Why are you begging?

I am old
I dont have children
My son is alchoholic
My daugter and son in law wont take care of us.
I dont have land
I dont have even house.
I have health issue, swollen legs, pain in knees, B.P, sugar.
I need money for medicine.
I sleep at the railway startion local and big station
We go to native place every 15 days.

How often you bath?
I bath once in 10 days
Near the small pond

Do you any complaints from railways station employees, security guard?
They will tell us leave
We say we will leave by walking for some distance.
Will come back again.

Do you have any problem in the night?
Its cold, mosquito bites

Will any one stole your money, clothers, belongings?

How much you earn every day?
Around 200 to 300 rs

Do you eat at amma canteen?
some time
But we will get more money in the morning

How many people give 10 rs
Only few people gives
major of them given 2 rs, 5 rs
Some time people give 20rs, 50r s, 100rs

I thought of other questions
Do you drink?

Whats your age?
55 man, 40 woman

Is it not hot in the afternoon?
Yes it is

Why dont you work or do business?
I can not  due to health issue
I am not fit to work
Are you really
I am faint some time

Why dont you take medicine, consult government hospital?
The medicine from government hospital are not working for me.

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