2016-05-16 Khadijah raji...

Richest muslim woman

Khadijah raji..
    Mother of belivers
    first wife of Muhammed sol...
    first person to convert to islam
    father: Khuwaylid ibn Asad

        Abu Hala Malak ibn Nabash ibn Zarrara ibn at Tamimi
            first husband
            childrens: 2
            died before business become success

        second  husband

    successful merchant
        carvan gathered
            to embark upon their
                summer journey to Syria
                winter journy to yemen

       owns carvans size => other trades carvan  size

     other names:
         Ameerat Quraysh(Princess of Quraysh)
         al-tahira("the pure one")

         fed and clothed poor
         assisted her relatives financially
         marriage portion to poor relations

     she did nt travel with her trade carvans(tranporter employee, partner)
     she employed others to trade on her behalf for a comission (bargin agents, sale agents)
     Mohammed sol.. agent for transaction in syria
         The Truthful,
         The trustworthy or honest
         at that time: age: 25
         for double commission
             for trust, honest, truthful
             send one of her servant , Maysarah to assist

Mohammed sol.. quality

Shib Abi Talib
    ravine near Makkah


Saudi arabia(makkah)to Syria
Saudi arabia(makkah)to Yemen

Passing monk, nestora

prophet similarise with sun
  Sun decended from the sky  into her courtyard, fully illuminating her home
      meaning: Prophet would grace her home

      she had already have dream
      she was told by servant about what monk seen about Mohammed sol.. to him
      Even confirming from his cousin
    friend of Kadhija raji...
    apparoch Mohammed sol..
        consider marrying Kadhija raji...


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