Ikbhal google drive short url

ikbhal resume short url

Travel to dubai, kuwait, saudi arabia insha allah

insha allah start company in dubai

Insha allah start business in kuwait

Insha allah get a job in saudi arabia

Insha allah 45 days

I will go to chilla(45 days) from Bangalore.
I will prepare for job 3 hours daily.
 build madrasa, masjid chanda, construction expenses
 prepare for job
   data structure, algorithm
 learn arabic basic surah
 hibz khuran 30 surah
 start business 5k outside running
   banana push cart
   or coconut business
 apply for remote jobs
apply heeradeals software engineer job
learn appl building
learn website building
attend interview if exist during jamaat
insha allah earn 50k per month for family expense
pray for sumiya, children, mom and dad myself
avoid bad habits
dont tell lies
sadkah daily atleast 5rs every day -> 10 per day -> 300 rs per month
read hadis muntakil hadis complete
pray on tahjud namaz early  morning
write book
write on blog
write on notebook
record what you do daily
Get laptop from chittoor
Buy reliance dangle, use internet
Call sumiya, children in the evening 15 minutes to 30 minutes
buy 5k android phone

Can the veliever be a liar?

Safwan ibn sulaim reported: it was said to the Messenger of Allah, peace
and blessings be upon him, "Can the believer be a coward?"
The prophet said yes.
It was said, "Can the believer be a miser?"
The proper said yes.
It was said "can the believer be a liar?"
Prophet said no.

MegaPlant - the largest nursery in Ukraine

Production Nursery Work Flow Efficiency

Put A Rose Cutting In A Potato And Watch It GROW!!!

Garments Waste clothes recycling machine Tearing machine

The Fiber Side of Textile Recycling

Where Your Old Clothes Go to Get a New Life: India

Garments Waste clothes recycling machine Tearing machine

children flea market , where only children sell items , old items

food waste app on super market just before expiray sell it

Young Entrepreneurs Learn Money's Value By Selling Old Clothes, Toys

Money Talks: Food waste app

How to Start a Recycling Business - 50 Recycling Business Ideas


insha allah buy copper bar

collecting scrap old tv, phone, computers, furniture, metal, cooler, tv, books, bikes, cycle, toys for free without wasting , free transportation

isnha allah buy bike and bike trolly luggage, similar scooter big lorry trolly

recycling as freelance work for back pers, find recycling depo/seller whole capital city state, country, tourist spot map

insha allah recycling business in foreign development country as ngo activity and earn also around 30k apart from food, travel, stay

teenager from poor countries goes to usa, england, paris, germany
to collect reusable waste material, sell it for 3 months  as part of ngo who sponser travel, food, stay

Making a GRAND a week recycling TRASH?

Making a GRAND a week recycling TRASH?

how to earn money for teenagers online, offline, coding, art, ...

youtube channel , toy review

start blog by teenagers, teenagers movies, cartoon, follow, affiliate, advertisement, family share

selling products on amazon, ebay by teenagers

code academy, learn coding academy, create academy in telugu, hindi, urdu

land scaping, lawn, cleaning, split with friends, teenage business

running errands , is there i can help you business for others

pet sitting, baby sitting business

earn on fiverr 13+ do it

teaching adults how to use social media snapchot, facebook, twitter ...

14 Ways Teenage Entrepreneurs Can Make Money

sorting ,collecting waste segregating, waste detecting, movable autonamous , ground, flying robot

insha allah start nursery business, flower rose business

14 Ways Teenage Entrepreneurs Can Make Money

insha allah 30 days only juice boot(only drink juice every day 3 times) fruits, vegetables, no smothy

good for health
reduce weight
do it with friends

ajdust in week
control habit of eating every where, in bad mood

insha allah start waste business, waste share business, waste recycling business investment trading like recyclix india, asia

RECYCLIX - Buy Plastic Waste To Make Money With Recyclix

Story Hopper - No shampoo

Story Hopper - 31 days without chewing

live in about demolished house soon in developed countries

Backstage Paradise #storyhopper

Backstage Paradise #storyhopper

Mountains of money in Cambodia #storyhopper

Story Hopper - The story behind

Story Hopper - Frieda

Story Hopper - Getting organised

Story Hopper - Getting organised

The BILLION Dollar Idea - Nick Woodman

How To Make A Rope Making Machine

Precious Plastic - Build the extrusion

Precious Plastic - Build the extrusion

Precious Plastic - Build the injection

Precious Plastic - Build the injection

Precious Plastic - Build the shredder

Precious Plastic - create things from plastic

Recycling plastic off cuts with the R25 Schredder and R30 Sheet Press

Transparent Fish (Leptocephalus)

MONKEY KING 2 Official Trailer (2017) Action Adventure Movie HD

SPARK | Official Trailer (2017) Blockbuster Animation Family Movie HD

Ferdinand the Bull (1938)

Long term commitment atleast 1 year, max life time time

Do thing for life time commitment
Gym thrice in a week
Daily prayers
Oiling hari twice in a week.
3 day jamat in a month repeatedly
sadkah every day
read khuran every day
help some one every day

Gym for only fat people , Gym for only teenagers, Gym for only poor people, joing after interview, full brother hood, Gym for fat house wifes

The Nomads Bus - Life On The Bus

Shipping Container SHOP 6- Insulation, walls, best work pants!

Sunnats – Miscellaneous

  1. Using a miswaak is a great Sunnah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). One who makes miswaak when making wudhu and thereafter performs Salaah will receive 70 times more reward. It will also enable one to easily recite the kallma at the time of death.
  2.  To have a bath on a Friday.
  3. To apply itr. (This applies to men only).
  4. For men to keep a beard that is one fist in length.
  5. To carry one’s shoes in the left hand.
  6. To make wudhu at home before going to the Masjid.
  7. To enter the Masjid with the right foot.
  8. To leave the Masjid with the left foot.
  9. To keep the gaze on the ground whilst walking.
  10. 82.  To speak softly and politely.
  11. To greet all Muslims by saying. ‘Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahl wa barakaatuhu.”
  12.  To show mercy to those who are younger than you.
  13. To respect your elders.
  14. To respect your parents.
  15. To visit a Muslim when he is sick.
  16. To be good towards your neighbor.
  17. To meet a Muslim with a cheerful face.
  18. To care for the poor and elderly.
  19. To keep good relations with all your relatives.
  20. To honor a guest, even though he may not be of a very high position.
  21. To be hospitable towards your guest.
  22. To exchange gifts with one another.
  23. To make mashwarah (consult) with one’s parents, teachers or elders before doing any work.
  24. To ponder over the creation of Allah Ta’ala.
  25. To command people to do good.
  26. To forbid them from doing evil.
  27. To recite some portion of the Qur’an Sharif daily.
  28. To make dua to Allah Ta’ala for the fulfillment of one’s needs in whatever language one desires.

Sunnats when Entering the Home

  1. To recite the dua before entering the home.
  2. To greet those that are in the house with “Assalaamu alaykum.”
  3.  To announce one’s arrival by coughing, greeting, etc. even though it may be your own house.

Sunnats when Wearing Clothes

  1. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) loved white clothing.
  2. When putting on any garment Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) always began with the right limb.
  3. When removing any garment Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) always removed the left limb first.
  4. Males must wear the pants above the ankles. Females should ensure that their lower garment covers their ankles.
  5. Men should wear a ‘topee’ (hat) or turban. Females must wear scarves covering all their hair at” all times.
  6. When wearing shoes, first wear the right shoe then the left.
  7. When removing your shoes, first remove the left and then the right.

Course Teaser: Zero to a Million on Amazon with Mohammad Usman

Zero To $1 Million On Amazon In 12 Months

Zero To $1 Million On Amazon In 12 Months

Amazon 10K Formula Webinar

Amazon 10K Formula Webinar

Muhammad Ali (Must See)

2-2: Muhammad Ali, How & Why I have accepted Islam?

Too Much Money too little time # Nouman Ali Khan

Insha allah i will give 5k to mom to start business for the sake of poor

1gb day/28
dongle 2k
after 2 months reliancd
 tumba kuppam
   1/4 acre, kunta
badi nadan ki beti
5k deposit for khadar ki beti
pulli tayma
5k for ammi to run business for the sake of allah
to start business in our family

Madras Riding School

Madras Riding School

Madras Riding School

Insha allah teach how to start business, how to improve business, how to scale, how to do business as allah , sunnath

Insha allah Teach kids, adults, woman, oldp people horse riding, shooting, archery, swimming, exercise, bike riding, car riding, business, eduation(telugu, english, urdu, arbaic)

Pay 300 per month per person.

insha lallah teach my son archery, horse riding, swimming ..

insha allah hire saidani as fund raiser tele, internet
for yateem, poor people, plant tree, education
for 1k 25 minutes per day
muslim cleaning service where woman are dress in full burkah
how mohammed rasulullah salle alahi va sallam
maitain parda with woman servant, gents servants from ladies.
What are the children of mohammed or sahaba learn
education, physcial education, work
insha allah how my son starts business at early as of now
to satisfy allah
run under allah words

Teach swimming at nominal affordable cost to all people, children
Teach bike riding , car rding to woman



Madrasa Kashiful Huda

Insha allah my wife ,children, relative, friends all became billionaire business man

start inshallah communications, magazine, statistics, teacher, lectures

Importance of doing Business in Islam. By Sh. Muhammad Al Shareef

Four Rules for Successful Business by Maulana Tariq Jameel 2016

How to do business in Islam - Very informative islamic bayan by Maulana ...

Rules of business in islam. (in urdu)

start youth center, start masjid, start organization as many as you could, support each other organization, dont fight earch other, dont divide

earn money ,spend money on islam madras, masjid, help poor, needy, relatives, families

dont love apartment house, sofa, water purifier, tvs, bikes.. love god over all

Sacrifice thing car, share car with other relatives need people

Great opportunities will not happen if you fear of job loss

conquer fear of public speech

dont depend on government, but depend on god, pray for what you want

fear, i can not do this, something will happe, my wife will leave, my wife will tear, who will feed my family

world in hand, allah in heart

conquer fear, try , try , be brave
take risk

dont love world, love death,

dont hate death
dont love world

try business idea, leave job.
Give up profession, do bussiness
God feed family

Dont be lazy, dont be incompetance, try again, Pray god not to make lazy

3 things teach children ,build character

  focus, sharp, dont shiver body
Horse riding
  control big animal, control human
  struggle, peace, calm body

From Self-Sufficiency to Selflessness - Tawfique Chowdhury

From Self-Sufficiency to Selflessness - Tawfique Chowdhury

Money, how to earn it & how to spend it - Tawfique Chowdhury - Green Lan...

Be Positive, You Have a Beautiful Heart - Sh. Tawfique Chowdhury

Are you Truthful? - Tawfique Chowdhury

Beg to Allah for the things you want ! Miracle will happen | Yasmin Mogahed

Do you want to get Rich ? Watch this ~ Nouman Ali Khan 2016 New !!!

muslim historian, youtube producer, makers..

Insha allah start university, fund university, start media news paper, new telivsion

Change private sector
Most impact, open fact

Employment/ Business Advice for Muslim youth- Nouman Ali Khan

Why Are Most Muslims Unsuccessful in Business?!

Busines man pro customer, good values

Seller should look for blessing over money making
sell at cheaper rate with little profit so that you can live with happy

Sell fast at lesser profit

ex: 5% every year, in 5 years over instead of 50% after 5 years.

Customer should great your, should feel good about the dealing
NO increase in price, only decrease in price.
Dont sell more profit for richman
but sell less for poor man.


3 habits of business man

1)educate yourself to make money, strategies in  halal way(atleast 10k usd every year)
2)Good mentor who earn right way, who have right values
  who can summaries problem, who give time
3)sadkah as early as possible
  give money start with 20% -> 50% -> 99% ->100%

Business man should earn without money
Allah give opportunties, you have to pay back to god by sadkah

dont wait , investment sadkah money, give it away as soon as possible

 Your iman is 10 friend circle iman + yours/10 people
same with your 10 friend circle + yours money/10 people money

Importance of Doing Business in Islam. How to become a successful Entrep...

Business Ethics in Islam - Mufti Ismail Menk

How To Recite Attahiyat Correctly?must see

Taste of Baltistan - Documentary Report

Taste of Baltistan - Documentary Report

Beautiful Apple orchads - kashmir , India

Dial kashmir software maker

Welcome to Mongolia Ulaanbaatar The Country of Chingis Khan

Gobi Desert (Mongolia)

A Cashmere Story

A Cashmere Story

The Water City | Gujo Hachiman 名水の町・郡上八幡

Plane Drops Hundreds Of Fish Into Lake

2016 한국미래기술 영상 #5

MOney fish or trey reil