Increase income source by business (low investment business 20k, 40k, 60k ,1lakh)

Warrent buffet suggest to increase income source.
So that if one income source fail/lost/gone. you will have other income source.
Business is one income source.

But you don't have more money to invest in business.
You can start with low investment business .

Following are low investment business.

1)Selling Ornamental Fish
 small bowl with fish(fighter fish) with food cost 240rs) in aquarium shop.
My guess is that they might be earning minimum 30%(72rs) or max o 50%(120 rs) for each such combo.
Hire person for 7k to 9k to sell bowl with fish at schools, shopping malls, bus stand, super market.

one sub experiment is that you can try selling on bike
  hanging thread tied plastic (oxigen filled) cover with fish

selling other fish (sparking small fish, fingerlings)

note: you can use construction worker for doing.
They might be easy to hire , can work for daily, weekly work.
But little training is need.

Add branded look (with basic website, small banner) say promotion offers.

2)Selling duckling at school, food street area
buy duckling at discounted rate of 25 rs, travel expense  (10rs) on bulk purchase(50)
you need scooter, four wheell pushing cart
Hire pushing cart for testing experiment.

3)Selling momo food
moving cart with food selling in area

4)selling jilebi

5)Selling vegetable

6)small tiffin center on the street
<50k p="">
7)small beauti parlour

8)recharging station , sell sim cards

9)selling plastic, plastic plates, paper plates, paper tisuee, plastic cover to food vendor.

10)selling boque flowers

11)small kirana shop

 12)meat shop

13)make food street
start with 3 small shop on street < 1 lakh

14)buy second hand auto rickshaw < 1 lakh and rent it

15)fruit seller on the streets < 40k

16)fruit, milk, curd, vegetable, meat seller for apartments as service < 20K(2 boys)

17)cross selling by exisint street vendors like food selling, artificial jewellery, lace, saux, birds, bowls with fish
18)improve technoloy of street vendor fan for sweet corner frier
19)sell chicken cabab on street
20)sell mutton kabab on street

for labour use construciton workers, part time students, part time job searchers

How to fetch Mongo documents based on query expression /condition via python?

use pymongo library to connect to Mongodb from python

Q)How to install pymongo library via setup tools?
A)easy_install pymongo

import pymongo
from pymongo import MongoClient

mghost = 'localhost'
mgport = 27017
mgdbname = 'zolo_production'
mgclient = MongoClient(mghost, mgport)
db = mgclient[mgdbname]
centers = db.centers;

center = centers.find_one({'zoloCode' : pgcode})

How to import class in the current directory into other python script


create empty file called
with following content to load Mixpanel class)
Write following where you want to load the class Mixpanel in
from mixpanel import Mixpanel

How to iterate dictionary in Python?

for key, value in mydict.iteritems()
      print "key:", key, ",value:", value