Daily army exercise community for employees(software and other fields)

Daily exercise will make you fit and health
Reduce lots of health issues like hearth attack, obesity

But for smaller activity like walking, jagging, running.
Is not big obstacle for many of us.

I believe we should have community.
It should be challenging.
Some one to train.
Some one to scold, tell our position.
Some one to remind to try every time we miss.

Healthy me , Healthy you, Healthy community

I ask my brother Javid, who is working in Army, currently working Patankot.
To tell his regular schedule.
So that i can create similar program
We can do it every day early morning,
More rigourous on saturday, sunday.

Increase the brotherhood bond as well as good community.

He said , first complete your work.
Then i will write it and will send you myself.
Concentrate on your work.
Dont go wasting time thinking other unnecessary thing.

One will get respect only, if you good at what you do.
I am try to be more open , not to lies as much as possible with brother, parents, wife.

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