Website(Service) for converting xyz facebook group to android app

Website(Service) for converting xyz facebook group to android app

similarly we can do it for facebook page to android app.

don't miss the updates from the group, push notification

Remaining unwanted low priority group you can see at the facebook website/app

Similarly facebook group to website.

online data collectors

Lets say you need all college in bangalore.
Lets you want all software companies in bangalore.
all startup companies in bangalore.

Collecting this information is easy , tricky, but not contain all information.

indian College database with name, phone, email , address, contact person details.

Create website with College database.

You can sent request to college.
Presecreeen each request automatically, manually.
Verify User sending request.
Paid user for verification.

Compulsary reply from college.
atleast one call for each call.

College schedule calendar with available slots for students, with amenties.
Helping setup event incollege, workshop, seminar, promotions

Teach in your free time for free in college offline

There lots of software engineer in india.
Who are bored with what to do in the weekend.
Engage software engineer with good satisfying work in the weekend.

one such activity is teaching software technologies, c, c++, java, android,html, css, angular, backbone, unity,

Some one should be there who can make appointment, schedule everything.
Follow with college in the city, select the material, topic, come with topic, discuss.

Software engineer just have to come share what they know, what they feel.

Teaching template,
How to present
Presenter group
Teaching group

Grafic designer, bakend developer, front developer, android developer, marketer, product manager group, marketing person

Group of people who work on 2 product every month.

1)Marketing person
2)Grafic designer
3)Front developer
4)backend developer
5)product manager

House wife, student, retired people telecaller work from home flexible time

Lots of small shops registered with just dial.
Whenever customer enquire with just dial, sulekha, quickr, olx.
Customer will get message with shop owner details regarding particular produt lets say big item like house inverter.
mean while shop owner will get message saying customer interested in buying product ex: house inverter

Customer call the shop owner.
or shop owner representative call the customer

Find out the customere requirement, suggest.
Price bargain,
other benefits like goodies, auxalaries

House delivery.
Installation free.

Send the installation person immediately upon confirmation.
Collect money or accept cards.

In this process  there customer convincing , suggesting, acceting orders.
Available 24/7 customer care.
This can be done by house wife, student, retired peple

based on their availability.

But the problem is that these person need to know about thed product, domain,
What to talk , suggest.
English skill,hindi, kannada... is good

industrial robot automation training center

 #18/1A, 23rd Main, Marenahalli,
JP Nagar 2nd phase, 
Bangalore, India - 560 078

 #A151 & #A152, 3rd Cross 1st Stage,
Peenya Industrial Area
Bangalore, India - 560058s

india phone no:
+91 80 4212 0041, +91 80 2659 2040

Arraning Meeting of students fresher kids with famous old people

Arranging Meeting of students fresher kids with famous old people

So that young generation can learn how to achieve
what are the tips, suggestion.
What is worth doing.
What is worth sacrificing.

Famous old people can be
actor, director, actress, screen writer, music director, singer, artist, inventor, ceo, cto, cmo, coo, cpo,
army director, army generals,....