blind people, braille

book reader for blind
small  needles with blund round heads pull up based on content
automatically convert english to braily lipi
braili lipi

steno script


use braily printer
instead of normal printer for literature
reduce print ink cost

piezo effect

blind deafpeople

refreshable braily display

arabic blind people

braille emobser

braille note apex

saudi arabia ngo for blind
total blind people in saudi arabaia

saudi arabai ngo

blind people stats by country

  more blind people at saudi arabia
  75% full blind => 7.5 lakh people
  10 lakh people

ngo for blind

country of blind

teach and rule them
one eye king 

obsession with "sight", fith sense
turn down

remove eye by operation
escape from valley

H.G. Wells
wiki junior
wiki data

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