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give missed call from random number for verification

saw this in wielike app.
its good

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My ideas for 2016-01-26

1)20l mineral marketplace
2)mineral water purifier (price, maintaince, installation , filter)
3)purifier buying installation
4)solar lamp on demand service
5)eseva franchise
6)vegetable shop franchise with 30k investmen
7)add related advertisement at every user fb/gogole+/tweet  share.
8)sell new toys/product with youtube channel owners
9)if you name, image of the product buy it. even its not available in your area.
ex: tech gadgets
10)Buy an youtube video episode from youtube subsribers.
Where you can put as many as annotations as per your need.
11)you can upload yout video through famous youtube channels.
12)Buy screen space of youtube screen top, bottom sections of famous youtube video.
13)dedicated toys video channel. where you can upload your toys video,
you can watch other video videos.
14)Generalize to product video channel, where you can upload video on whatever product
you buy.
15)you can buy youtube video channel.
16)you can cross promote videos across other youtube video channel.
17)Promote other youtube channel for free if you like it , once for promoting free marketing
video enterpreneurship.
18)Toprated video in segment wise
toys, tech gadgets,  dress, stories video, acting
different language, regiion, country, quality
rank the youtube channel by category, by user, by time.
20)create toys with aata (wheet flour).

1 week bootcamp for leaning software development

What special about the bootcamp?

training class
interactive class
team based learning
self aided learning
provide online aggregate materials pdf, ppt, softwares, snippets, production samples

What you can learn?
(web, android, ios, front end, backend, scripts, design, architecture, good recommendataion)

What you learn in week?
At least one l
programming language(php|node js|ruby|python)
mvc framework(code igniter, express , ruby on rails,django)
database(mysql, mongodb)

What i learn in termis of desing?
Database modeling
design pattern
oop design principles
basic aws

What about deployment?
buying domain
host website on website hosting company(godaday)
basic aws usage(ec2 instance)

What about some miscellenious work ?
write code in python,ruby, node js

What about learners who can not have laptop?
We will provide laptops/desktop(limited only 20)

Who are the main customer group focused for this bootcamp?
Frehser, btech, mca, bsc computer, any one complete eduction
did not get jobs (batch>2010)

How about any one interested but not fresher , can they join?
yes but only few limited seats , as its more focus for
poor students, unemployed youth

Who will teach/train the students?
Myself (Shaik Ikbhal Basha) full time
Along with my friends in weekend, evening time 1hour every day.

Will you provide food also during bootcamp?
we will provide food on request and its paid.

What about the bootcamp venue?
I am not sure yet(planning to  PG|service apartment|business center|software company|NGO)

How the internet speed at the bootcamp?
Mostly basic browsing only that to shared internet.
Most of softwares, books, pdf we will provide on pen drive, dvd for free of cost.

Will i learn how to integrate with social network site facebook, twitter, google+?
facebook login, share,like, google login

What are the google services you teach?
Google maps, google search.

Will you teach android app develpment?
I know basic, i can teach.
But it depends on my friends availability and time.

Job consultancy will tell you whether they can find job or not within week and land job in a month.


Job consultancy will tell you whether they can find job or not within week and land job in a month.

There lots of Job consultancy companies which will ask for your resume.
They totally forgot you.
They will process for one company. if they reject.
They don't do anything.

What if there is job consultancy, which can tell you whether they can find job or not based on their demand. Later They can help you on board within month.

How fresher can get a software job?

Whatever i write is not universal.
I am writing few them which may work.

Apply at
Complete simple puzzle by writing code.

Try on Hasjobs, internship sites,

Apply in small startups.
Work for free for 2 months
Work for small amount of money.

First get desktop computer(laptop if you can afford)
Broad band internet connection(Its must)

Software programming basics.
1)HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery
2)Any one language programming concepts
4)DB concepts
5)HTTP concepts
5)Data format JSON, XML concept
6)Event, pattern, data structure, design pattern

Ruby on Rails
Node js

5k software jobs consultancies

We are consultancies run by house wives and freshers
House wife can work as customer care
Fresher can talk to small companies, to on board other freshers.
The minimum salary is 5k , he can completed any graduation preferrably BSC computers, BCA, BTECh, MCA.
We will provide software employee on demand basis.
The person we will do all types of works like little bit operations, marketing, admin, content writing, BPO.
But they are meant for primary skills of software development, testing.

For big IITian bootstrapped startups to small service companies.
Pay only 1k for employee on boarding.

For freshers, job seekers
As optional paid service only
We will help you settle fresher in PG

How i got my idea:
I met one person in Masjid.
He was asking for some money for food.
But I did not expect this from decent looking person.
He was also tell if there is any QA Testing jobs , please refer him.
He had 1.5 years of experience, was taking 6k salary per month.
He used to stay in PG without food.
He is from place near Ananthapur.
I asked him, did you asked his parents for money.
He said, they going sent some money.
There parents are farmers.
I was asking some more questions.
Like how much farm land he has... but he was not listening.
I was saying will you work for developer position., he said yes.

Try for jobs freshers
ask your collques, friends in person and followup.
There some startup in BTM they will do service work .

You can search for small companies at to funded companies)

Start with companies