paper lantern
  cyclinder with flower, scenario
  free laptop to students
  Free cheap rate canteen
  5rs free food
  free mobile phone
  free marriage oranments

free laptop
  specification of laptop
      dual core processor
      RAM : 2gb
      hard disk: 120 gb
      wifi: yes
      cost: at 2013 is 26k

  other state inspire
      Uttar Pradesh

  benefecaires selling
      to grey market
      at price: 8k to 12k

  service problem issue
  internet connectivity cost high

      12 to degree students

  quantity: 68 laksh pieces
      cost:17,680 core at rate of 26k
  budget: 10,200 crore  per 5 year

  firstphase: 9.12 lakh
  second phase: 5.56 lakh
    budget: 1500 crore

  state owned ELCOT functions
     nodal agency
     six vendors selected to supply the laptop
       Lenovo: 3 lakh units
       HCl: 2 lakh units
       Wipro: 2 lakh unit
       Kolkatta basd RP systems: 75k units

   operation system: windows not linux

   who will teach laptop.

arm chips
 totally devoid of threat of lock -in
 more arm chip manufacturers
 less margin for arm chip manufacturer

 two behind intel

intel ceo refuse stev for not making arm based processor

intel processor
  squeezing more margin from
      other pc parts
          graphic card
             nvidia, ati
          sound card
          mothter board
      increase more morgin
      give back some money for pc/laptop manufacture in marketing erfrors
        with small log "Intel inside" log
   intel arm chip now
       intel atmo z2580
           low power
           x86 processor
           windows based
               net books

           may cannibalize high performance x86 products
              hence atom is slow 
                hence avoid arm to move in laptop
                move in phone side

           if atom 
               is high performance , low pwoer
                then it replace xeon server chip
Intel is
  high volume, high margin company
  not high volume, low margin company
   if they suppport low margin
      it will kill high margin products
         its cash cow

  monoploy is
      bad squeez partners
      starve competitors
      others won't partner some time with fear of low margin for  them
        flatten your margin
            at the expense of every one else
                you won't go un noticed
hot growth areas
    IOT clients
intel have to choose
    which to reduce, which to adapt
      s margin for isa chip
      or make it improve performance arm chips, at the same price


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