I will go to 4 months jamaat on September 5 th Insha allah

Need preparation
Need tell wife, mother, Manager.
Plan for saving.
Plan less risk passive income atleast 30k in my abscence.

Go 3days jamaat every month
Work in office correctly
Complete 5 times namaaz in time.
Practice jakat, sadkah, hadiya, jikr.
Quran reading
Understand Quran
Remember Quran verses.

Collect my Bangalore house advance money, buy Gold for Sumiya
  no land, no house, no business investment
  Because her money

Buy Gold of 10 grams every month by girl.

Save 20k money saving every month.

Prepare Camel kurbani money, Give camel kurbani as per rule, mannath.

Pay minium 5k apart from internet to Parents.

Pay internet and salaries to saidani, Ameena bhabi, Haseena, Inayatulla wife.

Tell sumiya to manage the software training work.

Fill 10 rice packs.
Buy 5 baby sheeps.
on give it to family to feat every month.

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