Abdurrahman new muslim man

I saw one man on the road to home.
One of other friend Abdul gaffar told me about him.
He used to be Hindu.
He recently converted to Islam.
He been struggle for some time with lack of job and pressure of converting to islam
Still he persist on islam.

One of Abdul gaffar friend Saleh, helped to find jobs in medical shop.
He left it saying its more hard work as need to stand most of the time.
He look lean.

Abdurrahman does not have education.
So Saleh suggest , you should do business.
He is now selling tea.
Tea was prepared at Saleh house.
He sell at offices.

But recently Saleh went to 10 days jammat.
So Abdurrahman business stall for while
Abdul gaffar, Saleh hope that  atleast with this new business if Abdurrahman settles.
It will be more than happy.

Lets see and hope for god blessing.

I like the name.
I remembered it is the one of Sahabi name.
I like to put this name for my son for some time.

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