Fight back Child Labour

In every countries, there problems like child labour , may it be small scale in some country,
very high in some poor countries.

How the child labour starts, some ways?

  1. Parents have debt to clear, so the money lender took their child as slave to work for couple year and will use to some hard labour work.
  2. Parent are them lazy, bad habits , drunkard , drug addictive, sex workers, they can not live by themselves, they use their kids for lively hood.
  3. Parent able to survive but children are not motivated or interest in education, so the parents send them to labour works and skill works like mechanic, teashop, cycle, bike,car puncture shop and etc so that they can live by themselves or learn some skill for future.
  4. Orphan kids, most of the time they are most person who undergo labour works.
  5. Due to child kidnap, abandoned handicapped kids  are used in begging.
  6. Due to illiteracy of the parent, they don't how to motivate their child, where to send them for skill learning so that their kid even he don't have interest in study still can learn skill dignifiedly
How can we eradicate child labour?
  1. Parents perspective
    1. Motivate the kid to study
    2. If he is not motivate , then join some skill learning school/college.
    3. Behaving parent themselves rightly.
    4. Avoid bad habits , bad languages, quarrels, beatings . If not possible at least reduce.
  2. As Relative of the child labour
    1. Suggest their parent avoid bad habits.
    2. Tell parents how important the education.
    3. Suggest to join the child in skill learning college/school.
    4. Spent some time to teach education/skill to the kid.
  3. As neighbour of the child.
    1. Find out the exact cause of the child labour
    2. Try to do diplomatic solution.
    3. Educate him/help him in learn skills
    4. Motivate him to learn education/skills.
  4. Rowdy/Business man taking advantage of child
    1. Please sir, we know your taking advantage of child due to child/parent weakness or your strength
    2. You are doing for earning money /pride only we know that
    3. You can still earn money by letting them to study, learning skills
    4. He will be useful /give more returns if you can sponsor/allow him to learn skills/education
    5. What will you earn from kid by selling his body parts kidney, heart, eyes.Please your selling golden goose of the countries and your business, spent some money or allow him to educate or learn skills, he will be giving high returns
    6. You will be converted from villain to hero
    7. I know you are good at your heart, Please consider the above tips to prosper business, control prod.
  5. Government employee(police/civil service employee)
    1. Who are directly or indirectly allowing the child labour
    2. Sir we know your problem , your doing for money , some extra benefits.
    3. Please consider deal the roadies , politician to implement the child labour in business passion, by mutual agreement letting child learn skills in return 
  6. As Government
    1. Find out the root cause of the child labour, do the appropriate actions as below.
    2. If the parents are poor, give child scholarship to study, free food, free books, no fee.
    3. If the parents are in controllable bad habits, help them to counsel
    4. Skill learning college, there is no constraint marks/grades , no need learn unwanted subjects, but only those minimal to learn skill, certificate to certify them in all places with help of NGO, schools/college, start skill learning school,college, universities.
    5. Special training college/school for handicapped children.
    6. Continuos , repeated awareness regarding the problem and main its solutions.
Is Child labour is crime/immortal/so bad?
  1. Child does not get education, which lead further child labour in his generation
  2. Child labour cause mental/physical trauma, who may be roadies, criminal, terrorist.
  3. Child labour will reduce the countries pride and growth.