Areef muslim community coordinator

I used daily pray in office grass lane with other muslim brothers.
Areef is one of coorodinator whatsapp group.

He once said, we are collecting money for poor families.
I started discussion.

How do you know recognize this pooor donor receiving families.
We search around.We even talk to near by masjid. Masjid kuba...
Perungudy have more than 50 familities

What is the criteria for to be considered as poor
Woman who dont have husband due to husband death, he left her due to alcholism, other marriage.
Woman with small kids.
Old age woman

What will give to the poor people?
we give grocerries like rice, daal, basic essentials.

We collect 10 to 15k every month.

When will u give the donations?
We collect money from muslim brother in office building.
Give  on first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of every month.

What are the further activities?
Plan to mentor school / college children on career.
Learning and guidance session.

I have suggestion. Can you tell you if you dont mind?


May we can meet every weekend saturday/sunday from 10am to 12.30 pm
disucss about activities, know about each other
May be in our office
Need not to have huge food arrangement.
Just tea and biscuit may be fine.

May be we can share namaz surae, tareeka, wazu duwa on whats app.
so that others who want to know can learn.

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