Today talk with Janiter in my office

Following is brief summary in no order.
He is 35 years old.
He have 2 children, one daughter and the other one is son.
Daughter got married had kid.
His son in law is car driver, have farm land.
His son is studying degree.
His native place is village near Nellore, Andhra pradesh.
He earns 7500 rs per month.
His wife also works.
Both are living in Chennai.

He did not studied even 1st class.
He used rear goats/cows in village during his childhood.
He have around 2acres of land.

Early marriage , early retirement.

Insha allah. i will marriage my daughter and sons as early as 18 years for girl, 21 years for boy.
Atleast 21 years for both of them.
Hire only illiterate people for lower salary.
Create android app/website for illiterate people using symbols or audio natural language discussion.
Hire janitors for 1k for 1hour every month for work.

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