Fancy Ear ring and bangle making at home for womans

My wife showed hand made assembling, hand made Fancy ear ring, bangle.
She said it will good business.
Idle woman's at home can make it.
Need to supply to fancy store.
Even one of her cousin was selling at US shopping mall store.

I dont have marketing, selling skills.
But i said its good idea.
I was asking how much it cost?

But if we make in bulk it cost 20rs.

I said what is minimum investment you need?
500 rs

Do you know where to buy raw pieces, materials?
Yes, market in Kapada.

Do you know How to make ?
Anar Aunty know how to make them.
It wont take more time
They can make during watching TV also

We can tell your mom to make them.

I said its easy to cracking production side.
Even on investment side.
Other side selling is second big challenge to crack.
May we can see this as first plan.

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