micro ngo

micro ngo
  what they don't do
    dont do fund raising
    dont do scaling
    do the work themselves
    deal with donation receiver directly
    donat entire collected money in a month
    small impact

    you can partner with similar problem solving ngo
      ex: water, education, employment, woman, children, old age people, planting tree
      know about similar micro ngo
        by place, by category

      meet your friends atleast once in a month for cause
        friends: class mates, colleques, relatives

  how many members in ngo?
      max: 11, minimu of 3 people, average: 5 people, preferrable : 10

  how much money collected for each member?
      minimum: 100rs

  what will do you collected money?
      colleted minimum money: 1000
      donated to any cause

  who will select the cause?
      member of ngo will select

  Max people to effect target for micro ngo?
      5 to 11 people deserver people

  How many activities per month
      Minimum one activity

  Who will do the activity
      all by member of ngo
      including buying

  How will they reach deserved people
      we will help you find different deserving people
      but you can do yourself
          category people
          meet ngo, who are doing similar work

  Do we need to register ,
      no official registration
      but unofficial registration on microngo site
      but identitiy, motivation, so that other can aware of your activity
        to boost effect, future collaboration if needed.

 Do i need to pay money for register

 What are some fo the problem
     education , unemployment, slum , education for slum people, water for slum people
     career guidance for degree, engineering student, basic led bulbs, battery for small shop

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