Wazid Sompampdi sales man

I met Sompapdi push cart sales man outside my office building, SP info city, MGR salai, Kandanchavadi, Perungudi, Chennai.

I started conversation.
I will add few points out of the discussion
Where are you from?

Are you owner of the Push cart?
No, I am working for my owner.

How much he pays?
He pays me 5000 rs

How about staying and food?
He provide room, where my self and 3 others are staying there.
My owner give money to buy rice, groceries.
We will cook ourselves.

Do you know how to make sompapdi?
Yes, 4 to 10 people are need to make sompapdi.
Mixing Maida, Sugar, Dalda, Making sompapdi strands.

How much time it take to make?
30minutes to hour

Will your owner are also make sompapdi?
He also makes it, even he sells on pushcart

How many kg will prepare every day?
15 kg

Whats are the ingredients?
Maida -> 7kg
Sugar -> 7kg
Dalda -> 1kg

What are the problems you face?
Abuse from alcholic people, local roudies
They will take sompapdi
If they we fight not to give for free
They will break glass box, even they hit you.
They start scolding

Do you have holiday?
I willl take holiday when i was sick

I often get sick due to harsh hot weather

My boss complain me shouts about low earning
and my self also in stress on low sales.

Good sales on weekend, mostlly on beaches, festivals

Children eat more
I went to school around afternoon to sell

I even sell at the main road, bus stop, office building

I roam around 10to 15km every day.

Dont have pain in legs?
Initially i have pain.
Now i used to this

Why dont u start your own sompapdi push cart?
It need  more capital

for push cart itself, need 15k
it need more poeple to make

How do you know your owner?
My owner is my neigbhour.
He is old man of age 60 years, mulsim

How will pay you the salary?
He pays money when i needed for occasion.
mostly in 3 months

He will transfer the money to his brother account in Maharastra
He then give the money to my parents.

What are the works you have done?
Cleaner, Sales man, worked in hotel, chicken cutter..
I visited Hyderabad, Mombay, Chennai...

Why are changing the jobs so many times?
Even my parents tell the same.
I used to till its good, till get good payment
I work for 6 months, 9 months,
Then take leaves, go back to home town

I got offer from chicken shop owner with 7500 salary when return back from home town.

I am getting married soon.
My parents are looking for braid.

How many sibling you have?
I have 3 brothers. Big brother is hazrath in masjid.

Did you study?
No i did not study.
Even i did not complete 1st class

Whey dont you serious, do business or study?
No reply.

Will 5000 rupees is enough after marriage.
How will you improve your life.

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