Insha allah 45 days

I will go to chilla(45 days) from Bangalore.
I will prepare for job 3 hours daily.
 build madrasa, masjid chanda, construction expenses
 prepare for job
   data structure, algorithm
 learn arabic basic surah
 hibz khuran 30 surah
 start business 5k outside running
   banana push cart
   or coconut business
 apply for remote jobs
apply heeradeals software engineer job
learn appl building
learn website building
attend interview if exist during jamaat
insha allah earn 50k per month for family expense
pray for sumiya, children, mom and dad myself
avoid bad habits
dont tell lies
sadkah daily atleast 5rs every day -> 10 per day -> 300 rs per month
read hadis muntakil hadis complete
pray on tahjud namaz early  morning
write book
write on blog
write on notebook
record what you do daily
Get laptop from chittoor
Buy reliance dangle, use internet
Call sumiya, children in the evening 15 minutes to 30 minutes
buy 5k android phone

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