Learn arabi language

computer perception
matlab installation
swarm intelligence
machine learning
quad copter
with solar panel

quad copter with camera
quad copter with speaker
quad copter with stick to control ducks
quad copter to  keep distance from dog
image recognition of ducks, path,

quad copter with wifi
quad copter with wifi tower controlled locally by people

manage 50,000 ducks via drones
raising ducks in karantaka

casting iron
iron melting point:1580
glass melting point: 1400 to 1600

how to build home foundry

metal casting

sodium silicate
fire clay

cermaic blanket

concrete melting point

electric furnace for melting iron

propane used furnace

foundry in bangalore

graphyte melting point

how iron pipes are make

Bangalore foundry owners association

swan farming
goose farming

wire mesh factory

steel roll

carbon fibre


what swan eats

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