Modesto, california
  320 acre farm
  money losing farm
  convert to almond farm
  1/3 labour

   alos apricot

   revenue: 2.5 millionues => 25 lakhs usd = 16.74 crore inr
   land valuation: 115 crore inr
   employees: 8

almond kg price: 750


almond, apricot

leaf democracy
siali leaf

tribal pockets of odisha

3500 people of 127 tribal hamlet

high end hotels
biodegradable plates
in europe

biodegradable products
Paris agreemnt on climate change

  no black marks
  no holes

Vishakapatnam port
To Germany

trial run: 75000

earlier they sell
siali leaves
sal seed
mohua flowers

Vasundara, forest right group
head: Y Giri Rao
formal agreemnt with women group

siali creeper
 abundantly found in odissa
 throughout the year

70% woman engage in this work

small hotels in cities, town, grocery shop
middlement purchase
from andhra pradesh
sell: at temples
exploiting poor people
woman are not daring to bargain
unaware of importance of leaves
bulk purchase
price: 10 rs per kg
tough competion: 1 rs per leaf

kandamal district

kandhamal, Sambalpur, Angul, Deogarh

distance between Kandhamal to visakhapatnam port area: 359km
via nh3

sambalpur to kandhamal : 202 km
kandhamal to angul :  232

leaf democracy:
1 lakh siali leaf  plates every month



siali leaves

sal leaves
Woman empowerment project kadhamal odisha WEPKo

buy agriculture land in hamburg, germany

internet penetration is 9% in nepal

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