islam business principles in order of priority

1)Taqwa(allah ka dar)
2)Tawakul(allah madad karega whatever the worst situation is)
3)Dawat allah(Allah se hota hai,businessness se nahi)
4)Namaz (ki pabandi)
5)Istagafar(guna vo ki mafi)
6)sadkah(jyadas sa sadkah)

told by Saleh bhai
find good partner
 before start partner ship under stand the person
 spent some time
  in siting with him, eating with him, travelling with him.
in business time is must
may start with part time business slowly
later change to full time

dont deep in to business, job
before taking business, partnership, mashura karo family se
learning cooking
tiffin center early monring
partner with for electrical shop (invest and time 9 to 11).
Saleh phone number: 09789991789, 09840093415

his food busines part time
early his wife prepar cut the vegetable by 7am
he cooks by 7.45am, bring down by 8am
sell by 8.45am
go to send children to school
Even he sell at jumma last time 30 packages cooked(17 sales)
remaining he distribute to family members.

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