in rented house.

I want him to see as business man, yet continue as mojjin.
Will it possible.
I belive it possible.
Need to plan and executing, persuasation, support, contact, money to make it plan.

Goal to earn 3 lakh profit per month after 6 months July 9

Goal success day: July 9

No illegal work
Multiple small business
Mostly automated/delegated work
very less interference 1 to 2 hours if needed per day.
3 lakh should be net profit
Take help of friend if needed.
Make good plane
Optimise it
start wtih small

Business thinking
sompapdi push cart
Igli push cart
tea push cart
cup cake push cart
book selling push cart
with printer computer, internet push cart
panipoori push cart
corn push cart
coconut push cart
sell fish with bowl on footpath
sell wooden toys
sell artificial ear rings
sell paper
sell fruit salad
sell fruits on push cart
sell leaves(palak, chirraku)..
pay small education center early morning : 6 am to 7am
rent electric lanterns
rent push cart
push cart production
sell kulfi on push cart
sell biriyani
rent cycles to poor kids
container house in slum
water purifier on emi basis selling
wifi internet on rent
good content internet selling in slum
small kids nursery school
toys sharing place
kids dress selling
kids dress making
solar powered operated sewing machine
tea vending machine
igli vending machine
igli maker, selling at slum

make offline network of paper boys
make offline network of small street seller push cart
medical shop for slum
hospital for slum
moijjin association
imam association
muslim woman in home production

Rent solar lamps for small push cart sellers

I met sompapdi push cart seller.
I asked him
How much Electric battery light cost.
He said his owner rent Electric battery lights 20 per day.

Buy electric battery lights
Rent it to push cart sellers.
Earn money
one more small source of income.

Abdurrahman new muslim man

I saw one man on the road to home.
One of other friend Abdul gaffar told me about him.
He used to be Hindu.
He recently converted to Islam.
He been struggle for some time with lack of job and pressure of converting to islam
Still he persist on islam.

One of Abdul gaffar friend Saleh, helped to find jobs in medical shop.
He left it saying its more hard work as need to stand most of the time.
He look lean.

Abdurrahman does not have education.
So Saleh suggest , you should do business.
He is now selling tea.
Tea was prepared at Saleh house.
He sell at offices.

But recently Saleh went to 10 days jammat.
So Abdurrahman business stall for while
Abdul gaffar, Saleh hope that  atleast with this new business if Abdurrahman settles.
It will be more than happy.

Lets see and hope for god blessing.

I like the name.
I remembered it is the one of Sahabi name.
I like to put this name for my son for some time.

Areef muslim community coordinator

I used daily pray in office grass lane with other muslim brothers.
Areef is one of coorodinator whatsapp group.

He once said, we are collecting money for poor families.
I started discussion.

How do you know recognize this pooor donor receiving families.
We search around.We even talk to near by masjid. Masjid kuba...
Perungudy have more than 50 familities

What is the criteria for to be considered as poor
Woman who dont have husband due to husband death, he left her due to alcholism, other marriage.
Woman with small kids.
Old age woman

What will give to the poor people?
we give grocerries like rice, daal, basic essentials.

We collect 10 to 15k every month.

When will u give the donations?
We collect money from muslim brother in office building.
Give  on first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of every month.

What are the further activities?
Plan to mentor school / college children on career.
Learning and guidance session.

I have suggestion. Can you tell you if you dont mind?


May we can meet every weekend saturday/sunday from 10am to 12.30 pm
disucss about activities, know about each other
May be in our office
Need not to have huge food arrangement.
Just tea and biscuit may be fine.

May be we can share namaz surae, tareeka, wazu duwa on whats app.
so that others who want to know can learn.

Advance decission making

Take decision in advance.
So that you need to take decision in less time or hurrily.
Hence the more chances of good decision.

I will to go prayer daily 5 times.
I will not eat out side food.
I will not eat more sweets.
I will work every day in office, finish my work in office time.
I will talk to not gosssip.
I will not take interest based loan.
I will plan my investment.
I thank every day one person.
I will read every day 30 minutes.
I will meet successful people.
I will look for good mentors.
I will keep trying.
I will inculcicate good habits.
I will break my bad habits.
I will do exercise every day.
I will do my work.
I will try to think big.
I will think positive.
I will spent time with family.
I will polite to parents, friends, colleques.
I will be honest.
I will not tell lies.
I will not cheat.
I will do business in righ tmanner.
I will help poor.
I will improves my skills.
I will learn how to sell things.
I will try to be patient.
I will look for long term goal/planning.
I will take action.

Daily army exercise community for employees(software and other fields)

Daily exercise will make you fit and health
Reduce lots of health issues like hearth attack, obesity

But for smaller activity like walking, jagging, running.
Is not big obstacle for many of us.

I believe we should have community.
It should be challenging.
Some one to train.
Some one to scold, tell our position.
Some one to remind to try every time we miss.

Healthy me , Healthy you, Healthy community

I ask my brother Javid, who is working in Army, currently working Patankot.
To tell his regular schedule.
So that i can create similar program
We can do it every day early morning,
More rigourous on saturday, sunday.

Increase the brotherhood bond as well as good community.

He said , first complete your work.
Then i will write it and will send you myself.
Concentrate on your work.
Dont go wasting time thinking other unnecessary thing.

One will get respect only, if you good at what you do.
I am try to be more open , not to lies as much as possible with brother, parents, wife.

Why are you begging?

I am old
I dont have children
My son is alchoholic
My daugter and son in law wont take care of us.
I dont have land
I dont have even house.
I have health issue, swollen legs, pain in knees, B.P, sugar.
I need money for medicine.
I sleep at the railway startion local and big station
We go to native place every 15 days.

How often you bath?
I bath once in 10 days
Near the small pond

Do you any complaints from railways station employees, security guard?
They will tell us leave
We say we will leave by walking for some distance.
Will come back again.

Do you have any problem in the night?
Its cold, mosquito bites

Will any one stole your money, clothers, belongings?

How much you earn every day?
Around 200 to 300 rs

Do you eat at amma canteen?
some time
But we will get more money in the morning

How many people give 10 rs
Only few people gives
major of them given 2 rs, 5 rs
Some time people give 20rs, 50r s, 100rs

I thought of other questions
Do you drink?

Whats your age?
55 man, 40 woman

Is it not hot in the afternoon?
Yes it is

Why dont you work or do business?
I can not  due to health issue
I am not fit to work
Are you really
I am faint some time

Why dont you take medicine, consult government hospital?
The medicine from government hospital are not working for me.

College students/high school student writing biographies of beggers, push cart seller, small employees

Employing student > 13 years to know about the life of beggers, push cart seller, small employees
Write their stories on blogger, youtube.

Wazid Sompampdi sales man

I met Sompapdi push cart sales man outside my office building, SP info city, MGR salai, Kandanchavadi, Perungudi, Chennai.

I started conversation.
I will add few points out of the discussion
Where are you from?

Are you owner of the Push cart?
No, I am working for my owner.

How much he pays?
He pays me 5000 rs

How about staying and food?
He provide room, where my self and 3 others are staying there.
My owner give money to buy rice, groceries.
We will cook ourselves.

Do you know how to make sompapdi?
Yes, 4 to 10 people are need to make sompapdi.
Mixing Maida, Sugar, Dalda, Making sompapdi strands.

How much time it take to make?
30minutes to hour

Will your owner are also make sompapdi?
He also makes it, even he sells on pushcart

How many kg will prepare every day?
15 kg

Whats are the ingredients?
Maida -> 7kg
Sugar -> 7kg
Dalda -> 1kg

What are the problems you face?
Abuse from alcholic people, local roudies
They will take sompapdi
If they we fight not to give for free
They will break glass box, even they hit you.
They start scolding

Do you have holiday?
I willl take holiday when i was sick

I often get sick due to harsh hot weather

My boss complain me shouts about low earning
and my self also in stress on low sales.

Good sales on weekend, mostlly on beaches, festivals

Children eat more
I went to school around afternoon to sell

I even sell at the main road, bus stop, office building

I roam around 10to 15km every day.

Dont have pain in legs?
Initially i have pain.
Now i used to this

Why dont u start your own sompapdi push cart?
It need  more capital

for push cart itself, need 15k
it need more poeple to make

How do you know your owner?
My owner is my neigbhour.
He is old man of age 60 years, mulsim

How will pay you the salary?
He pays money when i needed for occasion.
mostly in 3 months

He will transfer the money to his brother account in Maharastra
He then give the money to my parents.

What are the works you have done?
Cleaner, Sales man, worked in hotel, chicken cutter..
I visited Hyderabad, Mombay, Chennai...

Why are changing the jobs so many times?
Even my parents tell the same.
I used to till its good, till get good payment
I work for 6 months, 9 months,
Then take leaves, go back to home town

I got offer from chicken shop owner with 7500 salary when return back from home town.

I am getting married soon.
My parents are looking for braid.

How many sibling you have?
I have 3 brothers. Big brother is hazrath in masjid.

Did you study?
No i did not study.
Even i did not complete 1st class

Whey dont you serious, do business or study?
No reply.

Will 5000 rupees is enough after marriage.
How will you improve your life.
More money needed to create job
than to make self employed

order of 20 times more cost in creating job than creating self employed.

money to open store

to buy glass so that he can work in hotel as dish washer

success comes only through a slow and difficult process of failure

to start grameen clone

experiment with local conditions
and to educate staff

extended loans to slum dwellers in city

informal business are illegal in developed countries

give freedom to borrower to let him do his business

charity , like live, can be prison

May interested in ideas
few are willing to initiate micro-credit programm
no opportunity to use the talent
community support group
give them advice

make life more enjoyable
micro credit for social integration
almost no social
commercial activity

extremely lonely

Before starting anything work with people who run business in simmilar domain

learn from bottom to top
how to tackle

but stick to how to sovle the problem
people matter
not rules and procedure

poor community access to capital 300 to 1500 usd

story Youtube channel pay money for uploading stories to their channel

no minimum payment
indian version
to bank account
or even cheque
or through phone (sent to your phone)
or buy any item you want
or money order your money
or recharge your phone
or buy grocerries,....

story telling as business for woman

They can read stories, know people, collect stories from others.
Tell stories , record stories, broadcast stroies

record your story via mobile 10k
record your story on taprecorder

taprecorder to compact devices(cd) or dvd
upload the content on cd to youtube

youtube uploaders

Do yo need more money

I want to meet poor poeple, not small business owner

welfare recepients

office administer the program of welfare
  do they have list of welfare benefeciaries

no bank accounts

Have you any dreams of starting a new business
hoppy to full time earn cash
ideas for self help, self improvements

 training, technical assitance, access to business network

How it got started
how it worked
why nobody had tried it before

micro credit summit

Do you have problem in selling theproduct

Are you happy with the income you make?

forming groups

extremely violent place
nobody feels safe in that neighbourhood

After sunset, even the locals do not dare walk on those streets

whatever you earn report to welfare authority
should not barrow from any institutions
virtual prisoner

five woman group
contradict with american woman are independant

parties to find friends for start group barrowing

self discovery
warmth in voices

woman business story telling
at parties, I am invited to tell stories , i get paid for that
people love the stories

with micro loan
i produced cassettes of my story telling
sell through neighbourhood stores
simpler and easier to understand the better

change the names of company , product which customer understand by it purpose in native local
Do you need money
Happy one sits and listen

Do your neigbour or friend need money

Why he need money for

Is he know how to make use of money

Is he good at what he want to do with moneh
potted plants

how to grow
land for free

social activist teaher

teacher -> social activist -> teacher -> social activist

User can pick waterver theme he want for website.

Many people annoy about the site look and feel.

Font, color, layout, order of pages.

Why dont lets the customer have power to changes the style instantly as per their like

Let Community hobbist come up with better themes and looks so that
user can change that based on whatever he likes.
sixty minutes

hundreds hours of film
visiting villages
interviewing customers
government officials

electronic media

CBS tv


inspiring way

   grass roots lobbying organization , washington DC


Power of free market
power of capital

be practical
be socialistic
object solver

relationship between motivation and work hard, profit, business

self help x

private sector Self help bank

members gain personal wealth

they acquire water pumps
health services

How much money you need if you only eating from Amma canteen for a year

Amma canteen near to you.
It will open 3 times
You can eat idli/pongal/.. items from amma menu
average price: 5 rs for any item 5 idli or pongal

one day cost: 3 *5 -> 15
one week cost: 7 * 15 -> 105
one month cost: 30 * 15 -> 450
3 months cost: 3 * 450 -> 1350
6 months cost: 2700
1 year cost: 5400

How much money need for whom to make change

20$ -> 1366 inr
100$ -> 6836 inr
500$ -> 34157 inr

Shuffle section of book and read

I was doing banking for poor book
reading shuffle section of pages
atleast each section 20 pages

for poor by poor

rule: maxium the bundle 1)profit 2)social benefit
neight of the bundle parts should not be negative

entrepreneur could run a
health services for poor
financial services for the poor
food chains for poor
educational institutions for poor
security guard social enterprise by poor
house cleaning social enterprise by poor
maid social enterprise chain by poor
training centres
renewable energy ventures(solar light,fan, mixy, tv, solar charger, fridge)

poverty(food, cloths, shelter), education, health care, employment

Micro borrowers and Micro savers own big enterprise, infrastructure companies

Micro borrowers and micro savers  can be organized  to own  big enterprises, even infrastructure compnaies.

Grameen phone
  national wide cellar telephone company
  to server urban and rural areas of Bangalesh
 million cellular phone users

Grameen check
  nationwide producer and international exporter  of cotton cloth woven by Bangladesh poor hand loom weavers.

Grameen Fisheries foundation
  nationwide fishing arming business
  which the poor will manager and own as shareholders

Grameen Cybernet

provide internet services
global job market to remote villages

World class education for Bright boys and girls from disadvantage families.
They will not have to rush to cities to find jobs
But will find international jobs which they can perform from their villages.

Bni principles

Giver gains
Life long learning

Bni careers

Charlotte, North Carolina Area
BNI is Looking for an All-Star Office Manager. Looking for an exceptional opportunity with a rapidly growing global business?


get referral
group member ship india bangalore 30k
My friend Gopinath wife joined it

Visibility, creditibity
Weekly Tuesday morning 7.30 meeting

Realestate, security camera, architect...