My Mom Says Write a Book

My mom saying from long time to write book in your free time.
I used to think about startup ideas, business, ngo, non profit stuff and read about them as well.

She said she had dream that "I got applauded for my book".
She also asked some religious person, who suggested that i should believe more on god.
I will get good life due to knowledge and faith on god.

I said that i wrote 2 pages of by autobiography "Shaik Ikbhal Basha autobiography" on Amazon Kindle Digital Publishing(kdp).

She said write something useful and meaningful.

I said even i asked my brother javid to write his story how he joined Army on paper.
So that i can use the script to publish on Amazon Kindle Digital Publish.

My mom said
Write about your what you know about your brother, even ask about me.
You can write about your father biography.

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