Shafath discussion on work improvement tips for the sake of allah

1)Note down the mistakes on paper, stick it on the desk.
Dont repeat it
2)Dont ask similar questions to any one.
3)Dont ask only one person, spread questions to all people in team.
4)Dont over commit, even on pressure
5)Give more time to work at least 1 hour extra, start with good attitude
6)Take 5 minutes break only every 1 hour
7)Dont take tea break of 1 hour, better drink tea at your desk.
8)come early to office.
9)do pre work before asking , starting work
   understand framework, old code review
10)Stretch on saturday and sunday until you understand for the sake of allh
  sacrifice family time
11)Pray on time
12)Use hikmat tell them that you will postpone your namaz for the sake of meeting
   but i dont like it
13)Complete your 8 hours, dont waste time, if you used it some where even deen, spent in other time to make it up

14)Create list of comibination of importance, urgence
15)Tell status update before asking manager
16)let other know your work , your assumption of priority , sent group mail.

Namaz guflat of which rakat i completed
Make duwa after namaz,
Namaz ki galit maf kar ne, ab tak ke guna maf karne, accha kam, accha nam karne ki duwa mange karo

Jab duwa mangne, jikr karne bore lage, susti lago tho, ye to saitan se
Tab compulsary complete karna, fight with nafs.

Jyadasa jikr, tasbi, nafil namaz padna
Sure sahi kara karo
Koshis jari karo

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