Will chicken eat cockroach?
Rotten garbage
Corn paste
Potato favorite

How many eggs cock roach will lay?
A)10 to 40 eggs
30 batches of eggs in her life time

How small cockroach look like?
A)as adult , but no wings

What is the lifespan of cockroach?
A)max: 12 months

How many days it will take to hatch cockroach egg?
What cockroach will eat?
Is there cockroach farms?
What are the desease the cockroach will spread?
A)Salmonella, Gastroenteritis, allergies, staphylococcus,polio virus,streptococcus

Will fish eat cockroach ?
Cockroach feed for chicken , quail, fish?
Is any one eating cockroach ?

boost village life

farming 4 lakh

Cockroach nursery?

American CockRoach
  6months time to big from egg

medicinal value 

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