jalebi /jilebi street food startup

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Today i tried Jilebe at road side shop in front of Snapdeal office.
It taste is good.

A twist is that, he selling Jilebe with Rabdi(milk liquid product).
The combo is good at 40 Rs.

Even the mobile shop/gadi was good enough.

I enquired him about the price of the vehicle.
He said its around 50K.
He get it build as our his requirements.

Following things i observed.
Two pans
Gas Cylinder
weighing machine
Dust bin
Water bottle with pump like mechanism to get the water.
Hand cover
paper plates
paper bowls

Food material
atta( i don't how he made it)
red color

I like street food.
Because it tasty and cheap.

Even common man can have it.

Generally street food vendors will open in the evening time as snack.
There are different varieties sweet, hot, fast food, snacks.

Every vendor have their own way of making food, their own receipe.
Some vendors food is good on compare to other.

How KFC is different from street food vendors.

If any one want to setup street food shop, what are the difficulties.
Let us think, you should decide which food items you will sell.
How will get the raw material.
How will you make it.
What are the utensil you needed.
How much it will cost.
Where should  you sell.
How to get the money for setting the shop.
What are the daily operations.
Do i need any helpers, if so how  many, what each will do
Is there any preprocesing /preparations for making food every day.
Where should buy raw material.
Where should i buy/make the vehicle
Where should i buy utensils.
If i don't how to make the food, who will help in learning it.
How to market it if needed.
Do i support door delivery(mostly no)

The street food is specific to country, state, city.
You may find different  food variety for each country, state, city.

Lets say, like KFC owner, you find new receipe , how will you make as big as KFC.
franchising, branding, designing, research, item wholesale sourcing, marketing, hiring,
customer care.

If you observer street vendors, most of the time, there business won't grow.
because of lack of trust worthy, loyal cheap labour, investment, instability cash flow.

They don't much holidays.
If they take holidays, you will lose the business, customer loyality.

I observed few problems from customer point of view.
The food material used are poor quaility.
The food make is not good/ highgiene
Even the utensils some of them are good and maintain clean.
There is lack of door delivery services.
I like few items, which are not near to my house.
Even locating new street food is difficult unless some one said so

I am expecting following are some of the pain points of street food vendor.
sales instability due to season, rain,..
no holidays
labour cost
lack of loan at normal interest around 15% per anum
lack of good labour
lack of good whole sale item supplier
higher item prices gas, food raw items
no clear menu, description for the new customers
no marketing
no branding
no designing
no new research product, experiement
no growth or less growth over decades
cash change for customer
suddent lot of customers
no customers
no dignity or less dignity

If there is any startup who will new or exiting street vendors in doing their business it will good

For labours, we can employ part time guys too.
for new food street owner, giving learning on food making, money loan.
connecting whole sale item suppliers, vehicle makers.
door delivery service for entire food street.

expansion of food street further level
launching new food items from different countries.
Experiment and launch new food items.