Internation woman day

stress, daily issues fixing
no personal activities, no interest
no physical activities
no personal daily activities

find passions
take break
bounce back
dont quit
  see how far you came

don what excites
look for opportunities
find what you like
broaden perspective
find blind spots

scale up

earn money with your fashion work
excite work not always boring

balance between family, home
push management for good opportunity, challenges
ask for flexible timings, work
ask for opportunites

be empathy with fellow all people, employees, manager

be have mentor

dont tell in detail
  what to do
  dont tell how to do

help if needed.

  car cleaning, scale
  scale down,
find opportunity
  dog feeding,
   add extra work dalk walking
   can not do it every time
  time cosntraint tell them
  ask for remuneration

start with small one
then people observe
then you will get better leads
increase slowly
hiring problem
  people excite like you for the problem
   find in veternity hospital
     scale near by appartment
      do analysis 30% people ina partment have pets
       dont have time to wak 2 times a day

ask mentor to scale up, need websites
earn money , deposit in bank
give opportunities part time jobs

woman delivery business
woman warehouse manager
20 years senior manager
director manikandan story teller
no gyan
inspire people

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