We need lots of Social short movies/videos

We need lots of tSocial short movies/videos
Respect elder
teach creativity
help other
be job creator
be loyal

try to be better person by practice good habbits

Practice good habbits
Try to better person by actions, by thought
say sorry, forgive other, help other, clean teeth, go to bed early
teach yourself, your children, your family with softly

Share physical paper/poster about what you feel

You like something , you want inform something.
What you feel 
let other know by sharing on paper, print it share it to strangers, friends, neigbhours

Talk one friend a day

You have lots of friends from college, colleques, neigbhours.
You are not able to make calls to them due to busy schedule.
Make call/chat on facebook/whatsppa/call one person
Collet all contact details one place.

Review exchange app/website

You can write review for app, website, service, product.
you accumulate review points.
Which you can redeem when you need to review for your product/service.

You can review on google play store, website, email.