As an Islamic scholar:  
At the age of about 19 years she started a Madrasa to teach Quran and Hadith with 6 girls. These girls over the years increased to about 300. Most of these girls could not afford any fees. Initially, some philanthropists helped. The burgeoning cost made her decide to follow her father's footsteps and start business to provide education, boarding and lodging to the girls of her Madrasa.
After starting the school in Tirupati, she became a trustee of Ismail Educational Trust which provides academic and religious education to more than 1000 girls in Mumbai, Surat, Mira Road and Belapur.
Concerned about the education of Muslim women, she started the At-Tawheed International Dawah Center for Women to provide Islamic education to women so that they can know their rights under the Islamic Shariah. 
While engaged herself in the business world, she is covered from head to toe - the Islamic dress code for women. Being a woman entrepreneur is not an unusual thing, but the real challenge for Ms. Shaik is to drive her organization in an Islamic way and keep it an 'Interest-Free' enterprise. This gives her a unique position among other women entrepreneurs.

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