Goal to earn 3 lakh profit per month after 6 months July 9

Goal success day: July 9

No illegal work
Multiple small business
Mostly automated/delegated work
very less interference 1 to 2 hours if needed per day.
3 lakh should be net profit
Take help of friend if needed.
Make good plane
Optimise it
start wtih small

Business thinking
sompapdi push cart
Igli push cart
tea push cart
cup cake push cart
book selling push cart
with printer computer, internet push cart
panipoori push cart
corn push cart
coconut push cart
sell fish with bowl on footpath
sell wooden toys
sell artificial ear rings
sell paper
sell fruit salad
sell fruits on push cart
sell leaves(palak, chirraku)..
pay small education center early morning : 6 am to 7am
rent electric lanterns
rent push cart
push cart production
sell kulfi on push cart
sell biriyani
rent cycles to poor kids
container house in slum
water purifier on emi basis selling
wifi internet on rent
good content internet selling in slum
small kids nursery school
toys sharing place
kids dress selling
kids dress making
solar powered operated sewing machine
tea vending machine
igli vending machine
igli maker, selling at slum

make offline network of paper boys
make offline network of small street seller push cart
medical shop for slum
hospital for slum
moijjin association
imam association
muslim woman in home production

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  1. Dont know what to say.This is like ypu would be running a empire. Morning you would capitalise the small business and by evening collect the profit.Definitely 3 lakh per month would be a small mo ey if own this empire