duck research farmig eggs, meat..

  free wifi
    internet in forest too

  to see health records
  to vote
  to pay public transport
  to view child grades

Duck demand in kerala
Duck egg
Duck meat

market rate of duck egg, duck meat.
duck farming in kerala

top duck eatering countries in world
top duck eating states in india

West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Andhra ... In paddy fields ducks eat harmful insects and snails, this is a help for the paddy ..

Distance from sadum to West Bengal
Distance from sadum to kerala?
Distance from Sadum to Srikakulam
Distrance from Sadum to Srikalahasti
Distance from sodum to chirala?
Distance from sodum to gudur?
Distance from sodum to nellor?

kerala news paper
Assam duck farming
Duck hatercy in andhra pradesh
Duck market in kerala
Duck market in andhra pradesh
transporting duck in lorry
tranporting duck egg in lorry
What is muncipality in india?
How many muncipalities in andhra pradesh?

frog farming
what frog eats

fao statitistics

states for duck rearing
 West Bengal, Assam, kerala, Andhra pradesh, Tamilnadu, UP, Bihar, Orissa

duck farming

extensive meaing
  covering or affecting large area
  doing relatively small crop from large area with minimum of capital and labour.

top consumer of duck meat and egg?
  West Bengal, kerala
    as their fish based culinary preparations

Duck keepng combined with paddy cultivation
   ducks eats
       which effect rice cultivation
     left away paddy grains
     small fish
free range nomadic duck rearing keepring farming
    starts at december
    ends: february

    welcome: at Tamilnadu, kerala

  water stirring
    inhibits growth of weeds through photosyntehsis reduction
    enhance rice root stalk,  leaf develpment          
release of ducks in paddy:
2 hours of sunrise

night: duck on field, some shed, close fence any one of them

egg layed at: morning
Rajastan people eat more banana
banana export to Rajastan
Rajastan banana cultivation
Karnataka milk production


frog eat mosquito
frog deplition
  may cause
    health problems

frog eaters
  north america

bull frogs
red legg frogge

bull frog farms

Bullfrogs have become established in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Colorado, China, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, Haiti, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Taiwan, Venezuela and Uruguay.

wild frog eat

frog food chain

duck food chain

salamandar farm

centeral australia,south africa

  lung fish
   lives without water for 4 year
desert frog
lives without water for 7 years


distance from rajastan to delhi
distance from thar to jaipur

dump vegetable waste, food waste from hotels, house to dry it
and feed it to cockroaches, worms

feed worms to frogs, fish
feed frog, worms, fish fry to duck, chicken, swan, goose
list of insects
list of worms
who will eat dry food, dry vegetables
who will eat food waste

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