Every thing black and white no shades, no colors

I head saying
Great soul does not differentiate people based on color, religion, age, place, behaviour, past and future.
They treat all the same.

Lets start with visualize world only in black and white , even shading allowed.

Lets start atleast visualize world with two colors black and white.

How will tree look in black and white

Next level no vision at all.

Job Search Experiment: Will any one who complete only 10 th class knows coding(javascript/php) will get remote developer job

If this experiment success.
The solution is scalable

Lots of house wife, womans in rural or small town can get job.

Expected salary: 10k

assets he have
Laptop/desktop computer
Internet connection.

Not much english

Can create simple website.

gmail account created: iqbal10wfm@outlook.com(iqbal 10th work from home)

Created account in angel.co iqbal10wfm@outlook.com, name: shaik iqbal

I created github.com account
username: iqbal10wfm
email: iqbal10wfm@outlook.com

I was trying search for jobs based on javascript, remote, intern tags
even for intern they were asking
jquery, css3, html5,javascript, javascript framework(ex:handlebars), grunt, git
full stack developer

link: https://angel.co/30-seconds-to-fly/jobs/115821-web-developer-intern-part-time

Lets wait for tomarrow

Creating wordpress page
blog: https://iqbal10wfm.wordpress.com/

I said to Mom, Lets start Software consultancy

I enquired about My mom cousin, Hasina, who is mid age woman.
What Hashina was doing?
She is working as tailer in small town.
She earn 50 rs based small occasional stich works.

I tell mom, i will give my spare laptop.
I will teach her programming.
After that she can work for our software consultancies.

I started the plan
Giving my spare laptop
Taking internet connection
Teaching java/php/python through skype.

So that she can create website/android app.
Later we will call up business on justdial/.. for getting clients.
Till then we get customers, we paid her 3k to 5k.
On training nothing.

My Mom says to make a software

My mom says to make software  that helpful to many people and may earn some money to me.

I said there are so many types of software  like
inventory managemnt

she did not pick any type, but she said it should be useful to people.

My Mom Says Write a Book

My mom saying from long time to write book in your free time.
I used to think about startup ideas, business, ngo, non profit stuff and read about them as well.

She said she had dream that "I got applauded for my book".
She also asked some religious person, who suggested that i should believe more on god.
I will get good life due to knowledge and faith on god.

I said that i wrote 2 pages of by autobiography "Shaik Ikbhal Basha autobiography" on Amazon Kindle Digital Publishing(kdp).

She said write something useful and meaningful.

I said even i asked my brother javid to write his story how he joined Army on paper.
So that i can use the script to publish on Amazon Kindle Digital Publish.

My mom said
Write about your what you know about your brother, even ask about me.
You can write about your father biography.

Hire grey collar job people for selling icecream, kulfi, corn, small tiffin center operators, computer assembling

grey collar job salary: 10k
 but they get 7.5k,
 if they over time they get 9k
 education: need not have study, even 5th class is ok
 no worry about age.

i asked rest room cleaner/maintaing young person.

I asked my office house keeping people
salary: 8.5k
education: 10th
age: >18k

Hire Grey job, blue collor young people via house cleaning facilities agencies as field operators, testers, content writers, customer call, data entry operators, basic html developers, software developer

Hire Grey job, blue collor young people via house cleaning facilities agencies as field operators, testers, content writers, customer call, data entry operators, basic html developers, software developer

How I drank more to overcome alcholism | Claudi Christian Tedx LondonBusiness School



When i finally realized that i was not in the driver's seat
that the monster was i sought out every single treatment

I could possibly find or afford
I went to rehab for 30,000$ to basically drink wheat grass
and do Tai Chi.

I went to talk therapy for over two and a half years
for two hundred bucks obsession.
I actually sought out a hypnotherapist who claimed that
he had cured a member of Grateful Dead
that was 400 bucks an hour.
I went to 12 different meetings
ave in two different countries
I went macrobiotic
I got my chakras aligned
I tried veganism

I you name it i tried it
and I prayed until my knees were black and blue

relapsing time and time again
I mean i think that in the years
that i was suffering from
and really battling and i
probably relapsed close to 20 times
and each relapse became more difficult to recover
from they got worse and worse and worse
and here's the thing
I wasn't drinking
because i had a crummy childhood
or because i was suffering from any personal trauma
I mean if you look at it from the outside
I had a great life
I was in my chosen career
I had a beautiful home
I had friends and family who loved me and supported me
I was drinking because I was physically addicted
thats it once I started
I could not stop drinking
I have addiction on both sides of my family in the genetics
predisposition coulpled with engaging in the behavior
which for me is drinking made me an addict

I know one thing for sure after trying all of these
treatments and this became very clear doing a quine therapry or
Tai chi and some swanky beachfront expensive
rehabilitation facility was not going fix my biological
addiction by end of 2008
I had six months of sobriety  under my belt and
that when the attic started  started to talk to me in my
head thats the insidious thing about addiction  is once
you have a little bit of sobriety and your belt you go
hey  Im not an addict
it whispers to you
go ahead have a drink
youll be able to control it just one drink
so i listened to that idiot in my head and
i went out to dinner that  night and i had a glass
of wine and i came home and i was so chuffed
well look the idiots right
I'm not an addict I only had one glass right
day two, I had two glasses
day three, I had three glasses
plus i picked up a bottle to bring home
drink on the way

day 5, i was in a full-blown bench
I was drinking anything and everything
I would have probably drunk vanilla extract if I had
When i was finally too ill to  drink one more drop
of alcohol

I did what i always did
went cold turkey and tried to detox
this time something went very wrong
I started to suffer from seizures in my body
I lot all control of motor controls
I couldn't stand up
I couldn't get dressed
so i called a friend and
she took me to my one and only medical detox
where I gotta tell you I was not treated very well
In fact until they had my 3000 dollars
They finally gave me my medication that
I needed to stop shaking at that point
I felt so humiliated and so down and so embarrased
by whole experience that  I checked myself out
my left on the way out there was this little stack of flyers
treatments for aud one of them was for a shot in
this shot promise to eliminate all craving for alchol
the shot was over a 1000$ a month that  at this point
I would have sold my sould to get better when
I got home I googled that shot
it turns out that the main ingredient in  it is now
tracks own an fda-approved non-addictive safe medication

thats been used to treat aud since 1994
as i was searching a book popped up the rather boldly
named cure for alcholism by dr. Roya Scapa
there was this little sample chapter there so
i read the chapter  i was absolutely  hooked
 this made complete sense to the  science lover in my head
it described a treatment  called the Sinclair method
for TSM where
one takes an opiate blocker  you wait for an hour to
the medication can get into your bloodstream and brain
and then you drink alcohol sounds counterintuitive
I know but hear me out
usually when an addict drinks
They get a huge reward  from alcohol and
thats what makes them want more and more  and more
but if you drink got an opiate blocker like now
tracks on  or now machine if you're here in the UK
instead of the alcohol reinforcing the addictive synapses
in the brain

the opiate blocker blocks the endorphins from  activating
the part of the brain responsible for addiction

Its as if you have a huge room of endorphins living
in your brain  right and
every time you drink alcohol those endorphins rush
through the door and they raise hell in your brain
and your neural pathways

The opiate blocker stops those endorphins  from even
leaving the room
It slams that door  and  it locks
It so they cant even get out
and play over
the course of a couple  days  or weeks for
some people the body is slowly detox drinking
levels dramatically decrease
because your cravings for alcohol subside

I didn't have a doctor that would prescribe an
EI trakcs on back then in fact when I mentioned
it to anybody they said what  so
I ordered my pills from an Indian pharmacy online
50 milligrams of hope took a couple of weeks for the pills
to come to me and when  they did I gotta
tell you I scared out of my mind
because I though what if it doesn't work
what if it make me relapse again
what if its worse relapse in the last one
but at this point I was so  desperate
I took my chance so I took the pill
I waited the hour
I poured myself a glass of  wine and
I was a miracle
I mean the wine just SAT there well
I ate my dinner
There was no head games
no compulsion
no I want more
and more and more nothing
I took a couple of sips
I went when i'm done it
it was a complete miracle
3 months into TSM
I had to my true
aha moment
there was this billboard
hate this billboard
near where i lived in LosAngeles
and every time  I drove by it
had a huge glass of red wine on it which
was my particular poison massive
glass of red wine
every time I drove by that
billboard  it would trigger  me if
I was in drink mode
it would trigger me
I go I want more

If i was in sober more
I would drive by that billboard not go
can't  have a glass of wine  this
particular  day
I drove by that billboard and
my brain said to me thats
just a billboard

I can't even explain to you what
a profound moment this was
because it meant that my thought
processes were normal  again
it meant that my brain  was fixed
it meant that I was  me again six
months into TSM  i was mostly
sober except for occasional planned
drink one  hour after taking
now trick some TSM works so well
for me that
I decided to contact dr.Royce coppin
thank him for writting his book
I also asked  him to thank the
American researcher dr.David Sinclair
whose life's work quite literally saved
my life

I asked him what can i do to help
spread the word about this treatment
he said why don't you write a book
so  I did that's when my journey of
discovery really began

I found out the world health organizations
estimate that a person dies 3.3 million
people  die every single year from
alcohol related causes thats  more than
malaria tuberculosis , aids

I also found out that multiple
researchers estimate  that eighty to ninety
percent of people suffering from aud
do not seek  treatment and many of these
people don't seek treatment
because they've been falsely
led to believe that
they have to  give up alcohol for the
rest of the their lives
which  to a 20 or  30 year old
can be utterly daunting  not to mention
kind  of unrealistic
I also found  out that of
the ten percent
who do seek  treatment  up to
ninety percent  of those people
are relapsing  within the first  four years

I mean what other treatable disease
can you think of  

studies show that tough love
and humiliating an addict for making


Alchohal addiction
Smoking addiction
food addiction
sweet addiction
sex addiction
Blue film watching addiction
Drug addiction
Money addiction
Bad word speaking
Business addiction
learning addiction
party addiction
child labour encouragement

Dont need

bad character
Not meeting any one
no physical activity
hating yourself, others
lack of commitment
lack of discipline
lack of self motivation

BAsket making

Basket making : The women showed interest in income generation programs with many group of women showed interest in learning basket making and training program were conducted with the association of “The Varnajalam” – a fair trade shop with 13 members participating in the training program that are regularly supplying the basket and earning their wages. The group now consists of 23 women who are earning and average income of Rs. 3000/- per month who are mostly single mothers, widows, women with difficult family situations, with partially visually challenged and family with economical disability. In the year of 2014, 609 baskets were made and 1, 90,345 Rs. was earned out of this project

learn tamil writing and reading



basic words
  small words
  small sentence

perungundi slum water problem

Have one common toilet with usage charge Rupee 1 per head. • Only few houses have individual toilets with individual septic waste tank. • Have facility of metro water supply twice in a week which is sold illegally for Rs 1500 for one Tanker, Rs 6/- for one pot maximum 5 pots allowed per family. This water can be used only for drinking and cooking purpose. • There are presences of domestic and industrial garbage in the area. • No government support to dispose the garbage.

one pot: 6 rs
5 pots per each family

one tanker water: 1500 

Volunteer opportunity near Perungui MRTS railway station



Perungudi is a wide spread slum mainly displaced underprivileged community from various parts of the city due to various development programs. This urban slum is located nearby Perungudi railway station and it exists for more than 50 years. The local name for this area is “Kallukuttai” which consist of more than 2000 families. This area has no proper basic facilities such as roads, toilets, water, schools, colleges, hospitals and medical shops. This area has 5 tea and snacks shops, 1 electrical and building hardware shops, a mosque and temple. Most of the houses are huts made of recycling materials.
The streets are difficult to be used even during a small rain. Majority of the people are working in an unorganised sector such as construction, domestic maid, housekeeping, security agency etc. Illiteracy, alcohol addiction, unemployment and child marriage are some of the social problems in this area. This area does not have proper streets and water facilities which makes the people to depend on private water suppliers.


Qualifications and experiences: - persons from any nationality, who need to get experienced in working with an NGO, passionate about and committed to social work, Computer knowledge is essential, willing to do research / study of new programs.  Knowledge in Tamil or English or any other language.

Send bio data to:
Send bio data to: - Elijah John Mathew, Managing Trustee, The New LEED Trust,
No D Alsa Sheridan, 186/187 Ammai Ammal Street, Ayavoo Naidu Colony,
Aminjikarai, Chennai 600 029
Contact No: - +91 9840029773, Email: - elijah@leed.in , elijah29773@gmail.com

2016-12-01 idea create website from database schema, tags, functionality

Create website from database (er diagram)
   or from tables
   or from json documents schema

add functionality like user login, user registration
 through tagging

or drop functionalities
it will create automatically website

not foucs on user interface
only focus on functionality