What is Poorest district in india?

State Districts Poverty-environment link based on above indicators
Jharkhand Palamu Deforestation, soil degradation: district level earning has gone down by 50 per cent due to it in the last seven years. Has resulted into health problems like malaria.
MP Mandla Deforestation and less MFPs: severe food insecurity makes this district as the one of the worst as far as women health is concerned.
Chattisgarh Sarguja Collapse of the tribal economy based on land and forest: land alienation and resulting poverty.
Maharashtra Dhule Water scarcity and loss of soil fertility: Severe impact on agriculture and health. Last year 300-400 children died due to malnutrition.
Orissa Phulbani

Collapse of hills ecology: deforestation, soil erosion and water scarcity.
Rayagada is considered as India’s most food insecure district despite rich forest, land and water resources (and of course all of these are fast degrading) and a decade of World Food Programme’s intervention.
Rajasthan Banswara

Total ecological degradation (forest, water, land): Considered as Rajasthan’s 20th century desert.
A 100 per cent tribal district and rich with fertile land but fluoride mines not only spoil land but also contaminate the ground water. The whole district is crippled with fluorosis and is now the poorest.
UP Banda UP’s poorest district and is due to land related problems.
AP Ananthpur The second driest district in India and India’s largest concentration of groundnut cultivation in one district. Off late groundnut farmers have been committing suicide.
Bihar Champaran From here Gandhiji started a major movement for rural development but now it is one of the three poorest districts: loss of commons, land alienation and floods.

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