A never-say-die attitude, a passion for Swarovski crystals and the decision to spend more time with her baby led Megha Mittal to give up her corporate career and start her own business from home. Megha launched Yellow Chimes on Amazon India and began selling trendy crystal jewellery.
“Following your passion is not easy, but when you achieve your dream, it’s the happiest moment in your life,” says Megha. She moved her base from Delhi to Bangalore post her wedding. Between raising a newborn and managing the household, she knew business would be a hard balancing act. But the fire inside her refused to die and Megha kept on researching ideas for her business. Eventually, she turned to her first love—Swarovski—for her business idea. Although Megha had to sell her wedding jewellery initially to set up her fledgling business, there has been no turning back for her.
Yellow Chimes, Megha Mittal’s Swarovski jewellery retail brand, enjoys a well-known presence in the online Swarovski retailing space. Having tried offline retail channels and jewellery exhibitions in the early days, Megha realised Amazon’s online platform was best suited for their small business. “Amazon is the sole reason behind our growth,” she declares, “We rely completely on Amazon for running our business successfully.”
Megha recalls her early struggles with selling Swarovski jewellery to women. That was when she decided to alter her business strategy and target male consumers instead. Megha began to sell her products to men as ‘gifts’ for women. The strategy worked and Yellow Chimes took off.
After years of hard work, Megha’s online venture has grown and today she has hired six employees to assist with daily operations, and is also considering warehousing space for stocking inventory. From selling a single product line—Swarovski jewellery—she has expanded her product offering to include apparel and fashion accessories as well. “I still have heights to reach and I’m still seeking newer business opportunities,” she adds enthusiastically.
Her message for budding entrepreneurs? “One bold decision can make your dream possible, taking you to new heights. Don’t settle for anything less!”

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