allu Neredu or kale jamoon

bee breeding
rurla technology park, hyderabad
5 days training
myths of honey bee

use other crops for free pollinating

one box with bees: 7500
yield: 30kg minimu to 60kg
rate: 200rs per kg, 40kg avg yield => gives to 40 * 200 => 8000

4 types honey bee

iropa honeey bee

honey box construction
epi serena honey bee
 indian variety

face net
hand gloves
full shirt
full pants, lungi
with shoes

poga pette
  kobbari peechu ony as fuel

smoke applying
  make it mild, mattuga

feeder slot

queen bee
male bee
worker bee

one queen bee
  1 box
  3 to 4 years

  lays egg: 1000 to 2000

  store mens sperm for future purpose

male honey bee
   10 to 200

30k to 1.5 lakh
produce mynam or wax
building rooms
raizing making
 for for queen for longer life
get water
get gummy
get flower ..

life time: 4 to 6 weeks

one bee collects: 5.5grams honey
it need to collect from many flowers even in lakhs

distance travel
2.5 to 5 km

avoid fungus
  due to rain
    better to keep to slide

observer in 15 days once

transportation problem
transport in night
they will working in night in side
shut the door of the box
apply tap
tie with rope

 within 12 hours

be aware of pesticides
look for free air

every month:
  4kg of honey from one box

collect honey from closed cells only

honey extractor

open the closed cell door
put in the honey extractor
  centifugal force
    honey will be collectd
    strain it filter like kitchen
    sell it

start with 10 to 20 boxes:

10 box: 75k
20 box: 1.5 lakh

after 3months, 4 months experience

go till 100 boxes
cost: 100 * 7.5 k => 7.5 lakh

first 3 month no earning
every 10, 15 honey collection

husband, wife can maintain
  100 boxes easily
  investment: 7.5 lakh
can go upto 200 boxes

from each box: 30k to 60 earning

from 100 boxes: 100 * 8k => 8 lakhs

max life of asset: 10 to 15 years

for 50 boxes:
investment: 50 * 7.5 k => 3.75 lakh

earning: 50 * 8k =>  4 lakh
no profit from first year
from second year:  you will get profit
farm with full of flower every year, every year ,
every week /month fruits, flowers

Rajendra nagar, Hyderabad
Teneteegala sanketika parijnanam kendram
jateeya grameena abhivrudhi samstha

5 days training, cum , certificate
get loan from bank on the certificate

loan upto 1 lakh to 10 lakh
 30% subsidy

tek wood construction honey bee box
  cost high

local honey bee
  yield: 1.5 to 2kg
  low risk
  low yield

  8 frame box

iropa honey box
10 frame box

migration bee keeping
  6 times migration

ex: dosa, puccha, sun flower, nuvvulu, avalu, daniyalu
, mulaga, neredu, tadi, vepa, chinta, ganuga, kunkudu, jeedi mavidi, ecaliptus,

3 days before flowering  move the box

kurnool, on sunflower
more honey bee keeping
araku valley
  ecaliptus, bee keeping


desavali eegalu
what is risk in honey bee keeping
  more migration

start with one honey bee box
it growt to 5 boxes in year
move ito next box
in 20 days it improves

honey marketing

guntur, krishna
repalli honey processing plant


koko, kobbari, nimma , sapota

start with 10 boxes
grow till 50 boxes

koko, kobbari
 10 acre

started with 5 boxes

fruit tree,
 supplimentary income: honey bee keeping

pmepg samsta

pedavegi mandalam

water pond
  10 meter lenght
  10 meter width
  2.5 meter height

more land
  and slope too

  15 m lenth
  15 m width
  3.5 height

group water pond
   15 to 20 m lenth
   15 to 20 m width
   3 to 3.5 m height

   5 to 6 famers can share


remove big trees near pond

management of pond for longer usage

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