Perenial Grens franchise

Yet to explore this.

He said its 4 lakhs.
he provide fridge, oven, freezer, bowl,

raw cut vegetables, sprouts.

break even: salaies(2 people+ 1 manager),  transportation+ phone bills.
doest not include  raw material cost(10 to 15% total sale varies based on season)
vegetables coming from ooty.

Avg sales: 10 to 12k per day.

expected margin: 40% excluding raw material

Contact admin: follow up bujji.

Use cut machine , pack it stay it for 3 days.
 if employ person 1hr 100 rs, 5 hours -> 500 rs
If partnership wanted, 10 lakh investment.

Franchise first time
available at Hyderabad 25k employee 3 building(confirm with hr)
similarly at Bangalore 3 building

employee salary: 9k each
dress code
banners, interior design if necessary,
packing material, bowls.

Franchise provide
supply of raw material
canteen counter location.

partner ship 10 lakh
factory: nunkambakkam.

phone number: Vujji/Bujji

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