Using idle time of others

I met Sekshavalli, Moijjin(who help maintaing masjid clean, will also lead the prayers in the abscense of Imam).
He is 15 years age.
He looks so lean and look to me may he is 12 years age.
I started to talk him after greeting.
How much his salary?
He said 4,000 rs

What you will in free time?
I work as paper boy to distribute 50 paper from 6AM to 7.30AM and earn 1,000 rs.
I know Electrical work, looking for similar work in free time.

I was asking any free time left?
Yes, i will most idle at home from 8AM to 12AM, 2PM to 4PM.

I was asking can you read and write Telugu?
He said he dont know
Even after studying 7th class.
He give excuse saying that its been 3 years studying telugu.

I was asking do you know how to write Urdu
He said he dont know

But he can and write little english

He is good at read and writing Urudu.
He even complete 5 parahs of Khuran

I was asking will you work for me
I will pay u 1,000 for 1.5 hour
But it will need read/writing, calculation.

I event asking do he know how to take photos, video, play games, call on smart phone.
He showed his smart phone.
I was asking who's phone is this?
He said its dead brother in laws phone.

His brother in laws recently died drowning in river by mishap.
His syster have two small kids.
He have younger sister, about to get married
His father age 60 years, working as auto driver earn very little
All of them living in rented house.

I want him to see as business man, yet continue as mojjin.
Will it possible.
I belive it possible.
Need to plan and executing, persuasation, support, contact, money to make it plan.

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