city waste to villages product: organic manur, dry chopped good food to cows, goats, sub optimal food to cockroaches, worst food to earth worms

dice the food waste to small pieces, package it container, sent to villages
apply on ground of 3 inches thick, spread cocroachs, worms

apply chickens, frog, ducks
even goats

grade the food waste
  fresh food eatable enough for animal
transportation cost to near by village
hot area most of the time
road side high way
state ways

remove plastic bags, cloths, plastic, iron
if use empty truck for just diesel cost

with 3km milleage
100/3 => 33.3 round to 34 liters

34 * 60 => 2040 rs

for atleast 10 tonnes lorry

per kg: .20 rs or 20 paisa
extra electric chopping: 30 paisa
michine overall cost: 20 paisa
dumping :10 paisa
spreading:10 paisa
labour cost: 10 paisa
per kg: cost: 1rs

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