Language learning reminders by woman

Every days, woman call by phone to remind you to learn, help you tracking what you learn , which pages, how many words you read..

I have been thinking to learn Tamil, Kannada, Arabic, Germany.
But i could not do it.
Even i tried lots of attempts
Downloading ebooks, Reading few pages of the book.
Even buying paper books with titles like learn in tamil in 30 days.
Even i tried few half attempt to memorize 3 words a day for few days.
Even joined kannad learning group on
Added myself skype group

Nothing makes me learn the language, even basic language level.
Due to half attempts, not being consistant.

because other works are high priority.
I am got bored
I dont see fun part in now.
I am worn out on some days.

So many execuses
to stop the good work

after few days, after few months after year
Even forgot to try.

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