in mizoram
known for
serene approach to life
 serene meaning
  calm, peaceful, untroubled, tranquil

all combined honesty + hospitality + serene approach to life
word called: tlawmngaihna
meaning: always be kind, hospitable, unselfish, helpful to others

 novel kind of grassroots  commerce
  all about good will and honesty
  the nghah lou dawr
  meaning: shop without shop keepers

place: seiling
from Capital

what they sell
fruit juice
small dried fish
freshwater snails

what is shop made of
thatched bamboo

how they sell
rate list
to put the money

  what other activities do they do
   called: small jhum(shifting cultivation) farms and gardens

  why they are selling like this
  farmhands few
  farmhands expensive

how many such shops are there
did earn much
but whatever they earn is helpful

local support
trust in transaction

honesty of faceless customers

trust is reciprocated
honesty flourishes  

  shops without shop keepers

kind , hospitability, unselfish, help others
why not do this for water too
  with big water tank attached the money box
  one binda -> 2rs

what will if the customer doest not money and yet he need it

what will if there is no change enough in the money box
pay it tommarrow or pay extra money or leave  

shift cultivation farms, gardens => small jhums

do the same with evey pani puri shop, fruit shop , vegetable shop
  send complementary things
   like sweets next to hot items(panipuri, dosa, fried rice, momo)
   collect money in the night 9pm
   set it from 3pm  or 4pm
   shop from 3pm to 9pm
   get the items from 2pm, set it max by 4pm or early by 3pm
sell some flowers(rose, malle poolu) next to the shop
sell fruit juice
sell jack fruit pieces
sell tomato in neigbouring places
sell items low  price items kg<20 at="" independant="" masjid="" mosque="" of="" p="" religion="" temples="">sell fish in bowls like = 50 rs including bowl fish, food, box , hand cover
  two fish
   good cheapest fish
   gold fish or guppies
if not sold after some time, ask it give to neighbour shop customers, any one can pick it or have it for free
protect from dust by plastic cover, glass, plastic big jars
what season is now in bangalore ind
when will rain season starts in india, bangalore

monsoon in india
june to september
june, july, august, septembermo

female guppies
female gold fish

female guppies => 5 rs

small bowl + guppies x 2
small bowl + gold fish x2
water bottle + guppies x2
water bottle + gold fish x2

plastic bottle

converting plastic bottle to fish tank or fish aquarirum

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