Do yo need more money

I want to meet poor poeple, not small business owner

welfare recepients

office administer the program of welfare
  do they have list of welfare benefeciaries

no bank accounts

Have you any dreams of starting a new business
hoppy to full time earn cash
ideas for self help, self improvements

 training, technical assitance, access to business network

How it got started
how it worked
why nobody had tried it before

micro credit summit

Do you have problem in selling theproduct

Are you happy with the income you make?

forming groups

extremely violent place
nobody feels safe in that neighbourhood

After sunset, even the locals do not dare walk on those streets

whatever you earn report to welfare authority
should not barrow from any institutions
virtual prisoner

five woman group
contradict with american woman are independant

parties to find friends for start group barrowing

self discovery
warmth in voices

woman business story telling
at parties, I am invited to tell stories , i get paid for that
people love the stories

with micro loan
i produced cassettes of my story telling
sell through neighbourhood stores

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