Urban diary farming

urban diary farming
  buying, breed selection, fodder, shelter, grass, suppliment feed, water, cleaning, wast disposal, diseases, maintaince
  buyers of milk, regulation,land

like: sugan chicken but for urban diary farming
  urban diary farmer distribute per every region , sub region as per demand within 5 km
    mostly walkable, if not by cycle
    if not we will take care of distributing
  insurance, doctor weekly checkup, provide extra suppliment feed, grass
  app, website, payment
urban cow raiser/diary farmers
  concentrate on maintaining customer, getting customer
  maintain our code standard of cleaning
  we will help in getting more cows
  we will help in getting more labourer
  you can be labour to diary urban farmer
marketplace of cow raiser
same day milk
no extraction from milk
milk at door step

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