2016-05-13 ideas

1)begger story
2)listener app, listers house wife, kids, old people, handicapped people
3)agarbatti factory
lalbagh sadhav nagar approx place name agarbatti workers
  muslim area or poor area
4)5 rs per each prayer
5)teaching html for poor muslim house wife 1hr 10rs will pay student
6)traing tablet kiosk at kirana shop
  play for 1/2 hr, collect 5 paisa per each question , collect money from people
  for slum people, for childrens, uneducated people
  maths add, subtract
  voice number input

  use for input captcha

7)paper coding
native language kannada, telugu coding, urdu coding
8)earn like game
  multiple level
  user identity

praud detection
  image capture
  finger print scanner
  voice capturing

9)sales counter
  we will give food, you sell at masjid, church
  earn 500 rs per day or 1/2 day

10)observer app
remote security guard
they observe from long distance, report if anything wrong
  bandwidth cost

11)cheap rate , good quality food, snacks, vegetable to poor people
  slump people, construction workers

12)ombli worker
   basil.. rough

13)worker story
14)labour story
15)freshers will help in training house wife,
16)hire moulvi, imam for 10k with food, with accomodation
17)odissa people brick kiln survey
18)bihar people in bangalore, their work, stories
19)learn kannada interesting, talk with other people
translation, live
20)listener app, mobile number hide, no recording, free service almost 1rs per 5 per hour
21)small business by small poor woman, people
22)namaz ki pabandi by poor and rich people
23)small business franchise mela
micro franchise mela
Max investent: 20k
franchise partners
facility providers at whole sale rate

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