Volunteer opportunity near Perungui MRTS railway station



Perungudi is a wide spread slum mainly displaced underprivileged community from various parts of the city due to various development programs. This urban slum is located nearby Perungudi railway station and it exists for more than 50 years. The local name for this area is “Kallukuttai” which consist of more than 2000 families. This area has no proper basic facilities such as roads, toilets, water, schools, colleges, hospitals and medical shops. This area has 5 tea and snacks shops, 1 electrical and building hardware shops, a mosque and temple. Most of the houses are huts made of recycling materials.
The streets are difficult to be used even during a small rain. Majority of the people are working in an unorganised sector such as construction, domestic maid, housekeeping, security agency etc. Illiteracy, alcohol addiction, unemployment and child marriage are some of the social problems in this area. This area does not have proper streets and water facilities which makes the people to depend on private water suppliers.


Qualifications and experiences: - persons from any nationality, who need to get experienced in working with an NGO, passionate about and committed to social work, Computer knowledge is essential, willing to do research / study of new programs.  Knowledge in Tamil or English or any other language.

Send bio data to:
Send bio data to: - Elijah John Mathew, Managing Trustee, The New LEED Trust,
No D Alsa Sheridan, 186/187 Ammai Ammal Street, Ayavoo Naidu Colony,
Aminjikarai, Chennai 600 029
Contact No: - +91 9840029773, Email: - elijah@leed.in , elijah29773@gmail.com

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