Kirana shop network

Why only kirana shop?

Atleast one person will go to kirana shop once in week or atleast a month worst case
to buy grocerries, rice, shampoo, soap,,..

They are really good business partner.
They are near to people
They good customer relationship.

Create network of offline/online of kirana shop.
Make your partner of company.
You can share information, collect money, sell your products, even endorse your product, give loans
Launch your product, customer care, marketing, distribution point.

Play any new experiment.
Like Paylater credit model.
or job searching point.
or House search starting point.
or Water can supply starting point.

Similarly we can have other things
xerox shop network
stationary shop network
hotel shop network
internet cafe network
bakery network
tea shop network
scrape shop network

charity point network
prayer network
yoga network
teacher network
kungfu master network
city diary famer network
ironing man network

fancy store network
salon shop network
tiffin center network
chicken shop network
recharing shop network
phone selling shop network

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