Centeral AC installation contractor Salman, Bihar

For big building, they need to install central AC.
Salman tender for such contract in BLUE STAR, other companies.
Currently he run his business in Chennai, Hyderabad.

He is of age 37.
Labour structure
Mesri, Karigar, labour
Labour will get 200 rs
Karigar 300rs
Mesri 400 to 500 rs

Apart from
1room house for 8 people, grocerries to self cook, along with gas.

It will cost 1k for rent, 2k for food, overall 3kper person.
He will collect money form BLUE start , client every month.
But he have to  pay daily to labour.
When he shot of money, he will ask them with workers.

Most of the labours are from Bihar, Young adults, most of the did not even pass 10th class.
Workers go to home once or twice in year for a month.

the profit from this bussiness is 20%
with risk of tender rate low , labour idling, labour procurement on demand, maintaining.
Even material in time unavailability.

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